Dino Cub

Dino Cub

A relaxing game, with good puzzles and a great cost-benefit

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

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If you like casual game, this one was made for you. I totally recommend it.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Dino Cub on Steam



If you’re looking for a cute farm sim, with a unique concept, this is it! At first blush it seems quite simple, but after an hour or so, you start to see more complexity and the pace picks up. The goobers are very cute and, as you play through, you’ll discover the humour of the dev shining through in some very entertaining ways.

I only played a few hours because of time constraints, but I’ll be back into it. Its very fun, and I enjoyed playing it a lot!

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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It’s a farming simulator in early access, so of course there are some things being ironed out. Luckily the dev is really cool and willing to hear out when players are having issues. I will say there’s not much of an endgame really, i.e. there’s a point where you can easily hit the peak of the gameplay and you won’t find much content left. The dev does post frequent updates about adding content. It just takes time since he’s a solo dev. All things considered, it’s a cute little game that I’m sure I can enjoy playing with my son. He really likes the characters, especially the Goobers.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Gooberries on Steam

天国病院-Heaven’s Hospital-

天国病院-Heaven’s Hospital-

Needs a lot of work but is playable.


Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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天国病院-Heaven's Hospital- on Steam



Surprised this doesn’t have a higher rating. Maybe people are disappointed because they are comparing it to the first game and this game is very different. The first game was great because it has these crunchy controls with old school arcade-paced levels. This game is not like that. Unlike Milk Mine Defender, where you can only go left and right in an infinite loop, these are open maps where you have to hunt around and collect specific things. Also unlike Milk Mine, the powerups are not temporary but are items which can be collected and upgraded. Personally, I love it. It’s like if Star Fox was a 16-bit rpg with all the little side-quests and boss battles. But if you were expecting a continuation of Milk Mine, I can see why it would be disappointing.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Now I have finished it, I can say it worst its price. It is a very lovely sequel and a quality product for an indy title.

ASTRO AQUA KITTY is such an improvement compared to the previous one.

Now it is an Action RPG shoot-em-up with classes and multiples weapons. An immersive and even more cute artistic direction, a minded and polished level design that increase in size level after level and give you various tasks, all served by very good musics.

Devs made it with great care and you can feel it.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game


She turned me into a newt!

She turned me into a newt!

A very nice and enjoyable adventure, quite challenging. I finished in 4 hours. Will you break my record? See the review for more details.

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Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

A short but very cute and nice game. A bit pixel-hunty at parts.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

She turned me into a newt! on Steam

Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails


Update: The game is idle. Idle money making is bugged and has been for more than two years. It doesn’t seem like the devs are even trying to fix it.

There are so many issues with this game.

  • All train cars come from the gum ball machine, and you may need one that’s quite rare

  • You need said car because: The more passenger slots you have, the more you need to please them

  • If you find a cart that gives the stats you need, it will also have space for passengers, increasing the amount you need to please them

Real player with 455.0 hrs in game

This game doesn’t have many reviews so I felt the need to write one out.


Good lord the graphics are impressive! And as a fellow artist I heavily appreciate the “proper” use of pixel art. I noticed some games that use pixel art don’t use it the way it was supposed to be done and took me right out of the game. So this is a big bonus for me. The trains are all gorgeously done and many of the cars are really unique, or even easter eggs. I really appreciate we have the option to stick to more “realistic” cars and don’t have to use the ones that purposely look silly. All of the background assets are a joy to look at and I can’t imagine how much time was spent working on everything individually and also have it all fit together so well in a scene. Honestly if you’re a pixelart buff I’d just recommend the game to gawk at the graphics!

Real player with 315.8 hrs in game

Tiny Rails on Steam

Claw Crane Company

Claw Crane Company

Manage a crane game store in Claw Crane Company

Establish the proper shape and strength of the claw, the price of the game, and organize the prizes well, to be the most famous game store in the world

Try to satisfy clients and don’t make him angry

In the center of the store there is a mysterious crane machine that changes its contents every day.

To unlock new gifts, play and get from that crane

There are many kinds of prizes such as plush doll, figures, sweets, drinks, etc.

Claw Crane Company on Steam

Capital Island

Capital Island

Simple but good trading game.

If you’re not looking for a ‘cozy’ trading game, though, definitively go with ‘Challenge’ mode. Being able to visit shops multiple times (in ‘normal’ mode) means you eventually end up able to sell basically any excess resources you’ve got, which kinda takes the ‘trading’ out of this game. Just becomes logistics. Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun, but I like ‘cozy’ games sometimes. Probably pretty easy with Challenge on too.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

This game takes a bit to get into and requires some patience to continue. There’s a lot of repetitive actions but after about 30 minutes of playing you’ll notice the game advancing.

I’m sure this game is deeper than what I’ve initially seen so I will go back and continue to play.

The music is amazing, so peaceful and calm with an island flair. I can tell the dev worked really hard on this game.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Capital Island on Steam

Vivid Knight

Vivid Knight

This is a cute roguelite and auto-chess crossover. It’s very strategy-focused, and the difficulty makes it quite addictive, but some balance issues begin to detract from enjoyment once you’re deep in the game.

The Good

The core game play is roguelike, with your character exploring a maze and fighting monsters in turn-based auto-chess-esque combat. Each step consumes mana, a limited resource that refreshes on each floor, and your team begins taking damage when you run out of mana, forcing you to be efficient in your exploration.

Real player with 62.5 hrs in game

Welcome to Auto Chess Darkest Dungeon, But Cute.

Jokes aside, this little game so far is one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. I do quite like the auto chess formula, but this game takes a quite unique spin on it which makes it really enjoyable for me.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews making comparisons to TFT and they’re not entirely wrong by drawing the said comparison.

That said, if you’re familiar with games like Auto Chess and TFT, there’s a few things this game does a little different.

Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

Vivid Knight on Steam

Doku’s Noodle Empire

Doku’s Noodle Empire

You are an aspiring chef tasked with finding a secret recipe in a distant fishing village. Go fishing, cook food, discover recipes, meet friends, and more in this isometric, pixel art adventure!


  • Become a master at fishing. Gather quality cooking ingredients by fishing in a variety of locations.

  • Cook meals and discover new recipes. Learn to cook delicious recipes in an interactive minigame. Discover new recipes throughout your adventures.

  • Meet new friends and experience their stories. As you venture out into the village and the surrounding areas, use the power of cooking to create friendships and explore unique quests and storylines.

  • Decorate and customize. Upgrade your character and home with unique cosmetic items.

  • Includes an original soundtrack.

Doku's Noodle Empire on Steam