Cake Bash

Cake Bash

I love this game - it’s cute and fun! You choose between different cakes and their “flavors” and either play by yourself locally, local couch with other people, or online against others in a series of party games to become the “tastiest.” The cakes are so cute and make adorable noises, and it’s hilarious to watch them run and throw punches.

To make things easier, if you want to know how to unlock a certain “flavor,” you can look it up in the “Collection” section of the main menu screen, and it will tell you what requirements you need to make in order to unlock them. No more looking up walkthrough’s on YouTube!

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

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This is absolutely my favorite local multiplayer PC title. It has good controller support for multiple types of controllers at the same time, great games for several styles of competition, cute characters, and smooth easy-to-learn but challenging enough to master gameplay that will make it so your whole family can play, and probably each player will have a few “challenges” they are best in. It’s both cute and funny and a bit brutal, but even as a vegan I can’t feel too bad for desserts knocking each other around. This is a wonderful release that we have been looking forward to for 2+ PAX events and it has totally delivered.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

Cake Bash on Steam

Chubby Bear Smash

Chubby Bear Smash

Game is so nice.

  • using camera to detect motion good idea and very accurate

  • using lot of motion to control your attack and dodge

  • Endless and update perk are so good

  • colorful bear custume and dance very cute

  • sound effect make fun

  • very nice game for workout at home (WFH)or free time

always supports

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

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Love that I can really slap the enemy, It makes a fighting game much more fun.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Chubby Bear Smash on Steam

Sumotori Dreams Classic

Sumotori Dreams Classic

Sumotori Dreams is perhaps a perfect example of a cult classic video game.

It has a small but very passionate player base. It’s a game about four Sumo wrestlers - the Blue Guy, Grey Guy, Brown Guy, and Green Guy. All you have to do is push the other Sumo guys over before they get you. That’s it. Usually, doing nothing is the key to victory. All with a comedic intoxicating effect. Just walking around is a challenge.

Originally released in 2007, Sumotori Dreams has endured, now with this shiny new release. In this Classic edition, it runs smoother than ever before, with everything functioning as it should - plus a very welcome addition of an in-game mod loader.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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surprised this game made it on here finally, now we can enjoy the bricky sausage like limb physics.

it also comes with map modding support for people who didn’t know and looks like this version has had some work done on it to enhance it for newer specs

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

Sumotori Dreams Classic on Steam

Magical Battle Festa

Magical Battle Festa

Pros:-Graphic is pretty good

-The gameplay is awesome

-There is many variation of build…you wanna go tank / speed / attack etc..

-There is many of characters and you can mix the skill disk and formation to suit your type of build

-Magical Battle Festa Mode will test your build and combo to the limits

-Its extremely fun if you have friends to play with you(i highly recommended it)

-The Story is normal(the good thing about the story is the voice actor…so cute… :v)

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game

Personally, I like the game. Though I do find it a bit too easy. Only a couple of battles so far have taken any real skill. But the story, while kind of cliched, so far is at least kind of fun. I feel like it would be a great multiplayer game as it stands. Since a human player would boost the difficulty considerably.

Besides the easy difficulty, the other issue is that you can get trapped in combos pretty easily. And there’s no way to break out of a combo once you get caught in it. The game does at least have a decent recover. But it would be nice if you could counter, dodge, block, or cancel an opponents move while in a combo. The last three would already be possible if the recovery time was shorter.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Magical Battle Festa on Steam

Serpent Showdown

Serpent Showdown

Serpent Showdown is a competitive arena fighter for all ages! Play as two classroom pet snakes, battling it out to see who’ll reign victorious.

Two snakes enter, one snake leaves! You and a friend go head-to-head in a battle of the ages! It is time to don your… cardboard armor, and grab your trusty crayon?! Strike, slither and slash your way to victory, in this entertaining competitive arena fighter! Coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Serpent Showdown on Steam

Candy Smash VR

Candy Smash VR

A blatant copy of Fruit Ninja, and with almost no replayability. Timer starts, and you must destroy flying candies that are fired from cannons in front of you. Some of these fly outside your playarea, so if you try to hit them, you are going to hit something in your room. I know I did.

