TL;DR 4/10…This is a simple elegant game which should get a thumbs UP even though most people will get a quick zen moment for 10 or 20 minutes, then abandon. In theory, most any gamer could be happy to drop their 0.50-$1 for this on sale.

However, they took a simple one dimensional mechanic–and blew it.

There are only 13 modes. Meteors zip through the screen with various unique movements, but most of them are heat-seeking (to you), though with very wide turning radii. When encountering each other (or you), they explode. The 1st core rule is that you are not allowed to move your cursor (death-target) very fast. If you attempt to move fast, the game penalizes you by forcing you to move even slower than before. This is a fine rule in that it encourages deliberate, controlled movement, rather than quick, zippy motions.

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

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Certainly not a bad game as such, but the original idea has not been executed as it could have been. As a “dot in space” (or elsewhere), you have to dodge incoming lines. Seems familiar enough, but it comes with a twist: you can only move fairly slow, and when moving in a fluid motion, you can “direct” the incoming lines (I can’t help of thinking about them as missiles) to a certain degree so that they slap into each other. The slow pace and the rather peculiar, somehow relaxing music, contribute to the overall feeling of ease the game offers.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Borealis on Steam



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Do you like rabbits? Fairies? Characters with animal ears? Cutesy art style? Lighthearted and a little bit silly story on the outside with darker themes on the inside? A variety of different personalities?

If that didn’t spark your interest then perhaps you are more interested in things like a great soundtrack, platforming and map exploration or bullet hell style boss battles? Those things I just listed are only a few reasons why I like this game.


Real player with 498.3 hrs in game

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An essential addition for anyone who enjoys 2D action games and gets a thrill from persevering against insanely difficult bosses for hours on end, Rabi-Ribi is at its best when it’s testing you to dodge a swarm of bullets (with gravity, no less) in its over 30 boss fights, but is also an enjoyable platforming and exploration game that offers tons of replayablity due to its extremely non-linear design.

First thing’s first: This game is fanservice-y, but that’s not the focus of the game. It’s aware enough of this to lampshade Ribbon’s skimpy outfit at times. Don’t be turned off by the Steam store page description about a bunny-girl costume, because I would not have sunk 200 hours into this game if I just wanted to look at ecchi. You’ll see some humorous dialogue teasing at yuri themes as well, but overall, the story of the game is an actual story about Erina, Rabi-Rabi Island, and some of its inhabitants, though it doesn’t truly begin to unfold until halfway through the game. The initial premise is that Erina, formerly a pet rabbit of Rumi but turned human by unknown means, is tasked with trying to track down Rumi’s sister Miru, who has been magicked away by a stone tablet, and Erina needs the help of other magic-users on the island to power this tablet and follow Miru. But there’s a much more interesting story that you’ll uncover about the island’s origins and a figure from its past as you progress–though it remains bunny-themed to the end.

Real player with 430.0 hrs in game

Rabi-Ribi on Steam

Night of the Blood Moon

Night of the Blood Moon

I got the game on the Halloween sale for 79 cents, and since it was sitting in my wishlist for a while i thought i’d finally buy it. Absolutely not disappointed. The design and graphics are simple but really good, the gameplay is smooth, controls are easy to get used to, the game provides a fair difficulty and my god, the music. I personally put a lot of value in a good soundtrack and notBM did anything but let me down on that one. Real banger. Bit disappointed the soundtrack from the trailer isnt in, or i missed it, though i’ve finished the game before, but either way the game is definitely worth it and fully recommend buying it.

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

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Video (gameplay + commentary):


Tight twinstick frenetic action roguelite that reminds me of games like Enter the Gungeon and Binding of Isaac. Easily recommended!

This game has solid and precise mouse/keyboard controls, a catchy soundtrack, uniformly beautiful pixel art and animation, and most of all, a fun game loop.

You’re basically a psychotic road runner that invades dreams and beats up cute and adorable stuff, which you accomplish with your fists or with one of a few different ranged weapons including a boomerang, crossbow, hookshot, magical orb, and more.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Night of the Blood Moon on Steam