The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer

Playing status: 100% achievements

Grindy Achievement(s): Yes (~1 achievement).

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (~41 achievements).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


The Lightbringer is an action-adventure, precision platformer game where you can explore an area in the level to find collectibles and reach the exit. Each level allows you to explore a vast world filled with secrets.


  • 15 levels + 4 boss fights

  • Unique boss fights

  • A lot of hidden collectibles require you to look carefully

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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TLDR : 8/10 Great Classic Adventure experience that is fun to play!

Youtube 5 Minute review

The Lightbringer is a great experience that reminds me of classics like Spyro and Crash, as well as Legend of Zelda.

The levels, puzzles, and collectibles are more reminiscent of Spyro and Crash, where you can explore, discover, and collect at your own pace, just to get that full clear stamp of achievement. The baddies on the other hand nod more toward Legend of Zelda, needing you to understand a bit about how they work to navigate them. Boss fights are arena style big bads, and need some quick thinking to understand movesets, and identify ways to damage the enemy.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

The Lightbringer on Steam



I found this game the other day and it looked so like overcooked that I had to try it. I’ve played with a friend a couple of worlds and it’s really fun!

You can do the levels on solo mode but it’s better to have someone playing with you so you can get gems!

I love the design and think it has lot of potencial as an early access, I can’t wait to see what other content the developers will add!

EDIT: After completing the 3 worlds I must say…that it’s so much fun! The mechanics they added in the ghost and swamp levels are great and definetly leaves you craving for more content! I’ve completed all levels and now it’s time to get all those sweet gems! You should really give it a try!

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

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So ya, likely just like you, I got here because I loved Overcooked. And there are definitely similarities - enough that if you like Overcooked, this is likely a good game for you too. But, this takes Overcooked up a level and adds enemies, and extra challenges that make it more than just another Overcooked wannabe. Many of the levels are challenging. Not so challenging that you can’t finish them but if you are a max score finisher type of person - it will take several tries to get there. We finished the game in about 12 hours - but not at maximum scores. We’re now in the process of going back and replaying the levels to get 3 gems…. and it’s still challenging. If you’re looking for a challenging Overcooked type game with a twist - look no further!

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Witchtastic on Steam

Sweet Hero

Sweet Hero

Control a coconut little kiss and slash your sweet enemies.

Think before move!

Sweet hero is a challenging grid-based movement game.

Every enemy have your own pattern, use this in your favor. Some stages are difficult but you respawn fastly. Think of a strategy to win.


  • 70 handcrafted stages.

  • 4 worlds with different enemies on each.

  • Relaxing soundtrack and satisfying sound effects.

  • Fast paced combat

  • Candy themed cute pixel art

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Sweet Hero on Steam



Super fun family games with kids and local coop, best at 3 and 4 local players. Fun to play, easy to play, commands are fine (who ever complains about commands “not being easy” or “hard to figure out” must be playing with their keyboard and never played local coop games as they all tends to be similar. We like this a bit less then Unspottable (our favourite local coop game), but we like Lumberhill more then Boomerang Fu and tons more then Cake Bash. It’s easy to pick up and many game modes and many levels.

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

A fun campaign/co-op. Multiplayer is very difficult for the human worker. My brother and I can hardly complete any quests with the animal player actively working against you.

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Lumberhill on Steam



snaliens is a sokoban/snake/circuits hybrid with no timer and unlimited undo, just the way I like it, and yet another game that’s as cute as it is hard (very), so family-friendly in the sense that you’ll need all the family to crack the levels, but don’t think kids would get very far on their own.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Pretty good puzzle game of the sokoban type. It explores a variety of solid mechanics over about a hundred unique levels. Nice difficulty curve. It never gets crazy hard, but some levels can offer compelling challenges

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

Snaliens on Steam

Tea Time

Tea Time

Attention Tea Drinkers!

Bad guys have stolen the world’s supply of tea and it’s up to you to stop them!

Choose from two characters - Polly, an extroverted and excitable girl, and Esther, an introverted but loyal girl - each with two powers to choose from to assist you, to try to get the tea back. If you play your cards right, they might be joined by a third, unlockable character to boot!

This is a high-score focused game, in which you try to collect as many falling tea items as possible. You’ll travel through five different stages, each with obstacles that will do their best to put a stop to you, either by keeping you from collecting items or by claiming enough of your lives to make you game over.

Aim for as high a score as possible, and submit your scores to the Leaderboards to see how you stack up against others!

