Time Loader

Time Loader

A wonderful little game

Not many hours are needed for completion, but the replay value is immense

You control a little robot, sent back in time to save your creator from a debilitating accident

You need to try and remove that which causes the accident to happen

On the way you will need to gather more capabilities

Tighten or remove screws with a screwdriver, or fix electronics with a soldering iron

Also, scattered throughout the game are glyphs, which you will need to collect to unlock the secret ending

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

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Short but very lovingly designed puzzle platformer with a well-told story. The short duration of the game is not particularly bad, as it is worth playing through the game several times to reach the different endings. The puzzles are clever and playful, but will hardly overwhelm anyone. Some jumps need a bit of timing, but there are hardly any frustrating parts. The controls and the extensions that are gradually being added work flawlessly. Only the grappling hook is a little inaccurate.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Time Loader on Steam

Welcome To… Chichester 2 - Part III : NightFall

Welcome To… Chichester 2 - Part III : NightFall

This visual novel is the last in the Welcome To… Chichester 2 trilogy, and the penultimate episode. Playing the previous episode would be beneficial.

The Story

For a short while after the events of No Regrets For The Future, life returned to normality for the protagonist and Grendel Jinx. However, with William making an unwanted return from the Happy Glowstick Funtime Re-education Camp, everything starts becoming more complicated for Grendel as she has to contend with final school exams, her parents divorcing, and an unwanted new stepsister.

The protagonist is naturally dragged into these affairs as he/she has to contend with an assassination attempt by Grendel’s father, being abducted by Grendel’s mother, an increasingly hostile (to The Council Of The Unseen) secretary and a debauched boss, culminating in the protagonist being forced to destroy The Council Of The Unseen, by using their own weapons against them.

Spanning five years from the end of No Regrets to the start of The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation, this episode concludes the main prequel arc - with a bang

Features :

  • 11 bad endings and one true ending

  • Multiple routes

  • 100,000+ word story, with an estimated play time of 6 - 8 hours. Complete the game, and subsequent playthroughs will extend the story by around 2 to 3 hours, with extra detail for certain events.

  • Option to display current route (and choice)

  • Visual impairment modes as well (font change, font size and so on)

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Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part III : NightFall on Steam

Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms isn’t really what I would define a “game” in any sense. There aren’t really any game elements, or any way to make choices or impact the story, like there is in some branching visual novels. I still like it, but just a heads up for those expecting choices, you are in for a linear experience with this one, like a book with music, movement, and pictures. I fully recommend it to those that enjoy a linear, non-interactive, character focused story, with cute and likeable characters.

Because of this most of this review is going to be commenting on the story, characters, and themes, and I am going to put most of it under spoilers.

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

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This game justified a detailed review, so if you’re interested in others like it, check out my Curator page here:

Val’s Visual Novels, Anime & Hentai

I felt this VN deserved a more detailed review, just because of how frustrating it was at times playing it, being drawn in and enjoying many parts of it, yet being put off by others.

While I’m putting it as not recommended, this review is more to indicate what might put people off, rather than discouraging others from trying it, because this VN was put together with effort, and definitely worth a look if it touches on topics that you’re interested in.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Highway Blossoms on Steam

Hodl Simulator

Hodl Simulator





Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

the achievements are broken for stock mode and it says my highest score is “infinity”

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Hodl Simulator on Steam

National Park Girls

National Park Girls

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Studio Coattails delivers cute girls, the beautify of the American outdoors, and a distinct whiff of homosexuality in their new visual novel National Park Girls. First things first, this is NOT A ROMANCE, while there are definitely hints of yuri, that is not the focus of the game, so, if you are seeking high-octane lesbianism, look elsewhere. That being said, variety is the spice of life, so I jumped when I had the opportunity to play the first episode.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

~Minor spoilers~

Also me am big sad that it’s not big gay cuz i wan (female) national park to give (female) hooman de smooch. (I has humanoid BIIIIIG obsession)

