Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds

Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds

Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds is a hybrid 2D platformer, combining elements of traditional obstacle based platformers with some of the exploration and weapon systems of a Metroidvania. Play as a fat duck that can’t fly on your journey to get back stolen eggs.


  • Tight platforming with a fluid movement system

  • Twitchy combat utilizing a unique leveling and weapon system

  • A world overflowing with personality

  • Iterative progression on your abilities throughout the game

  • Crisp visuals

  • A nice little story with an emphasis on humor

  • Secrets and Rewards for ADVANCED GAMERS

  • A sort of Controller Support (look I tried my very best I’m just one guy, please)

  • Banging Soundtrack™

  • One Cool Duck

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Duck and the Land of Flightless Birds on Steam

Sea of Roses

Sea of Roses

“you were in love and you were trusting. You didn’t know that things like that could happen in relationships”

This sentence made me cry, I needed to read it. Thank you.

I knew Jennifer Ann’s group and their games for several year and as usual this is a lovely gem. Some aspects seems simple, almost too “black and white”, but coming from a similar relationship after 12 years… Some scene were hurtful because they hit too close from home.

It is really nice to see these drawings, almost childish but full of love. The characters are “typical” but not cliché to the point of being annoying. You learn to love them and to see beauty in this world and yours.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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Honestly, I played the demo and was interested and waiting for the game to come out on release expecting the price to be between £5-£10 and it’s free! I loved the game, and also the only game I completed every achievement, it’s short game, with really gorgeous art style and colours, with a meaningful story! with cute unique journal.. would recommend! :)

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Sea of Roses on Steam

The Sacred Acorn

The Sacred Acorn

Explore the furthest reaches of an enchanted land

A mysterious force known only as the Chaos has begun creeping into the once peaceful Tansira, infecting the land and corrupting everything it touches. It’s spreading fast, from the lush Emerald Thicket all the way to the Roaring Tundra. Nothing is safe from it’s corruption; the landscape is withering, friends are turning on each other, and once beautiful havens are becoming desiccated wastelands. There is only one that can stop this calamity before it’s too late… you.

The Sacred Acorn is a beautiful top down adventure that will take you on a journey across a vast enchanted world. Explore ancient forests, mysterious caves, frigid tundras, murky swamps, and deadly volcanoes. Fight fearsome monsters, befriend cute and strange creatures, unlock new powers

and discover long lost ancient secrets to save your tribe.

Can you purge the Chaos in time?

Game features

  • Top-down 2D action adventure with challenging combat

  • You are a squirrel! Brave, adorable and uniquely gifted

  • Explore an expansive world full of beautiful vistas and hidden secrets

  • Cute, charming and strange creatures ready to greet you around every corner

  • Enemies galore! Fight formidable trees that move, vicious shells that shoot spikes and many many more

  • Find out about the powerful Essence and how you can weave your adventure with it

  • Listen to a beautiful soundtrack, hand crafted to fill every moment with wonder and excitement

  • Puzzles and secrets hide all over Tansira - what mysteries will you find?

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The Sacred Acorn on Steam

Please Be Happy

Please Be Happy

Please Be Happy is a comfy, slice-of-life visual novel set in a fictional version of Wellington, New Zealand.

Born as a fox in the forest of Korea, Miho carries with her the memory of a traveler who showed her kindness and spoke of home. Now more human than fox, Miho has spent a long, long time searching for her person. She arrives by airship to Wellington Skyport, one of the jewels of the floating island of New Zealand.

Despite her years spent observing humans, she still has a lot to learn about their culture and society. She’s made a living so far as a thief, her heightened senses allowing her to easily take advantage of people. She’s also seen a lot of the worst of what mankind has to offer.

It’s only after meeting Juliet, the owner of a small library, and Aspen, an aspiring novelist, that Miho starts to understand what kindness is, and that there’s more than just the bad stuff when it comes to people.

Miho’s earliest memories are of her time as a fox, and the kind human she met back then. Now more than just a fox, she’s spent her life searching for that person. Her journey has brought her to a new life in Wellington, New Zealand.

She changes her name every time she goes to a new country. Her previous names include Gumi, Migu, and Mimi.

Aspen is a human girl in love with words and stories. A barista at the Bellhouse Café, she dreams of being a popular author someday. She tries to take a little inspiration from every person that she meets.

She has an hour long phone call with her mom every weekend.

As a vampire, Juliet is one of Wellington’s oldest residents. She’s made the treasures of her life open to all in the form of a library. Aside from books, she also provides wisdom, kindness, and shelter to those who need it.