Tea Time on Steam

Yuhha: Stolen Treasure

Yuhha: Stolen Treasure



If you are a fan of Retro-Style 2D Platformers, you should help disgruntled dragon Yuhha to find out who stole his treasure and waking him!

15 long and hard vertical levels without checkpoints

Each level brings something new! (Enemies, Obstacles, Mechanics)

Horizontal screen wrap! (Leaving one side of the screen, Yuhha immediately reappear on the opposite side)

5 different stages (Each of them has its own unique music theme and thematic tileset)

Try to find secret room to get extra life! (One secret room per level)

Strive to improve your run grade (From zero to ten) and run time (Use built-in timer)

Retro 8:7 aspect ratio of gameplay part of the screen (Gameplay + Interface = 16:9)

Family friendly content! (All enemies in the game are robots)

Platforming with real falls (Since the levels are vertical, you won’t meet any typical “Bottomless pit” in the game)

Made with using classic (8-bit) color palette

Yuhha: Stolen Treasure on Steam



This has quickly become one of my favorite games. I fell in love with just how magical and cozy Bunhouse feels. The music and graphics are amazing, especially for a 1-man dev team. It’s fun to just be in the world the game puts you in- immediately relaxing and happy vibes.

I also want to mention I usually don’t play games like this. I mostly play MMOs and MOBAs, with the occasional RTS or ARPG. That’s a big reason I feel like Bunhouse is something special- it’s outside of my usual genres and I love it just as much or more than my go-to games.

Real player with 43.7 hrs in game

I’m a grown adult dude who owns a car, pays taxes and goes to work every day.

I also own a little bun-boy chub who I rescued a while back from a sparrowhawk attack.

I don’t care about the stigma– this game is cute beyond belief from the wee bunnies to the music– I totally recommend it for chill times after a stressful day at work.

I love the little messages on the top right of the main menu with bun-care tips.

My little bun Pebble approves. :)

EDIT: I just pretty much 100% the game in under 15 hours solo, which consisted of two play-throughs. First one to chill and second to get all achievements and to fully upgrade everything and make a nice looking greenhouse. I get some people’s criticisms of the content, but pretty much 1 hours 1 pound, for a game that I will no dobut come back to, is a great deal. For a single bun-loving dev this is more than impressive, from modelling, texturing, rigging and animation to programming and implementation.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Bunhouse on Steam

Genomon: Genetic Monsters

Genomon: Genetic Monsters

Even in the modern age, there are locations on Earth so remote that few people have ever heard, let alone visited. Among these obscure places are the WHITHERWARD ISLANDS, a collection of six islands in the South Pacific so distant from other landmasses, so removed from shipping lanes, strategic passages, and air routes that the world has nearly forgotten their existence.

Push the boundaries of science while battling the creations of rival genetic engineers on the beautiful and remote WHITHERWARD ISLANDS. EXTRACT, SEQUENCE and SPLICE DNA. INCUBATE, BATTLE and UPGRADE Genomon. Genomon is a genetic monster making lab and battling sandbox.


Extract DNA from animal specimens.


Splice animal DNA with viable Embryos.


Incubate your Genomon! Man Rat Crabs, Man Spider Frogs, the combinations are endless!


Battle your Genomon to level them up and unlock genetic traits!


Build your lab using a variety of devices and architecture.

Genomon: Genetic Monsters on Steam

Super Phantom Cat

Super Phantom Cat

Hurts to say it, since I really enjoyed this game and will probably come back again to finish off the last world/bonus levels I ignored.

But absolutely don’t buy this.

It’s from a Chinese mobile game company who completely abandoned the project, it was poorly ported over (something I ignored when I originally bought it, blinded by my love for cats and platformers).

You’ll find tons of reviews that had issues with their controller working, I didn’t face this problem but I believe this completely, due to the series of other problems I faced.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

If you are an achievement hunter DO NOT buy this game!

I have tried so hard to like this game, but its just not good. It has such cute graphics and the overall gameplay feel is very casual and straightforward. Its just super badly made which is such ashame! There is a glitch with the achievements not unlocking, bugs where the game progress will reset itself and the controls are bad. The keyboard bindings are horrible and I heard some people have problems with their controllers in this game. I personally didn’t get this bug and played with controller, but the movements are sluggish and at times frustrating. Sometimes you have to time your jumps to perfection, but the controls simply aren’t good enough for that kinda gameplay, which leads to tons of frustration.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Super Phantom Cat on Steam