There is only one gamemode, and nothing else.

Game works and runs fine, but I wouldn’t buy it.

Fruit Ninja VR is the same price, and it is way better.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Discount Fruit Ninja. Store page doesn’t specify required room size so beware. Even with my 3.1x2.8m room scale, I still go out boundaries and accidentally hit a wall.

There’s no boundary or indicator on where’s the limit on the candies you need to hit. Dev needs to restrict the space where the candies fly off.

This game also suffers with poor hit detection when moving your controller fast enough (happens on some sports game where you hit a ball)

I got this in a bundle so whatever, will only buy this full price if it was priced around $3. If you want a better game, get fruit ninja, if you want a hardcore version, get zenblade

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Candy Smash VR on Steam

Flannel Amethyst

Flannel Amethyst

bought the game on discounts the game is pretty average gameplay for 3 control for 4 elaboration of textures for 4- the idea is interesting, but the author still needs to try - a fact I played it for about 30 hours, the game is of average quality I would rather not recommend it, somehow good luck to the author!

Real player with 47.1 hrs in game

A good 3D platformer with low-poly graphics, a cute girl and good character control, love that.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Flannel Amethyst on Steam

The Van of Justice

The Van of Justice

The van of justice is an action, casual simulation game with a lot of physical objects. Experience systematic ragdoll systems, thrown and broken objects, which are not obvious to be found in other games.

“You get revenge, I build results.”

Police J comes to Kim, a student who was bullied at Turner High School in San Francisco, USA in 2005. J offers to give pocket money according to the value of the student’s arrest if he punishes and arrests the students who bullied Kim. Kim, who was bullied by all students, accepted the offer, and now Tooner High School has only to be avenged.

The way to realize justice

All students at Tooner High School are bullying Kim. Punish by throwing weapons or physical objects. Revenge if you make eye contact while walking around the hallway. Punish even if the breathing sound is loud. Even if you’re ugly, punish them. Punish both the teachers and the principal. If you take them to J’s police van, J will pay an additional corresponding price. You don’t have to feel guilty. Everyone is bullying Kim, and you are just realizing justice. If you lost interest in repeated punishment, it’s not a bad idea to carry out additional quests provided by J. If enough money has been collected, the ultimate goal is to purchase nuclear weapons parts through Kim’s home PC, expel all personnel in the school, and blast and demolish buildings.

Slave of capital, student leaders

The counselors (LMCD), as known as student leaders, will punish you when you do something wrong. Openworld games always has this kind of group. However, protection on students is not their jurisdiction. they only work for teachers and themselves.

Is this a school or a subway entrance to hell?

There are many unique friends in this school. Kim is also a very unique case right now. Coco Brothers, who throw up bombs when they’re nervous, Jay and Jenny, a nuisance couple who always stick together at schools where dating is prohibited. Right, There are also a psychopath dancer rabbit Bunny and a 500kg giant Terence who destroys everything and everyone on his way.

The Van of Justice on Steam




BIRFIA is a couch fighting game where you battle with friends as one of the wobbly birdies inside an unfinished comic book. On top of an old apartment in Brooklyn, NY, you are going to punch (/throw/bomb/…) your opponents off the arena in various creative and risky ways to ensure your team (or yourself) is among the top BIRFIAs!

P.S. If you ever wonder why you hear little footsteps running across your ceiling despite living on the top floor, now you know whom to blame ;D

What To Expect

  • Supports Local 1v1 and 2v2

  • Up to 4 different procedural animated player characters

  • 5 randomly spawned distinctive weapons

  • 1 highly replayable interactive level

  • Tons of crazy and chaotic moments with your friends

BIRFIA on Steam



Game is very good. Reasonable level of difficulty that requires you to actually try new gear and upgrade

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

this is basically like that tv show robot wars and that game robo-pit

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game