The Adventure of Magical Girl

The Adventure of Magical Girl

The Adventure of Magical Girl is a pleasant JRPG/RPGMaker game, providing several hours of gameplay and entertainment.

It has a cute story and it’s not very hard to beat.

Achievements are quite easy to unlock too.

It looks like a sequel to The legend of Bean though it’s not necessary to have completed that previous game to fully enjoy The Adventure of Magical Girl. However, both games use the same world and map so it’s a bit easier when you’ve already completed The legend of Bean because you’re already accustomed to that universe.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

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The good:

1- This is a short RPG maker game. - I don’t mean it is bad because of this -.

2- Some parts of the game are polished well: for example the animation during battles.

3- no random encounters. You only fight an enmy when you collide with it - which i think is good -.

The bad:

4- Sadly it seems it suffers from the same problem that many other rpg maker games have: the game is not balanced. I mean you could quickly level up and breeze through the game and care not for any strategy while fighting.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

The Adventure of Magical Girl on Steam

Pale Cachexia

Pale Cachexia

Beautiful Sadness

Lonely. This is the first word that greets you when you start Pale Cachexia. Alone in the dark wood. The contrast between forest’s spring awakening and “ghostly gloom” of the night, with “rustling sounds of crickets”, nocturnal creatures and “ominous howls”, the feeling that someone is breathing right behind you while you venture among the endless unmoving trees - all set the mood of the VN right from the start and mark it as decidedly Gothic and Romanticist. With a sense of crippling loneliness and smallness the main character Esther stumbles through this vast, misty forest in search of a cure for her terminal illness, and finds herself in a gloomy Gothic manor, almost like she just stepped into a dream.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

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Short Review:

  • Kinetic visual novel (no choices)

  • Complexity in story and characters

  • Heavy topics of death, illness, grief, guilt, and loneliness

  • Somewhat open ending

  • Nice art, including unlockables

  • Soundtrack that perfectly enhances mood

  • Overall an atmospheric, emotional story I enjoyed!

Full Review:

What an atmospheric, emotionally complex story. This kinetic novel (visual novel without any choices) has elements of horror and fantasy, and there are some creepy parts, but it’s mostly mysterious and melancholic, dealing with the heavy topics of death/dying, illness, grief, guilt, and loneliness.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Pale Cachexia on Steam

Hollow Witch

Hollow Witch

This is what I call a precision platformer! Simple moves, run, jump and dash that added to all the crazy traps and flying stuff makes your mind count time to evade danger. I mean it is a puzzle platformer in a way. Loved the illumination, mood and the music gives the final touch. Strongly recommend!

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

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I loved this game! Its dark, the music is so good to focus and the simple mechanics makes it fun to play. Very challenging levels, lots of traps and projectiles to evade. The illumination is something else it makes the mood of witch stories very believable. Congratulations to the developer!

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Hollow Witch on Steam

Teabat! - Episode One

Teabat! - Episode One


Teabat! is a stylish retro 2D adventure with fast, tight controls, and a large interconnected map full of secrets and beautifully constructed set-pieces!

Inspired by handheld 8-bit hardware, Teabat! features an advanced palette engine for player customization and plenty of vibrant lighting and color effects.


  • Alter the world’s view through unique lenses and additional color palettes.

  • Race against the clock, or compete against your own time in Time Trial mode.

  • Test your combo skills, and rack up points for a high-score in Arcade Mode.

  • Online Multiplayer with up to 250 players!

  • Ghost dog!!!

Teabat! - Episode One on Steam



La la la… Halloween party! La la la… Let’s Trick-or-treat!


If you’re not the bullet hell enthusiast, then you may stop reading this review right now. Just because, like any other bullet hell game out there, this one is not for you. At least, not yet. Bullet hell games are known to be (way) harder than regular SHMUPs and, even though this one is not the hardest one of the kind, you’ll still die a lot without having much fun. Sure, there are difficulty levels here, but… let’s just say that as long as you’re not an experienced SHMUP player, you’re not ready for this. You have been warned. Now, if you are a fan of such entertainment, then, I guess, one word will be enough for you to get the idea about what do we have here. The word is – cave. CAVE Interactive. Creators of the DoDonPachi, Ketsui and Mushihimesama series.

Real player with 54.9 hrs in game

Deathsmiles is one of the few horizontal shooters by CAVE. Due to its unique nonlinear nature, it also happens to be one of their easier offerings, and therefore suitable for players new to the genre. It debuted in Japanese arcades in 2007, and was later released on iOS, Android, and Xbox 360. Thanks to Degica, it has now been released on PC as well. The Steam release includes normal, arcade, and 1.1 versions of both the original and MBL (Mega Black Label).

As the name suggests, the arcade versions have the same graphical appearance as the original arcade release. I could be mistaken, but as far as I know, normal mode is exactly the same as arcade mode except it features upgraded graphics. I purchased the game exclusively for the original versions of normal/arcade mode so I can’t say I have the knowledge to speak at length about 1.1 or MBL. From what I know, in 1.1 you have a greater degree of control over the character’s familiar. MBL is a different version of the game that features an additional playable character. What I do know, however, is that some or all of the modes of MBL are either missing slowdown or don’t have it at all. If you’re buying the game just to play anything other than the original version, I highly suggest exercising caution and doing some research. That said, the remainder of this review will be about the normal original version of the game.

Real player with 24.8 hrs in game

Deathsmiles on Steam

Spooky Bonus

Spooky Bonus

Spooky Bonus is a casual game that is set in a town called Old Town. This town has been haunted by an evil vampiress who is the cause of the strange things happening. It is up to you to take out the vampiress in various parts of Old Town by navigating the 100 levels of board matching 3s of candles, toads, cats, skulls and other enemies. Matching more than 3 of a kind results in bonus powerups that can be used to eliminate enemies on the board. Coins randomly come down to the board that will come in handy as part of the game’s currency.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game


4/5 Stars - I am partial to spooky Halloween games, so this one grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. For me, this game is awesome! The whole ambience of the game is what made it for me. Grey Alien Games did a great job on this title, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good match 3 game.


