Fairune Collection

Fairune Collection

Fairune 1: A very stripped-down action-RPG, very short and lacking in plot but with fairly good music and visuals. However, it is more basic and less difficult than Fairune 2, so I recommend playing this before that.

Fairune 2: An expansion on Fairune 1 in every way. There are now far more areas, boss fights, fixed damage enemies that give no experience but some of which stay defeated forever, deeper mixes of enemies, more strategy that comes from stronger enemies still being defeatable, multi-level skills, far more creative puzzles, modestly improved visuals, more, better, longer and more upbeat music tracks, a far deeper plot, and a longer, better and harder final boss.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

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Lots of secrets and has that difficulty that makes it amazing. Lots of cool achievements for the people that love collecting them. RPG feeling 8-bit game with puzzles to progress. I cannot express how much this was WORTH the money! The achievements just keep you going!

edit: There are bugs at times, so all I can say is SAVE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! but it’s still an amazing game. (Also some of the achievements are bugged, in a good way though)

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

Fairune Collection on Steam

The Thief Girl ~ 盗賊少女 ~

The Thief Girl ~ 盗賊少女 ~

Surprisingly a very fun and enjoyable puzzle/horror game! You have to steal treasure while not being seen or caught by different monsters. I enjoyed the different tiers in the level with how much treasure you collect, how often you are seen and how often you are caught to create more suspense and strategy while playing the game. Sometimes it was a little buggy but overall a great game!!


Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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The Thief Girl ~ 盗賊少女 ~ on Steam

Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple - Halloween Hijinks (Volume 1)

Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple - Halloween Hijinks (Volume 1)

Join Remy Raccoon in this Halloween special, exploring 12 fiendish new levels filled with tricks, treats and things that go bump in the night. The creatures of Halloween have stolen Remy’s gems and hidden them in the spooky graveyard. Be warned though, only the bravest adventurer will collect all the gems and progress to the next level.

*** This is a stand-alone game, so you do not need the original game in order to play. ***

Game modes

  • Play in Adventure Mode to unlock new levels.

  • Face an unpredictable set of challenges in Random Mode.

  • Replay some of your favourite levels as endurance challenges in Survival Mode.

Complete bonus challenges along the way to unlock skulls. Complete all the skull challenges to unlock the legendary Skull of Dominion.

Your adventure awaits…

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Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple - Halloween Hijinks (Volume 1) on Steam



Hack and slash your way through this loot-rich ARPG with up to four local friends. Outfit your classless character to look and play the way you want. As you venture deeper, monsters get tougher and more numerous but the loot gets more epic! Tactical gear combinations and combat skill will determine how deep you can go. Return to your home base to upgrade or buy new gear, outfit your character, and then venture back into the deep.

WeeRPG is an ARPG supporting 1-4 local players, or play remote via Steam Remote Play.

Key Features

  • Classless characters - combine gear to look and play how you want. Magic, attacks, and movement are all driven by your equipment.

  • Four-player local coop - team up with your friends or family to take on the dungeons. Play remotely with Steam Remote Play.

  • No permadeath - if you fall in the dungeon you will be resurrected at home with a slight gold penalty.

  • Three biomes with unique gear and creatures.

  • Tons of creature types.

  • Hundreds of equippable items.

  • Built for everyone - Deep gear choices and rewarding combat for skilled players, accessible and cute for younger players. Progress at your own pace.

  • Randomized dungeons - Each dungeon run is unique.

WeeRPG on Steam

Delivery Company Clicker

Delivery Company Clicker

In short:

A nice, minimalistic clicker that doesn’t require much thought)))

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Delivery Company Clicker on Steam

Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple

Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple

Nice little game. Some of the levels are quite frustrating, but in a good way.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple on Steam

Rodent Warriors

Rodent Warriors

If you check my reviews you will find out the most of them are negative.

But it will not happen here :)

I really enjoy this game even in early access state. Game is easy to understand, you can feel a progress and enjoy finishing more and more difficult dungeons.

If you are looking for simple roguelike game where you will not cry after dead - i can recommend Rodent Warriors.

