Son of Nor

Son of Nor

First it’s important to note, that this title is the result of a Kickstarter project with a rather small budget. The developers put a lot of effort to make the most out of it, so it can be easy to forget that it’s just a very small indie game and should be considered as such.

“Son of Nor” is a combination of adventure, action and puzzle game built around an unique combat mechanic: Instead of using normal (or abnormal) weapons, you command the world and the elements around you using your extraordinary telekinetic and elemental-magical powers.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

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Ripping boulders out of walls and smashing your foes with them is soo much fun.

I have played the early access for a few hours now. The game has an original fantasy story and Zelda-like puzzle dungeons which I enjoy. But the game’s core experience is its physics based combat. You raise and lower the ground, you throw stuff at enemies, you throw enemies at enemies… you get the point. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding. Combat can get out of hand in larger battles. But it hasn’t frustrated me yet. Simply reload and retry - I usually manage well the second time around.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

Son of Nor on Steam



1 VR player and 1-4 PC players clash in the ultimate battle of David versus Goliath.

Compatible with all major PC VR platforms, including Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

  • VR players embody the mighty Giant and use full-body gestures to crush their opponents and avoid incoming fire.

  • PC players command the nimble Warrior to build up an explosive arsenal and barrage the Giant.

  • Gather friends and family to compete in local battles designed for VR pass-and-play multiplayer.

  • Play online using Steam Remote Play or Parsec. VR players host the game and invite Flat Screen players to join.

  • Build your own maps in Unity using the “Davigedit” map creator.

  • Share your creations on the Public Discord and download custom maps created by the community.

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DAVIGO on Steam