Match 3, Casual, Time Management, Puzzle, Spooky, Indie, Single Player, Point & Click


Release Date: Oct. 2015 - Spooky Bonus has 100 levels, two game modes (which are Casual and Timed), and a need to decorate your spooky house with items you collect and buy along the way. Throughout the game the levels get progressively harder, especially when playing in Timed Mode. A match 3 game is exactly what it sounds like, match 3 like objects in a row and those matches disappear. Continue matching till the quota for an object has been met. Bonus items, and power-up items are also available to use.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Spooky Bonus on Steam

Starlight of Aeons

Starlight of Aeons


Main program is flagged as a malware by Windows Defender so you have to get around that to install this.

No full screen support

No text speed option

No framerate lock

4 hr kinetic novel with full Chinese VA (none on 3rd story, “1/30000 Days to Love” though). There are 3 stories, but the first 2 just make one story together. Good writing/narrative, characters, and art. Great soundtrack. Philosophical.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

………………….,,-~*~,, +Rep

…………………../:.:.:.:.:.| +Rep

………………….|;.;.;.;.;./ +Rep

………………….|.;.;.;.;.| +Rep

………….,,,,,.).;.;.;.;.| +Rep

………,,-":.:.:.:."~-,;.;.;.| +Rep

……..(,,,,—,,:.:.);.;.;..",, +Rep

……,-":.:.:.:.:.""-,,/;.;.;.;.;.", +Rep

…..(:.,,,,,,,,,_);.;.;.;.;.;| +Rep

…../"":.:.:.:.:.:.:¯"";.;.;.;.;.," +Rep

….",,,,,,,,,,,,/;;;;;;;;;/\ +Rep

…...::.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.);;;;;;;;;/:\ +Rep

…….,,,,,—~~~~;;;;;;;;,"::::\ +Rep

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Starlight of Aeons on Steam

They Bleed Pixels

They Bleed Pixels

They Bleed Pixels - Satisfaction that comes at a price

If you check on Steam it actually comes at pretty low price. But obviously I was not talking about money. I was talking about time (which equals money) but let talk more about why I came to such a conclusion.

So if you have read my previous review you probably guessed that I like this game because it is a 2D platformer. And yes I like platformers and I was collecting them in the past when I had time to play any games. Naturally I came across this game and loved it at first sight. And why not? I watched the trailer and I saw fast paced action, lots of different moves and attacks. I loved this simplistic but beautiful art style. It also said it was inspired H.P Lovecraft which told me absolutely nothing at first but after searching online I know all I needed. Another thing that got me really excited was the number of achievements to unlock. And my friends know that I’m a achievement-junkie. But I should have read what those achievements are about. From the tags I new it wasn’t going to be easy and I was quite ready for that. So I grabbed my controller, fired up the game and focused on my TV screen…

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

They Bleed Pixels is a challenging wall jump platformer, with a satisfying unique premise, quality combat and engaging mechanics.

You control a presumably troubled student at the Lafcadio Academy for troubled girls. She stumbles across a magical book that makes you have wild dreams involving a few strangely horrific creatures, several bloody spikes, and an ever present number of saws. The book also has glowing bits and pages that not only are missing, but found inside said dreams. Take heed of any such events that occur in reality, as these are not normal behaviors for books or their pages.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

They Bleed Pixels on Steam

My Lovely Daughter

My Lovely Daughter

Fathers were always so Underrated

My review after a long while tbh, I will dedicate this one to my loving father. Whom I believe just as the father in this game, would probably do anything for me to be alive (ok maybe not so twisted as these things haha)

This is roughly a point and click adventure which includes a dark story, symbolism, time management all in one for a plot where a single father is trying to revive his only hope in the world: his daughter. The story follows a man named Faust who lost everything important to him which was his family. He is an alchemist and he was banished to the forgotten parts of the city where the people who did not belong lived. There many many things happened and he lost his daughter and he uses the forbidden arts to revive her.

Real player with 28.8 hrs in game

Graphics: 5/10

Music: 3/10

Story: 3/10

Overall: 4/10

I wanted to like this game. I really did. Not only because management games are right up my alley, or because I just love Princess Maker style games, or because a dear friend gifted it to me. But because I DO love dark and twisted takes to those sim raising games.

A raising sim where you aren’t raising a daughter but homunculi that are mere tools for a bigger end? It can’t get much darker than that. You are basically playing as the very-very-very bad dad from Full Metal Alchemist that used his daughter in an experiment to keep his goverment money. But as much as I love those dark takes, I don’t take well when people assume that my inteligence and capacity to differenciate reality vs fiction and good vs bad is null. Right as you start the game you will be greeted by a long text basically explaining why what you’re about to play is so horrible and terrible and I’m not sure if it’s just that the developers really think that the people who will buy this game are idiots, psychos or if they just want you to feel bad and guilty for playing it but it’s certainly one of the two.

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

My Lovely Daughter on Steam

Dark Farm

Dark Farm

I used to be a warrior. Fighting and beating huge enemies. But i’m tired. I just want to retire. Enjoying a simple life, being a simple person. But something went wrong.

This is my life now…

“Dark Farm” is an RPG raid game. You have to take care of your garden, which wants to kill you. Grow killer vegetables. Water your garden beds. Defend yourself. Perform a ritual to get rid of the dark forces.



  • Plant a plant.

  • Take care of him.

Dark Farm on Steam