The Mims Beginning

The Mims Beginning

The Mims Beginning Review

The Mims Beginning is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stagnate gaming pool. At first glance, the game may look light and simple but very quickly you begin to see that this is a deep, well-designed strategy/god-mode game. The graphics are very detailed, the artwork is beautiful, the mechanics are flawless. If you think that because its a god-mode strategy game that it will be boring, then guess again. There is plenty of action/activities to keep you busy without having to micro-manage your units and economy. Research will increase the options and powers available during gameplay while continuing to upgrade and expand your alien colony. For any strategy gaming fan, I strongly recommend picking this game up. Most games are only moderately worth their sale prices, especially indie games. But this game is well worth the full price.

Real player with 196.1 hrs in game

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The Mims Beginning

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for no cost for the purpose of reviewing. However, this does not affect my views and opinions of the game.

The Mims Beginning reminds me a lot of the game “Spore”, mostly because of the art-style, but also because they’re both game about managing a tribe of alien lifeforms to complete certain goals. I won’t reveal too much about the story but basically you are a god of some-sort going from island to island, creating living conditions, protection and technology for the lost Mims. You, as the god, have various powers and abilities to aid the Mims as well. Like most real time strategy god games, The Mims Beginning has other elements implemented into game like structure/city building, unit and resource management, as well as upgrading buildings and units. There are two game modes, the campaign and survival.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Shantae: Half Genie Hero is the latest installment of the Shantae series, after being successfully Kickstarted back in 2013 and easily surpassing its $400,000 goal. I believe they used this money well to improve the game both visually and audibly. I have not ever played Pirates Curse, and so this will not be a comparison between the two.


Fantastic Visuals

Half Genie Hero got a serious visual update compared to other Shantae games, and it really pays off. With smooth 60 FPS animation, the game is stunning to behold and has detailed backgrounds often with many things going on in them as well (If you wait long enough in Mermaid Falls Factory, Bolo passes by on a hook with a fish attached to his head). This visual improvement ensures that people who are deterred from older pixelated graphics won’t miss out on the classic Shantae character and platforming appeal.

Real player with 35.9 hrs in game

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A great addition to the Shantae line of games that have become big favorites of mine. To start off, 2D animation amongst 3D shaded backgrounds looks sharp! I was a little surprised at first, because I had played Shantae so much in it’s pixel art form, but this new style WayForward has adopted for the series is fantastic and I got used to it fairly quickly. That also including the control scheme which is very snappy and responsive! Shantae has become a living realtime cartoon and it is a major factor that I’m so glad the series now has.

Real player with 32.3 hrs in game

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Steam