this game makes me so happy !!! :)

theres something exciting about looking for cute (and somewhat creepy) easter eggs. i do wish happy snake could maybe collaborate with a horror game developer to make a doki doki type game (but like this, instead of a boring visual novel)

its just about an hour long but if yr cute n quirky n not like other girls then you should check this out

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

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A terrifying survival horror following the story of a young dyslexic boy trapped in purgatory. The only structure in this realm is a liberty filled with the manifestations of his inner demons. you must find your way through this sinister place and find the true power of books to escape the library and confront a mighty God towering above; along the way encountering many strange creachers and secrets.


Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

LIBRARY on Steam




Underneath its cute façade lies a very tough puzzle game. Frustrating in places due to its ambiguous instructions it wins you over with its cute characters and humorous situations.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

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Carto is a wonderfully charming puzzle game with a whimsically punny but still heartwarming story and a delightful cast of characters. The game also uses a special pathfinding mechanic that involves manipulation of pieces of the map, quite unlike anything I have seen before. The artwork also shines in its hand-drawn style, creating a puzzle game that is visually pleasing to all ages.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Carto on Steam



Welcome to Clouzy!, the world’s first daycare dedicated to clouds! Now, we know you may be used to clouds majestically sailing through the sky without a care in the world, but in this magical world, things are a little different, and these little clouds need a lot of love, care, and attention!

You’ll have to learn the little clouds’ tastes and preferences to cook the right meals for them, figure out their preferences for playing, and of course, make sure storms don’t brew on the horizon; some of them don’t play well with each other…

Of course, if you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always step out for a brisk walk through the world.

In fact, you should go for it regardless! Some clouds have rather particular tastes and the ingredients needed to prepare them can only be found in the wild. Don’t worry about venturing alone, you’ll have a cozy friend to keep you company as you adventure across the world of Clouzy!

The daycare is not the whole world, but rather, the heart of one. Explore, solve puzzles, and restore towering structures to life!

  • An expansive open world to explore, discover, and harvest! If you want to be the best crowd wrangler there is, you’ll have to get out there and collect ingredients!

  • Various biomes to visit, each with their own atmosphere and tasks!

  • Check every nook and cranny to find hidden surprises and make discoveries!

Ever wondered what an aspiring altocumulus would eat? Wonder no more!

  • Each day in the Clouzy! daycare, look after the little bundles of vapor! Learn their preferences and what makes them smile!

  • Clouds need more than just water and sunlight. They need food to thrive, and not just gruel either. You’ll have to find all the fruits and other ingredients needed to make a tiny wisp grow into a proper cloud!

  • It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed when looking after future cirruses, but fret not. Your little companion, whether flying canine, feline, or ailurid pet will help you in your work as a cloud whisperer!

And certainly for the clouds under your care! As you run the daycare, you’ll have to market a fairly robust skill set - more than one would expect from a job that focuses on looking after clouds.

  • You’ll become a master cook. The cooking mechanic and plenty of tasty recipes allow you to whip up tasty meals for your wispy charges - all made using locally sourced ingredients!

  • Every step of the journey is logged in a journal that’s as magical as the world of Clouzy. It’ll track everything you discover, every adventure you go on, and everything else that might come in handy.

  • Of course, you’ll also be able to play with your companion and clouds. A proper work/life balance is essential to allow them to reach for the sky!

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Clouzy! on Steam

Dragon Rage

Dragon Rage

Great game for what it is, small game but reasonably priced. Such satisfaction in slaming into everything and getting those power ups to easily stay ahead and achievements that aren’t complicated/cryptic as ****.

When I first saw the negative reviews for this game, I hated what they put into the reviews because all they said was its too short or I paid too much for so little content. How about they try to make a game all by themselves?! It’s not easy. Give these people some slack because I’m pretty sure those negative review people don’t even think about how hard it is to make a game.