Cya in dungeons rats ;D

Real player with 234.8 hrs in game

Early on I found the game to be rather frustrating, and at times I still do, but in general this game is fun and has a hell of a lot of potential. Also I have round that the dev is willing to chat with you one on one to talk about the game, make suggestions, etc and that resonates a lot with me. The tips the dev has given me has been giving later runs for me a lot easier to unerstand and is starting to make the game more enjoyable. Thumbs up so far & I can’t wait to see where these games goes from here. Good luck! :)

Real player with 160.8 hrs in game

Rodent Warriors on Steam

The Van of Justice

The Van of Justice

The van of justice is an action, casual simulation game with a lot of physical objects. Experience systematic ragdoll systems, thrown and broken objects, which are not obvious to be found in other games.

“You get revenge, I build results.”

Police J comes to Kim, a student who was bullied at Turner High School in San Francisco, USA in 2005. J offers to give pocket money according to the value of the student’s arrest if he punishes and arrests the students who bullied Kim. Kim, who was bullied by all students, accepted the offer, and now Tooner High School has only to be avenged.

The way to realize justice

All students at Tooner High School are bullying Kim. Punish by throwing weapons or physical objects. Revenge if you make eye contact while walking around the hallway. Punish even if the breathing sound is loud. Even if you’re ugly, punish them. Punish both the teachers and the principal. If you take them to J’s police van, J will pay an additional corresponding price. You don’t have to feel guilty. Everyone is bullying Kim, and you are just realizing justice. If you lost interest in repeated punishment, it’s not a bad idea to carry out additional quests provided by J. If enough money has been collected, the ultimate goal is to purchase nuclear weapons parts through Kim’s home PC, expel all personnel in the school, and blast and demolish buildings.

Slave of capital, student leaders

The counselors (LMCD), as known as student leaders, will punish you when you do something wrong. Openworld games always has this kind of group. However, protection on students is not their jurisdiction. they only work for teachers and themselves.

Is this a school or a subway entrance to hell?

There are many unique friends in this school. Kim is also a very unique case right now. Coco Brothers, who throw up bombs when they’re nervous, Jay and Jenny, a nuisance couple who always stick together at schools where dating is prohibited. Right, There are also a psychopath dancer rabbit Bunny and a 500kg giant Terence who destroys everything and everyone on his way.

The Van of Justice on Steam

Cat Quest

Cat Quest

Tl;dr, Cat Quest is scrumptiously pawsome. Unless you don’t particularly like cats.

In this sexy kitty dancing…no, wait, wrong game, scratch that. In this furry…aaargh…scratch three. In this bright, colorful, light action RPG you play as an unnamed cat Dragonborn, erm, I mean Dragonblood, the only cat species capable of slaying dragons and saving the world of Felingard from destruction.

Visuals, sounds, music, even the combat sounds are all cute, charming, fuzzy, warm and simply cattastic. All the animations are very fluid, character designs are smooth and imaginative and the overland map is adorable and a joy to traverse. Catnap animation melts the coldest of hearts.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Okay so I wanna take a minute and seriously talk about the mechanics of Cat Quest because the Gentlebros really put together a very sweet and silky setup.

The inventory system is clean and to the point, and I love it. There’s no trash to pick up, just gear. And you’ll never clutter your bag with six different Longswords – you have one longsword, and if you pick up a second, the first one just gets stronger. The same with armour.

You have three slots for gear: head, chest, and weapon. When you sort your inventory by these three slots, the sorting puts the best piece at the very front so you immediately know what gives you the most benefit. This isn’t perfect, though – say you’re more interested in hitting heavy with magic, or you want to build up your armour. You’ll need to peruse and compair for yourself, but the best well-rounded piece is always right at the top of the list.

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

Cat Quest on Steam



I have played this game back in 2006 and I had a blast, everything was new to me, the settings, the people running around and killing snails on maple island then slimes and mushrooms in henesys hunting ground. Took many years of breaks in between, back and forth, but when they revamped the game and released big bang is when they started to lose the vast majority of players (slowly).

I know that change is needed for games to progress, but so many changes killed the game.


  • if you’re a fan of mario style games or platformers and like to see big numbers when you hit monster, then try out this game

Real player with 928.0 hrs in game

I have around 400 hours on steam but I’ve spent more than 1k hours on the other version. I must say despite the amount of dedication I’ve put into this game, I cannot reccomend it to anyone. The servers are extremely inconsistent, they need maintenance at least every week and no new or interesting content get introduced for many MANY years. Even when they do (5th Job update and lucid), its very underwhelming and sad since I waited 4 years just to receive junk and the frustration of that is what caused me to put an end what was the most time I’ve spent on a game.

Real player with 485.5 hrs in game

MapleStory on Steam