it’s 2 years later and essentially nothing has changed… key personel in the company that were working on the game left because their contracts were not renewed, and insider whispers are that nobody is working on it anymore… the company denies that, yet nothing has been added or changed. Instead, they started making yet another microtransaction laden game for IOS, which, not only tries to push you to spend real money, but also has an obnoxious character that gets in your way frequently to try to get you to watch advertisements. 22cans… you are dead to me!

Real player with 482.4 hrs in game

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GODUS Beta 2.1 Review Update August 2014

8 months after my first Review of this game, I have given Godus another 20 hours of game play in the latest 2.1 Patch.

The worst parts of the old Godus Alpha have been fully realised, Godus 2.1 is now an iOS game and the freemium model mechanics are fully in place.

After 20 hours in the 2.1 build I can say that there is no game here, just a count down mechanic, followed by a countdown mechanic, everything else you do in Godus leads you to a bigger countdown.

Real player with 144.3 hrs in game

Godus on Steam