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

I myself enjoy the game even though most people seem to dislike it. I feel the reason people do dislike it is this its very very short for the price of 7$ and even though i got it for 15% of it still seemed short for the price. If they were to maybe add some new levels, more customization and possibly even some story to the rampage plot, or at least make it an option to change the background. Customization could be like which power up you like more and want to drop on your 100ks drop, or even more exciting giving dragons clothes and hats! But all in all its a great stress releasing game and definetly reminds me of the old rampage games. Also I feel like I’d really enjoy the creators should slowly releasing updates and adding little bits here and there and that will surely keep me happy and probably the rest of this games small fanbase.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Dragon Rage on Steam

A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

For me personally, this VN was fairly average. It didn’t really keep me hooked, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its good points. Yurika’s route was fairly decent, but didn’t give a proper conclusion (it just hinted for a sequel). If you like Ai and Riko as characters, then their routes aren’t too bad either. They had their good points, but if you aren’t really drawn to them, then you might feel a little bored in this VN (well this was my case at least). I did enjoy some of the soundtracks found in here, and the atmosphere in the game was very relaxing. Overall I would say I feel neutral towards this title. I would say only pick this one up if you are actually in the mood for the coffee shop themed type of VN, if not then I would say give this one a miss.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

I play this game and it bested my expectation of what i had exspected it would be.

I play each of the three route. Its very hard to put it into word. Each story was unique and I was amazied how they chance each ending with little tweak with the character and story they did with It make me wish for more.

I wish i could explain how it better how amazing this visual novel is and the emotion I felt after reading it.

It is definitely a story worth it’s in gold 11 for 10

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

A Butterfly in the District of Dreams on Steam



Anarcute is a game that involves leading critter rioters against the Brainwash Patrol, who have dominated the world and rule through broadcasting propoganda and I guess sleep-signals (hence the sleeping rioters, and the ones who are attached to the side of buildings). The game has a cute aesthetic based on chibi models, simplified yet interactive backgrounds, and catchy + cute electronica soundtracks. It involves massing up rioters to gain abilities (which can also be lost if you lose rioters at certain thresholds), some of which you need to traverse, but the game works well in that you can find other routes and means to get through the level with what is given. New abilities range from improving speed or stomping, to bouncing and endless projectles, as well as ludicrous ones like enamoring cops with cuteness or grabbing buildings and throwing them on your enemies. Though I see the most usage out of the molotovs one.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

Anarcute is a super kawaii game where the player has to manage their mob of cute chibi animals as they liberate different cities. The contrast of cute animals destroying cities and causing mayhem is what drew me to this game to begin with but the challenge is what kept me around. Well, that and the fact that THEY HAVE UNICORNS!!! I mean there really should be more games with beautiful sparkly unicorns.

Some of the levels are easier than others but the real challenge comes from the fact that individual rioters cannot be controlled, only the crowd as a whole. This can become annoyingly frustrating in some situations. At times it feels like herding cats, but what else would you expect from a bunch of adorable anarchists?

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

Anarcute on Steam



A bit pricey for the content, but it’s quality content nonetheless… I would recommend getting this at a sale

It’s one of my son’s favorite games and I’ve enjoyed playing it a lot!

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Nice game but i wish you mustnt play it over steam remote play

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

BATTLLOON - バトルーン on Steam

Bundle Kitt

Bundle Kitt

This is literally the best game I have ever played. It has an amazing soundtrack and stunning visuals with a deep and complex character with a profound character development arc. I was instantly taken in with Bundle Kitt, it was a perfect combination of cute and fun that left an aching desire to play more. I love this game and honestly cannot recommend it more, its a free, cheap game that will brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Thank you Bundle Kitt.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

My Experience

OK, Bundle Kitt is fantastic. The speed at which the character moves and the abruptness of the mews are just perfect. There are many games that try to be funny, often through scripted jokes and cutscenes. The brilliant thing about Bundle Kitt is that it actually involves the player in the comedic timing. The scenes often don’t end until you meow, but once you do, they end immediately, like a jump cut. Bundle Kitt is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. For the price of free, you should check it out.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Bundle Kitt on Steam



This is a candy-style bubble shooter game.

Use your cannon at the bottom of the screen to match-3 or more bubbles, and clear the entire screen to progress.

Candy on Steam

Donut County

Donut County

straight-up masterpiece 🍄

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Did you know? O in ‘Donut’ is a Donut.

Has more plot holes than my life. Holes everywhere.

Short and sweet. Just like Donut.

Donut skip it.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Donut County on Steam