• Start life in a little rundown farm that you’ll cultivate, improve, and customize

  • Customize your character’s clothing, hair style, and general look

  • Have dance battles with wild ooblets and fellow ooblet trainers

  • Explore a variety of locations across Oob, all with their own biomes, plants, characters, and unique ooblets

  • Grow new friends by planting ooblet seeds that will blossom into baby ooblets

  • Join an Ooblet Club that matches your personality

  • Upgrade your house with new decor, furniture, and, uh, upgrades

  • Level up your ooblets and unlock new dance moves

  • Collect seeds, items, furniture, machinery, badges, and friends along the way

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Ooblets on Steam



I really want to like Staxel. I know I could love it. But, it’s an agonisingly frustrating experience to play. I don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I say most, if not all, of the game’s content is a good idea implemented in the worst possible way.

Every time I want to do something, I run into a frustration that doesn’t need to be there. There isn’t one major issue. Everything is wrapped up in so many minor issues it’s almost worse. I could deal with some singular huge flaw. But that’s not it. It’s just so universally flawed all over.

Real player with 346.4 hrs in game

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Let me start off by saying that Steam really needs to consider a 3rd option when recommending games to people. This game is fun, and I kind of enjoy playing it, but there are some major things (imo) that warrant a “do not recommend” review, or rather a “recommend this game unless…”


Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are cute and colorful and the 3D pixel character designs are fun. Some blocks' graphics glitch through other blocks which can sometimes ruin a certain look the player is trying to achieve with his/her build. There’s quite a large selection of blocks to use in your builds, and I’m sure through modding there are vastly more blocks to pick from. You can also rotate some blocks.

Real player with 160.3 hrs in game

Staxel on Steam

Alchemy Story

Alchemy Story

I was a backer for this game early on, I had high hopes for it back then and if anything my hopes for it now are even higher. Yes it’s early access, so as such it has some minor bugs/glitches and in the beginning you may find yourself wandering aimlessly. But this game is pure relaxation.. and really, isn’t that why most people purchase and play these sorts of games? The art is charming and beyond cute. The characters so far show promise in terms of personality. There’s a lot of things to do, upgrade, brew and purchase considering how early on in development this game still is.

Real player with 40.2 hrs in game

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So far I find this game constantly trying to kill me with its overabundance of cuteness. If I had to describe this game, it would be the Arcane magic version of My Time at Portia (Magic instead of Engineering), with the small town aesthetic of Stardew Valley, with a super cute Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing art style. As the game is in early access, this review may not always be up to date, but I’ll update when needed for new viewers.


The inventory system is pretty easy to get used to and best of all no limits to weight or stack, to my knowledge

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Alchemy Story on Steam

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder-game where players build and create their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards. Anyone can join the world by owning a virtual island and participating in various activities such as farming, fishing, bug catching and beekeeping. Activities, shared quests and competitions bring valuable rewards and upgrade players’ status in the game.

Key Features

  • The game is free to play but will contain in-game purchases

  • My Neighbor Alice includes a variety of in-game features designed to advance and upgrade users’ gaming experience.

  • Players can trade their land and other in-game items, such as houses, fences, animals and plants in the virtual in-game marketplace.

  • Virtual islands are important elements of the game infrastructure. Players can purchase plots of land from Alice after the onboarding or in the marketplace.

  • Avatars are used to represent players in the game. Players can customize and personalize their avatars with the help of cosmetic items and modify it by installing different assets to it.

  • Players can collect and trade various in-game items, such as houses, fences, plants and animals in the in-game marketplace.

  • My neighbor Alice will have a reputation system that rewards players as good landowners with increasing benefits.

  • My Neighbor Alice will enable various possibilities for players to work on a shared goal and join resources to complete fun activities. For example, the game will enable community-created events where players will participate in activities and competitions.

My Neighbor Alice on Steam

WoMen in Science

WoMen in Science

Fun farming game, you have to make things instead of buying which is kind of awesome, but I got to winter and still hadn’t found a bucket to milk the cow, so very little money was coming in so I just started a new game, I’m hoping I can figure out how to milk the cow, it would help get through winter as well as being able to cook, but I really like the game and its kind of being made as we play.

Real player with 104.0 hrs in game

I think that this game deserves a lot of positive feedback, so I really wanted to give it a thumbs up!

It’s much better than I’ve expected considering that it’s still an early access. You can easily enjoy it at this stage of game development and it’s surely worth your time and money. If you love science, technology or just wish that you could play game like Stardew Valley but with added bonus of gaining insights of how things work in real life - give it a go! I also love the dialogs and general game story that makes you feel that you’re being part of enlightened and progressive community.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

WoMen in Science on Steam

Disobedient Sheep

Disobedient Sheep

This game is completely mad and great fun in local multiplayer, especially with my young kids - it’s simple enough for them to enjoy and doesn’t really matter if you play it well or not. It becomes complete mayhem with several dangerous items appearing or about to appear as you try to guide or bark the sheep away from danger! The different play modes are fun, the visuals are bright and appealing, the music suitably frenetic and some cheesy voice acting is a nice addition.

