World End ECONOMiCA Ep.1

Genre: VN - Visal Novel/Reading Storytelling



Having played several other VNs where the player can choose the fate and ending of the story, this one is compleatly linear. No gameplay at all. If you were looking for action or plot twists, look away, you will be reading a lot.

Rating - 8/10

Other - 5/10


Grahpics are okish, capped normally at 1024 x 600 and fullscreened with little damage to the image of the storyplay. Anime style is a diffrence from S&W, more bold and less simple.

Real player with 29.8 hrs in game

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Summery: A short Kinetic Novel (~10 hours) with mediocre content, but poor execution.

Story: 5 / 10

The story is about a runaway kid which does stock-trading on the moon. The futuristic moon colony setting isn’t really that necessary and I found myself doubting the correctness of the technical explanations on several occasions. There is still two episodes remaining, but as of right now it would probably have been better without the sci-fi setting.

One thing I loved about Spice and Wolf is that it presented trading and economic subjects in way which made them interesting. This was not the case with World End Economica 01, I found most of the stock-trading to be pretty boring.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 on Steam

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition

Short review:

Having played Root Double, I’d easily recommend this to any visual novel fan, especially those looking for a story filled with mystery, suspense and a strong cast of characters. Not only is the story filled with many heart-pounding and emotional moments from start to finish, but the world, story and characters are all extremely fleshed out and detailed while remaining coherent, and are all tied together by the end to make for one of the most satisfying and ‘complete’ stories I’ve experienced. It’s easily one of my favorite visual novels, and my current favorite game on Steam.

Real player with 107.7 hrs in game

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Root Double: Before Crime * After Days -Xtend Edition (ROOT√DOUBLE) is a mystery/sci-fi visual novel video game developed by Regista and Yeti collaboration. It was first released on 2012. An updated version called Xtend Edition was later released in 2013 and finally 2016 for PC.

ROOT√DOUBLE is a beautiful game. 60-70 hours long of story. Nice visualization and bgm. Fully japanese voiced dialogues with mostly famous voice actors. All-round interesting/likeable casts. Several mysteries and plot twists will thirst a player with curiosity as they want to find out more and more. The great thing about this game is that every single phenomenon that represented here are explained by sciences which are all existed in real life topics. And most of time, plot twists and explanations are worth the wait. It’s well-educated writing that even rare to find in most sci-fi of a same genre or what not.

Real player with 90.7 hrs in game

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition on Steam