LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!

LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!

“It is a wholesome romantic comedy for you!ヽ(=´▽'=)ノ”

+ Point : Do not miss the newly updated bonus content! (´ω`)

[1] Intro

LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club! This is a romantic comedy Visual Novel made by H. Hochkins & owl and published by Urban Meadows. This little indie dev team consists of 4 people that are scenario writer, OST composer, Artworks artist, and project leader. This visual novel is the story of unique girls who are active in gaming clubs.

[2] Game Experience

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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In this slice of life VN, you play as a protagonist that you can give a name to as go through the lives of yourself and the four girls that are in the Game Club with you, your life will definitely not be boring. If I had to choose my favorite route, it would have to be either Alex’s or K-T’s. This is probably because K-T was just very… weird? Unique? A character that was enjoyable and her route was just fun to read through, interacting with the little robot. Meanwhile Alex was mostly absent from moments, so interacting with her more was great.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club! on Steam

Little Witch Nobeta

Little Witch Nobeta

It’s pretty fun overall.

After 38-ish hours of messing about in Little Witch Nobeta, i can safely say this has a ton of promise. The whole idea of this game is interesting and fun.

I have only a few gripes with this game, and to shorten the wall of text that’ll half be about one boss, here’s a Pros/Subjective/Cons points.

I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but i will spoil half of the third boss.

Pros -

Quite polished.

Looks great.


SFX is quite good.

Combat is fluid.

Real player with 46.6 hrs in game

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You play as a cute loli and it’s a souls-like. What else could you ask for?

But, seriously. Incredible game.


As soon as I started playing the game, I was surprised. The design was better than I imagined. Nobeta is a lovely little thing with detailed hair, clothes, shoes, and features. Her hair and clothes also seemed to respond correctly with different actions (jumping, running, damage, etc.). The animation seemed great. Not only that, but the surrounding world was also quite nice. Heading into the castle, the lighting seemed appropriate for the mood, and the stone on the walls and floor seemed detailed enough. Nobeta’s different magics and items she uses throughout the game are all very unique and have colorful, extravagant animations. All in all, the animation is on par or nicer than many 60 dollar games.

Real player with 43.9 hrs in game

Little Witch Nobeta on Steam

Ratty Catty

Ratty Catty

Lack of things to do. Locks me in the game so i had to learn what ALT-TAB did. Freezes my enitre pc so on breaks i cant get back to my work. This game should be free, then it would have better things about it. Also add in fur because its just smooth plastic. Sounds probably got from online. This game can be alot better, just needs improving.

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

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So yesterday i walked my fish down to the store and then hitler walked over and said sup and i said i hate jews and then bought 7 pieces of toast and fed them to my fish and then sold home to a sex thing and never saw him again. Also im scared of trees. Oh and the games ass. Ohhh and also i would recommend this game if u like gay sex.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Ratty Catty on Steam



Great adorable puzzle game from 2009 but barebones port.

It runs without issues and it’s cheap, so can’t complain.

don’t give up

! I gave up

Real player with 64.3 hrs in game

Charming puzzle game with precise Newtonian physics simulation. Fiendishly difficult, which has resulted in finding some funny alternative solutions.

Real player with 31.5 hrs in game


Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds

Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds

Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds is a hybrid 2D platformer, combining elements of traditional obstacle based platformers with some of the exploration and weapon systems of a Metroidvania. Play as a fat duck that can’t fly on your journey to get back stolen eggs.


  • Tight platforming with a fluid movement system

  • Twitchy combat utilizing a unique leveling and weapon system

  • A world overflowing with personality

  • Iterative progression on your abilities throughout the game

  • Crisp visuals

  • A nice little story with an emphasis on humor

  • Secrets and Rewards for ADVANCED GAMERS

  • A sort of Controller Support (look I tried my very best I’m just one guy, please)

  • Banging Soundtrack™

  • One Cool Duck

Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds on Steam



This game looks pretty cute, isn’t it? All colorful, telling the story of a little girl traveling through a wonderland to take back her stolen bunny plushie from a mysterious shadow, this looks like a little game made for little girls. Then the game gives you a laser pistol disguised as a hair dryer, a toy shotgun, and a very real flare gun to burn warthogs and orcs into a crisp. Surprise, this is a third-person shooter, mostly inspired by the fragfests of old like Blood or Doom, and boy, what a charming love letter it is.

Real player with 120.5 hrs in game

For an early access game, this is considered a masterpiece, The visuals and the music are simply the best thing in the game, also it is inspired by my favorite games (crash bandicoot, a hat in time, call of duty zombies, …), the variety of weapons, enemies and gameplay makes the game hard to get bored from.

however, i encountered a bit of problems, i thought of mentioning it hopefully it will help the developers because, without the flaws, the game might be perfect: (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

  • Jumping is a bit delayed, it takes like 0.3 seconds for the character to jump.

Real player with 67.1 hrs in game

Onirism on Steam



I found this game the other day and it looked so like overcooked that I had to try it. I’ve played with a friend a couple of worlds and it’s really fun!

You can do the levels on solo mode but it’s better to have someone playing with you so you can get gems!

I love the design and think it has lot of potencial as an early access, I can’t wait to see what other content the developers will add!

EDIT: After completing the 3 worlds I must say…that it’s so much fun! The mechanics they added in the ghost and swamp levels are great and definetly leaves you craving for more content! I’ve completed all levels and now it’s time to get all those sweet gems! You should really give it a try!

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

So ya, likely just like you, I got here because I loved Overcooked. And there are definitely similarities - enough that if you like Overcooked, this is likely a good game for you too. But, this takes Overcooked up a level and adds enemies, and extra challenges that make it more than just another Overcooked wannabe. Many of the levels are challenging. Not so challenging that you can’t finish them but if you are a max score finisher type of person - it will take several tries to get there. We finished the game in about 12 hours - but not at maximum scores. We’re now in the process of going back and replaying the levels to get 3 gems…. and it’s still challenging. If you’re looking for a challenging Overcooked type game with a twist - look no further!

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Witchtastic on Steam

Cat Capacity

Cat Capacity

Leave no cat behind! This game is fun and pretty crazy. Can get pretty challenging when the cats don’t all want to fit in the cupboards. And watch out for the bunny boogey man, he’s pretty quick!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Cat Capacity on Steam

My Personal Hilopet

My Personal Hilopet

About My Personal Hilopet

My Personal Hilopet is a digitized pet-care and battle simulator. Hilopet started out as a challenge, as the development team was tasked with creating a game that mimicked the nuances of a physical toy. Since its inception and original prototype, Hilopet has grown to become a full-fledged title, with an active combat system, NPC’s to interact with, and secrets hidden within the device itself! The amount of new content goes way beyond your run-of-the-mill scope creep!


  • Form a friendship with your pet by giving it a special name

  • Train your hilopet to do combat in the town’s arena for fame, glory, and cold hard cash

  • Interact with the city’s inhabitants to form friendships or incite rivalries

  • Make use of the device’s quirks to tell your own stories.. or get frustrated trying!

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Outcore: Desktop Adventure

Outcore: Desktop Adventure

Befriend Lumi, a lost girl who lives on your desktop. Work together to recover her memories of who she is and why she appeared on your computer.

Interact with your own computer to solve desktop puzzles and unlock memory files.

Experience a story with the worst characters ever written.

Fight the worst characters ever written.

Sure, every game on Steam has a wishlist button. But is it as good as Outcore’s wishlist button? Scientists have proved that clicking this wishlist button an uneven amount of times can increase your lifespan.

Outcore: Desktop Adventure on Steam