Since the last update controller support has greatly improved, and having 3 or 4 players madly scrambling around trying to keep the sheep safe is a blast. I thoroughly recommend Disobedient Sheep to anyone who has a few people in the house who want to play a game together, especially if some of them are young children.

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

Disobedient Sheep is a couch-multiplayer party game with a heavy survival emphasis.

That it, the survival of some super-cute balls of wool that cannot, without your help, avoid the many genuine and lifelike hazards that come with being a sheep in today’s modern times. Ominously slow rolling boulders, falling anvils and anchors, bombs and of course the shepherd staple dynamite all await your precarious flock.

You play as a sheepdog, of which there are several cuddly variants, darting around the map for a time period dying to bark and generally hustle your sheep out of the way of these deadly obstacles. Your sheep act realistically, and group together in small flocks, but occasionally freak out at their impending existential nightmare and scurry off, making this challenge much harder than it sounds. As time goes on more and more dangers are thrown your way, making the final few seconds quite chaotic.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Disobedient Sheep on Steam

Simple Farm

Simple Farm

Very fun!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

You get what you pay for BUT its not a bad start to a game. All the mechanics work as intended which is rare for a game so early in development. If the developer continues to update I believe more people will find this game.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Simple Farm on Steam

Bunny Park

Bunny Park

It’s a simple clicker/idle game, but a very soothing and cute one. Really good for zoning out after a bad day. The point is less to optimise resources (since you hit a point of having enough currency for whatever you want relatively early) and more to decorate your park and collect the bunnies over time. So while there isn’t a ton to do other than decorate and marvel, that’s its selling point, in my opinion.

The dev updates every few months with cute seasonal decorations as well, which is to be commended. You can put Santa hats on your bunnies in the Northern Hemisphere winter, for example. :)

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game


Game Information

| 📦 Active Development? | ✅ Yes, recent activity |

| ⏱️ How Long to Beat | Main Story: 4 Hours

Main + Extra: –

Completionist: 4½ Hours |

| 🤓 SteamDB Score |

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Bunny Park on Steam

Garden Paws

Garden Paws

I bought this game on Black Friday, when it was a few dollars off the normal price - not much of a discount, but enough that I was willing to pull the trigger on it, as I’d had my eye on it for a while. It looked like a fun little time-waster, for when I don’t have the brainpower to do anything else.

The graphics are good, and the character models are cute. Controls are easy to get used to, and you can customize keybinds if you don’t like the way they’re set up as default. Quests are generally fairly easy, though some become available before you actually have the means to complete them. I was unable to complete a seasonal quest because of this, but it probably comes back around in the next year, so that’s little more than a minor frustration.

Real player with 207.1 hrs in game

I bought the game when I was locked up at home for corona Quarantine and found myself with qay too many time on my hands. For 13€ I didn’t expect much. Maybe entertaiment for one, if I’m lucky two days. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I am writing this review (the first review I have ever written for a game on steam) I am over 100 hours into the game and I have just finished the main Questlines.


: After stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Graveyard Keeper set the standard for this genre to be pixelated graphics its a very refreshing change to see one that is fully 3D and rendered in beautiful Unity(I asume) graphics. The desing of the characters is overly cute but I guess we have animal crossing to thank for that. Weather, Lighting flora and fauna create a very pleasing picture that does invite you to take screenshots of nice sunsets or moonlight nights.

Real player with 195.0 hrs in game

Garden Paws on Steam

Instant Farmer - Logic Puzzle

Instant Farmer - Logic Puzzle

Stars received: 2.2/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

[0.4] Controls & Training & Help

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: water for plants

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

i normally wouldn’t write a review if i have no strong feelings on a game, but i’ll make an exception this time. this game is visually appealing and not too difficult overall but there are a few levels that feel almost impossible (and i’ll admit i had to look at a guide for one of them). it was a little clunky and didn’t run super well on my pc despite it definitely meeting the minimum running requirements. the lack of a “reset puzzle” button was also downsides for me.

i went into this game hoping to love it but i just don’t think my brain was built for it, which sucks, but that’s definitely a “me” thing. just because i personally didn’t have a super relaxing and fun time with it doesn’t mean that i don’t get why others do! it really is cute and watching your farm grow in the background as you progress is nice. i feel neutral about it but honestly if you like puzzles and have some free time to kill this will probably be worth it to you.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Instant Farmer - Logic Puzzle on Steam