Proto Shooter Lychee

Proto Shooter Lychee

There are a lot of issues with this game and honestly with the addition of the 18+ patch (which is a bit tricky to get and install) makes it suffer from a bit of an identity crisis.

  • The first most prominent issue with this game is no Keyboard + Mouse support but you can clearly at least navigate the menus which tells me it was planned but thrown away? Why? It’s a PC game so there is no reason unless it’s a VR game that it shouldn’t have KB + M support. Unless you have a controller handy, you can’t play this game at all.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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Proto Shooter Lychee on Steam

Egg of Empire

Egg of Empire

when i first saw this game on steam i was with my friends and we thought the name was so funny we had to buy it we saw it would be coming out in 2 days so we had a sleepover waiting for the game to be released and we were not disappointed. this game is every thing i want in a indie game its funny has good game play and its fun to learn. when you get into to game it does not tell you how to play so it is trial and error and it feels rewarding like you did this. the only problems i had were i wish the select was not a on screen button and instead assigned to a key or mouse button, as well as the hit boxes might glitch out were every thing is no clip only happened once to me tho and with a quick restart it was back and since you can save it wasn’t a problem. but i only played for about a hour so idk how often or if it is a recurring thing at all over all 8/10 aslo if you dont want to do the trial and error type learning the creator made a Tutorial which i will link here:

Real player with 31.3 hrs in game

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Egg of Empire on Steam

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

After playing this game for a moderate amount of time, I can say as a fact. I am now “Too Cool For Stool”.

This game is quick and easy and great for passing time.

Real player with 53.1 hrs in game

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A nice way to kill time in 2 minute increments :-)

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool on Steam

Heart of Crown PC

Heart of Crown PC

Updating this review after 57 more hours played:

The boardgame is still fun.

The computer game is mostly the same and the game itself is also a lot of fun.

The interface still annoys me in quite some places though:


When you start the game it takes you to an unneeded (and unwanted) intro screen. In many games you can disable these kind of screen or introductions. There would be a config:/skip intro movie,

In HoC there is no such option and you return to this needeless screen after every game.

Real player with 384.4 hrs in game

I played this once in tabletop and was hooked. The moment I saw it was on Steam I added it to my Wishlist, and finally during the last sale got around to purchasing it.

The game is a deckbuilder - if you’ve played other tabletop deckbuilders such as Dominion, Thunderstone, Trains, etc. the mechanics will be familiar. It is not the same as digital-only deckbuilder games, like Slay the Spire or (I assume) Ascension: You do not upgrade cards, and there is no phase of gameplay during which you play with the deck you built but cannot purchase new cards.

Real player with 181.4 hrs in game

Heart of Crown PC on Steam



Launch missiles!

  • Battle against the island in the distance

  • Be the first to start hurling nukes at the enemy

  • Upgrade your facilities to help with defenses

  • Research for huge perks

Master your strategy!

  • Balanced gameplay for numerous paths to victory

  • Observe your enemy from a distance

  • Learn different strategies

  • Different AI battle difficulties

Launched! on Steam



perfect game. awesome cosmetics, polished gameplay. better than mass effect andromeda 10/10 would play again. shameless plug KEKW

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Very interesting game, I like cartoon style very much.There are currently three types of tanks to choose from.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Armored on Steam

Mini Island: Autumn

Mini Island: Autumn

very chill game and very beautiful

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Mini Island: Autumn on Steam



Someone made a game based on the comic “We 3” and that makes me so happy 3

EDIT: If you like games that you can grind at and listen to podcasts atst, this is a great addition to that kind of game, much like Book of Demons.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Currently this game is fun for about 10-20 mins. I love the concept and almost Diablo II like gameplay in portions of it and it has potential to be quite good… but a lot of work is needed to make this a game worth $30.

I would say in the games current state it feels like a $5 game that you could spend an hour or 2 enjoying before you put it down and walk away from it forever.

Lots of issues with this game (most of which I would overlook if it was multiplayer…. but it’s not)


  • Game has potential to be an awesome game of dodging and timing attacks and customizing weapons

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game


7 Years War

7 Years War

good short game but playing as the fr’nch is very sad for me but still epic game

Real player with 132.2 hrs in game

honestly it’s pretty bad

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

7 Years War on Steam

Medieval Wars

Medieval Wars

i speedruning this game in 56 min (i played for the first time)

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Lucky me gets the dubious honour of writing the first review for yet another construction kit template flip on Steam.

Medieval Wars is another GameMaker Studio asset flip from serial copy+paste infringers, Phoenixxx Games. All these guys do is rip off game templates and projects from the Yoyogames/GameMaker Studio store and try to scam people into paying for someone else’s work on Steam. They have run asset flip scams half a dozen times, and this is no exception. It’s nothing but a cash grab.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Medieval Wars on Steam