She dislikes having to resort to echolocation to find her reading glasses.

  • Two heroine routes, with 2 happy endings each

  • A gorgeous original soundtrack by Sarah “Esselfortium” Mancuso

  • Character designs and CG’s by Kobuta, with additional art by minute and adirosa

  • Accessibility options for vision and hearing impairment

  • Full voice acting

Please Be Happy on Steam

Vacation: dayOFF

Vacation: dayOFF

Inspired by the Doki-Doki Literature Club VN, but fall short of expectation due to technical issue (skip button doesn’t function properly) and broken English translation. It’s a bit sad because the story is actually not bad. (Even the English translation is meh, you may still able to grasp the point of the plot, if u have patience).

Another disappointing point from this game is the fact that you can’t go back to scratch or new game once u unlocked “the second life” route unless you clear all the data. If you play this game with the aim to get all the achievements, make sure you have a save data from the “first life” route or else, you wont be able to get all the achievements. (I email the Dev about how to get the achievements, and although the Dev can’t speak English, he made the effort to reply mine)

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

This is some of the worst translation work I’ve ever seen. The game is constantly using the wrong pronouns for everyone and/or the point of view of the narrator is constantly shifting and never telling the player who is thinking. Explanations of things going on frequently wander into “what did I just read” territory. I could scarcely even understand what happened save for the most obvious parts. While I never skipped any unread text, once I was able to start skipping previously read sections, I was already checked out and just wanted to get to the ending. There’s still some bits of Korean left over and even names can’t be consistently spelled correctly. The only positive is the art for the characters and CGs.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Vacation: dayOFF on Steam

Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits

First things first: I really, truly enjoyed this game. That maybe sounds like an understatement, but I think it’s worth stressing: Arcade Spirits is just. so. enjoyable. It’s good-natured, goofy game about pursuing your dreams and the power of friendship as much as it is a dating sim, and I was completely charmed by the total sincerity of its story and characters. My literal only complaint is that I couldn’t spend more time with all of them (more on that below).

Arcade Spirits’s core cast is obviously the main draw, and in terms of characterization, the game really delivers. I was really impressed by how the game avoided obvious dating sim archetypes and introduced a lot of depth to characters I wasn’t certain I would connect with (particularly Ashley and Teo). I also appreciate how the game doesn’t shy away from more serious issues, particularly in Percy and QueenBee’s routes – it’s not a coincidence that these are the two routes that I think are the game’s strongest, and it has a lot to do with how Percy and QueenBee’s problems (and dating hang-ups) are rooted in real-world issues. The overarching plot is goofy (in a good way!), but the characters feel grounded and real, and you’re encouraged to take them seriously in ways that I think really, really work.

Real player with 37.7 hrs in game

I’ve only had the time to sit down and play through this great game once, but I feel like it’s given me a pretty good grasp of the game as a whole. And I love it. I’m a huge fan of visual novels and throwing in a dash of romance is…just another nail in my coffin. I’ve been following this game for a while now, exactly how long I can’t say, but I’ve been waiting. And it was worth the wait. I’ve never played a visual novel that has allowed me the customization this game has. I found I was playing me rather than playing the who can I romance game VERY early on. Sure, the game has it’s issues, and I’ll detail the good and the bad shortly, but I highly rec the game no matter what I say below. If you’ve got a hankering for a good story, high amounts of customization, and arcade game references abound this game is for you. And never fear, I’m leaving spoilers out of my lists. (As of writing this review there were still some wrinkles in the game but the dev team seems very on top of it when it’s reported. Don’t let the fact they are there dissuade you from buying the game.) I will update this review pending further play time and any additional content that might get released.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

Arcade Spirits on Steam

Letters - a written adventure

Letters - a written adventure

Handwritten nostalgia

Journey back to the 90s and move through beautifully hand-drawn letters, as you follow the life of Sarah. Learn more about her friends, nerdy obsessions or why she has the most annoying sister ever.

Then go digital as Sarah grows older. Revel in the nostalgic pixel world of the early 2000s internet while navigating all the drama, anxiety and joys of teenagehood.

Shape your future

Watch Sarah grow up and make decisions that will change how her life will turn out as an adult (no pressure). Take revenge on your sister, play video games all day or fall in love. It’s all up to you.

Don’t like the outcome? Just go ahead and rewrite her story. (See? we told you, no pressure.)

Power of words

In a world made from paper and computers, words matter. So use them to change drawings that block your way, help friendly characters and interact with Sarah’s friends.

