Cute Things Dying Violently

Cute Things Dying Violently

To preface this, I won this on

Cute Things Dying Violently is a simple puzzle game that doesn’t offer much to the players in

the form of complexity. The basic mechanic is very similar to Angry Birds, where you “flick” “cute” things into a door… their homes? It relies on it’s violence to try to grab the player with crude humor about bloodshed and destruction.

The core gameplay was way to simple and it became grindy and repetitive rather quickly. It did teach me a very valuable lesson about reading and playing through tutorials. You should always complete them and read them thoroughly. Anyways, I would say it is 2/5. Not worth your time in my opinion.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

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Death By Buzzsaw

Cute Things Dying Violently is a game where the player may choose to rescue cute critters. These are the types of critters that one would expect to find wandering around aimlessly in a flower bed, through grassy planes, or even in a lightly wooded forest area. However, as I said, the player has a choice, and that choice may lead the player into causing a certain and painful death. Either intentionally, or even quite possibly accidentally. The player may choose to throw these critters onto spikes, into fire hazards, within a bolt of lightning, cause death due to falling, or the player’s choice of small to large buzzsaws can be utilized as well. I really think the developer watched one too many “Saw” movies.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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The girls of “Saint Cattleya High School” arrived on Future Island for a school excursion. This is a small Island scarred by a past war. In the middle of a still delightful natural garden setting lies the War Museum, where letters and other objects from the terrible events which occurred on this Island are on display. During a break, Miss Shizuru felt dizzy in the Museum and passed out! As she woke up, she found herself in the same place, but in an alternative world where relics of the past war are now petrifying monsters. How are you going to go back to your time, my dear Shizuru?

*– [Real player with 11.5 hrs in game](*




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--- Well I do much enjoyed with the journey but not the story, monster, and stuff. I mean its in the middle of war and so many trap but why the monster also from a plane or crane or something like a cube huge things which buried and ex-army. I agree with character even there is a little big than normal size but which I don't like is the story that's all. I didn't feels anything from this game. Oh and the HP is 5 and if you want to regen just going to the cross but it will healing when your HP is 1\. Also check point which is hard to find. You need to look a cross shape to save your progress but only if you remember so far that's good. Bad check point it's uncomfortable. *– [Real player with 10.2 hrs in game](* --- ![They Bleed Pixels]( "") ## They Bleed Pixels They Bleed Pixels - Satisfaction that comes at a price If you check on Steam it actually comes at pretty low price. But obviously I was not talking about money. I was talking about time (which equals money) but let talk more about why I came to such a conclusion. So if you have read my previous review you probably guessed that I like this game because it is a 2D platformer. And yes I like platformers and I was collecting them in the past when I had time to play any games. Naturally I came across this game and loved it at first sight. And why not? I watched the trailer and I saw fast paced action, lots of different moves and attacks. I loved this simplistic but beautiful art style. It also said it was inspired H.P Lovecraft which told me absolutely nothing at first but after searching online I know all I needed. Another thing that got me really excited was the number of achievements to unlock. And my friends know that I'm a achievement-junkie. But I should have read what those achievements are about. From the tags I new it wasn’t going to be easy and I was quite ready for that. So I grabbed my controller, fired up the game and focused on my TV screen… *– [Real player with 43.7 hrs in game](* ---