Watched episode 1 and already knew this would be an outstanding novel. It has a similar taste to Highway Blossoms but has a different texture. Overall the characters are great and the names of a select few are laughable. Noticed a few typos in there but with that aside, I can see the game causing me to shed a few tears in the end. I’m 14 and my favorite character just so happens to be Yellowstone. She’s quite relatable when it comes to working and getting thrown around the house but her slang speech can sometimes get a little bit annoying. Yosemite’s character model is outstanding from the rest and her defensive personality made me chuckle a few times but under that she’s a sweet character and will open up to those kind to her. Zion is incredibly adorable, innocent, and fearful of any threats. Every way I look at her, I just can’t find any cons. Eve is a complex character who tries protecting the parks but ends up fighting people for supposedly not caring about their jobs. I find her violence to be kind of adorable in a way. The way she went as far as to squaring up against a drunk man who I think was taller in order to protect Yosemite honestly made my heart melt. She hides her sadness with anger (as seen towards the end of episode one) and slowly starts accepting the park trio into her home. A small con is that she get’s angry a little too often but that’s about it. my overall thoughts on this game’s first episode are a 9/10, I love it and can’t wait for the second episode.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

National Park Girls on Steam

Jessie ‘Boom’ James - a jigsaw chess tale

Jessie ‘Boom’ James - a jigsaw chess tale

Another great chess jigsaw puzzle from the “Chess Knights” universe.

This one brings some delightful illustrations from the Wild Wild world!


Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

Cute pictures (I’m still on the first one) I chose max ### pieces 580 in the new ‘chess piece’ cut with no picture shown. Wow, it is actually a challenge! No traditional edge pieces! I love it My main problem with most OTHER jigsaw games I’ve played is that even on their max difficulty they are way too easy some don’t even let you choose not to see the picture in advance. Here the story tickles my funny bone so far. My only complaint is the music got on my nerves after about 3 repeats (it’s a cheesy b-western movie theme) but I muted it and am playing my own play list to relax with. They have some nice touches like a sorting drawer and dark mode. I Love it cause it is quite difficult and for under $2 I know I’ll get my monies worth! If you like easier you can opt to see the picture, use way fewer pieces, have traditional cut pieces and highlight edge pieces.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Jessie 'Boom' James - a jigsaw chess tale on Steam

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone

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Good things:

This game is very relaxing and slow game. Ideal to take your mind off things when you want to be left alone and just rest. All you will think of is to clean each level as best as you can. It really helped me to relax after a hard day of work and during my weekend. It is a slow game but the more you play the more points you have to buy upgrades that makes you move faster, suck trash faster and be able to store more trash inside you. The idea of the game is simple as all you have to do is get all the trash inside you and bring them into the trash can robot but it is strangely relaxing and fun.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Very cool collection / foraging game! 10/10

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Leaf Me Alone on Steam

Sky Battles

Sky Battles

About game Sky battles. It is great game. I have never seen such a graphic. It is improved 3D graphic from past. Objects are big, 3D. It is not a lot of games today like this. Are there any other games to be in the future, new games with the same graphic ?

Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

“On the 6th day of the investigation, officials found a diary that belongs to a former, presumably dead employee. We’ve been able to recieve latest entries of the diary and it’s truly shocking! The employee claims that the destruction was caused by a video game. We always knew video games are evil and now it looks like we’re having an actual evidence on our hands. The following text is taken straight from the diary:

“Day 724. Our system is ready to test Sky Battles. We’ve been reported that it might be the game we’re looking for - a Unity game that doesn’t suck. If they’re wrong, the outcome is unpredictable. We’ve been feeding our machine with bad games for far too long. We’d better take a break, but there’s not much time left, we’re doing it for 2 years already…

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Sky Battles on Steam

7 Years War

7 Years War

good short game but playing as the fr’nch is very sad for me but still epic game

Real player with 132.2 hrs in game

honestly it’s pretty bad

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

7 Years War on Steam

Camp Canyonwood

Camp Canyonwood

Welcome to historic Camp Canyonwood! You’re the new Head Counselor, tasked with breathing new life into these old campgrounds. The Campers are here, and they’re hungry for some summer fun. Their amusement, education and most importantly safety lies in your hands. Good luck, and watch for the things that go bump in the night.

Build Your Dream Camp

Gather materials and funds to improve your camp each summer, and design it as you see fit.

Guide Your Troop

Lead troops of campers each summer in pursuit of Merit Badges. The more they learn, the more you earn.

Beware of Dangers

Camping isn’t always easy. Protect your campers from dangers both natural and supernatural.

Live the Camp Life

Hike, fish, bug catch and more in a scenic Utah-inspired wilderness.

Camper Personalities

No two campers are the same. Each have their own unique personalities and quirks. Learn their needs to better reach them!

Camp Canyonwood on Steam