Finding the right words is hard sometimes. Especially for shy people like Sarah. So help her by breaking them apart and creating new ones for her to use instead.

Playfully wholesome

Letters is a cozy, often funny, sometimes sad game about friendship, growing up and finding your way in life. Explore Sarah’s colorful world and use the power of words to change her life!

Or… just stack cats or something.


  • innovative word-based riddle mechanic, you’ve never seen before

  • relatable coming of age story, inspired by real-life

  • branching storyline where you can discover new possibilities with every playthrough

  • beautifully hand-drawn visuals & pixel art evolving with Sarah’s age

  • comfy, playful & casual game that focuses on narration and having fun with words

  • good for practicing English skills in a fun way


language: English

playtime: approx. 3 hours (1 playthrough)

Letters - a written adventure on Steam

The Ghost Cage

The Ghost Cage

  • FREE!!!

  • CUTE!!!



  • Almost every item has a readable description!

  • Music is very very repetitive but not long enough to be catchy

  • Actual areas of exploration are 7 very small maps total

  • :( sad

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

A wonderful relaxing game, I honestly did not imagine enjoying this as much as I did, prob the most relaxed game I have played in a while.

Trust me you should try this game, hands down, not to mention it can be completed in around 30 mins, but those 30 mins are great.

Based loosely on the story of the Canterville Ghost the game features 7 different endings depending on your choices of both dialogue and interactions, some of which is so fun to read it will make you laugh. Everything you do or say will affect your happiness and hostility in the game.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Ghost Cage on Steam

Dab on Darkness!

Dab on Darkness!

Having now topped in playtime over the previous title, Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice and Dabs, one may question how could the developer possibly improve upon their work which could already be considered humanity’s magnum opus. I wondered that myself prior to partaking, and so I had to begin my journey of a thousand hours. And truly, with this title we have added depth of plot, auditory masterpiece, and achievements for a sense of reward even beyond the already vast landscape that is Dab on Darkness. At every step we are offered more than anything before and honestly even though I expected perfection, what was accomplished here goes even further beyond. Perhaps one needed at least this amount of time to truly experience their previous work, but even now with this amount of playtime for this, what could be classified as beyond even a divine testament, is quite possibly not enough to explore the complex myriad of concepts and ideas being put forth here. This can’t be considered a work of mere humanity. It goes beyond our realm of existence entirely, dwarfing even whatever gods may exist. A gift to us mortals to be sure, however I fear that even expressing my utmost appreciation of this enigma would be a fundamentally egregious act of complete and utter disrespect as using humanity’s slipshod excuse of a form of communication could never hope to express even an infinitesimally small fraction of this glory. I am humbled to think what awaits us in the future from this developer.

Real player with 1305.0 hrs in game

First of all I would like to say that this review is entirely genuine, and isn’t one of those dumb “ironic” reviews that you see on games like this.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

This Visual Novel is great, and the people who made this are really good at this.

I don’t review very many things, so I don’t have the same way with words that some people have, but I just knew I had to review this.

Thank you guys for making this game.

I will be purchasing all games made by this developer as soon as they are released from here on out.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Dab on Darkness! on Steam

Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine

FALL OF PORCUPINE is a unique story adventure. The collision of work and daily life – an exciting reflection of an unhealthy system.

In the supplemental LAST DAYS OF SUMMER we guide young Finley through his first weeks at a provincial hospital. He is on fire for his apprenticeship as an internist. But a lot of pressure makes Finley’s life difficult and our gameplay challenging.

Explore A Beautiful, Diverse World

Not only is there a lot to discover in the old hospital, but also in the small town itself. There you can meet the villagers and have a beer with them in the pub. Or you can take a trip to the nearby forest, where mysterious castle ruins are hidden.

Get to Know Exciting Characters

The blunt head doctor, the selfless nurse or Finley’s smart friend, they all and many other residents populate the small town of Porcupine. Have funny, profound and serious dialogues with them, in which you’ll be able to choose answers and influence your relationship with them.

Demonstrate Your Skills and Empathy

You don’t even have time to look at the clock because your patients are waiting! Find out what’s wrong with them through conversations and treat them in different minigames that challenge you in logic, speed and skill. And most importantly, withstand the stress when the strict head doctor asks about your knowledge again.

Uncover Dark Secrets

At first glance, the small town is a warm, friendly place where everyone knows and greets each other. But if you live there for any length of time, you’ll suspect that shadows lurk and that not everyone is as honest as they pretend to be. Be on guard!

Fall of Porcupine on Steam