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--- **They Bleed Pixels is a challenging wall jump platformer, with a satisfying unique premise, quality combat and engaging mechanics.** You control a presumably troubled student at the Lafcadio Academy for troubled girls. She stumbles across a magical book that makes you have wild dreams involving a few strangely horrific creatures, several bloody spikes, and an ever present number of saws. The book also has glowing bits and pages that not only are missing, but found inside said dreams. Take heed of any such events that occur in reality, as these are not normal behaviors for books or their pages. *– [Real player with 34.0 hrs in game](* --- ![CROSS†CHANNEL: Steam Edition]( "") ## CROSS†CHANNEL: Steam Edition Cross Channel is a bit of an enigma. When it starts out, you’re intentionally confused. Scenes seem to occur completely arbitrarily, and you’re not sure if you’re in the past or the present. The MC narrator’s dialogue seems completely insane, and that’s not helped any by the spotty translation. It almost makes you want to throw your hands up and move on. But eventually as you continue the story, things start to make more sense. The MC who initially seems like a typical VN perv to the nth degree starts to show a more dangerous side, and then even further depth from there. The scenes that take place in the past are now sepia toned, helping you piece together a timeline of past and present. Characters that seemed unpleasant and paranoid are now more easily understood. The underlying mystery of the time loop slowly reveals itself. *– [Real player with 31.9 hrs in game](* I watched my mom get hit by a freight train when she was 10ft away from me. her broken body was launched laterally at the speed of a fighter jet. the doctors spent two full weeks picking pieces of her bone from my perforated body. I had to go in for a checkup recently and they found a small piece of her cranium still lodged in my lower torso. the reason why I preface my review with this is that this was only the second worst moment of my life. the worst was spending upwards of fifteen hours reading Moenovel's botched english translation of Cross Channel. Cross Channel is good, great even, but this translation is cheeks *– [Real player with 30.4 hrs in game](* --- ![JUSTICE SUCKS: RECHARGED]( "") ## JUSTICE SUCKS: RECHARGED ![]( You play as Dusty, a robot vacuum that gains sentience after fighting off burglars during a break-in. Your family is brutally attacked by the FamilyCorp warranty squad and in the battle you’re thrown into the living room TV. On the brink of robodeath, your consciousness enters “the TV dimension” to gain the abilities you need to rise from the ashes and rescue your family. #### Eat Their Blood ![]( Do your duties as a vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess #### Devastating Powers ![]( Consume the blood of your enemies to unleash devastating powers. #### Hide ![]( As a robot vacuum cleaner, use your low profile to hide under furniture and avoid detection. #### Hack ![]( Hack smart devices, turn them into deadly traps #### Suck ![]( Use the environment as your weapon, suck up objects to shoot at your enemies #### Furry Friends ![]( Meet powerful allies --- ![Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle]( "") ## Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle This is an entertaining puzzle game that has some horror and humor in it. The cartoon graphics are a great fit for the horror/humor mix. Although, the game does have some blood and violence in it, it does lean towards the cartoonish type of blood and violence. There is an option to shut off the blood animations though. The object of the game is to make Jason's way through each board/map by getting the finishing touches on your victims and to avoid doing damage to yourself, which on some boards can be very easy. *– [Real player with 116.5 hrs in game](* This is a must play game for puzzle fans and horror fans alike! The episode levels are both challenging and enjoyable, lots of variety and ways to kill. It's a very funny and fun game, and this is all made with the perfect balance in my opinion. Playing as Jason is just awesome, obviously. Perfect game/ achievement hunters should be aware that you have to buy dlc to be able to get all achievements. To try the game out without unlocking any I would suggest **only** playing the first couple of levels on Play/ Story mode. The Daily Death and Murder Marathon are highly likely to unlock achievements on the first play. *– [Real player with 72.3 hrs in game](* --- ![Mortal Kombat 11]( "") ## Mortal Kombat 11 MK11 step aside, MKX goat. I played for 184 hours just to realize MKX is better, and MKX is way more affordable. If you want to try it, sure but it's not worth it, maybe the graphic is good but the gameplay and mechanics are bad. Thank you for your time. *– [Real player with 184.2 hrs in game](* first ill start with cons: i don't like how they changed kombo breaker, made the game feel slower, gave higher advantage to zoners, there are less combos and they added custom variations which can be fun but complicated for the new players. visually i don't like character design choices, some armors look like they're made out of plastic, character faces are much less attractive, and every female character magically lost all the thickness since the previous games. pros: new gameplay mechanics, flawless blocking and counter attacking which demands more skill from the player, krushing blows, fatal blows, lot more skins, towers of time. MK11 is more complex compared to the previous games in the series which in my opinion is a good thing. aside from some character designs, visually game is beautiful and well optimized. *– [Real player with 105.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Fatal Paws]( "") ## Fatal Paws Is your cat a murderhobo? If you want to be spoiled, go ahead and watch my video. Fatal Paws puts you into the role of a jaded teacher who picks up a stray cat from another planet. Dive into Pokemon style cat-vs-human fights in-between an overly dramatic plot that makes about as much sense as a bad horror movie. As a tribute to Fickle Sickle's cat, it's touching. As a game to buy, I can't recommend it. But if you decide to, there is a cat video waiting for you at the end. *– [Real player with 1.9 hrs in game](* OMG this game is so fun and so cute. If you are a cat lover you will enjoy this game. *– [Real player with 1.0 hrs in game](* --- ![Animals Memory]( "") ## Animals Memory Nicely designed ~~meme~~ memory game with a decent level progression, cute animal pictures and a peaceful soundtrack. Resolution and window mode can be set via the typical Unity launcher. Quick developer response and fix about a broken achievement, now they can be done in minutes. The content is okay for the price. *– [Real player with 2.2 hrs in game](* AT A GLANCE: 3/5 Stars - Classic memory game, and easy achievements. Does get difficult trying to remember where every match is. I only recommend this game for those who like memory games, or looking for easy achievements. GAME GENRE: Single Player, Casual, Puzzle, Memory, Family Friendly GAME DESCRIPTION: Release Date: Dec. 2017 - Over look the animal tiles for a few seconds, then the tiles turn over and the matching begins. Find a match of two like animals and turn over the remaining tiles to progress to the next stage. *– [Real player with 1.0 hrs in game](* --- ![Gorytale]( "") ## Gorytale Gorytale is a really entertaining, silly game filled with a bunch of references and secrets. It has a variety of weapons to kill the adorable little creatures with! The only problem I have with this game is that it's pretty short, especially when you know what to do already, but it's still fun playing through multiple times and the arenas give it a little more replayability. I really hope we'll get a sequel and the game gets a little more attention because I absolutely loved it. It's well worth the $5. *– [Real player with 5.5 hrs in game](* Recomend it to TRY IT OUT!! Overall 9/10\. Worth the price! Pros: *I really like the sound efect of picking up the gifts in game! *and u can throw the middle finger! It has amazing humor and style of graphics! It's decent for an hour or two but after a while i started to get headaches. *– [Real player with 5.0 hrs in game](* ---