9th Dawn III

9th Dawn III

9th Dawn III is a great hack-and-slash dungeon crawler/RPG with a lot of content. The game has a semi-open world concept with limited access to areas related to the main story. There is a predefined path to progress in the game, but the number of optional dungeons gives a lot of freedom. I enjoyed the storyline, even if it is a clichéd “save the world from evil” scenario.

You can definitely tell that the developers put a lot of attention to detail in this game. There is a huge amount of items, skills, monsters and general things you can do in the game. You can go fishing and make a meal out of your catch, or you can go mining and forge a new weapon etc.

Real player with 183.8 hrs in game

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9th Dawn III is a 2D pixel take on a huge open world filled with smithing, jewelcrafting, alchemy, cooking, taming monsters, a card game along with the usual dungeon crawling and loot that are familiar for everyone. The animation and art for this game are it’s weakest points, which as an artist I hate saying. On the plus side, everything else is so damned good that you will get past the look of it pretty damned quickly. It is singularly my only “complaint” about this game, and even there the dark dreary textures that seem to blend into each other are vastly outweighed by amazingly implemented gameplay mechanics, a fun little story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and a plethora of crafting minigames and card minigames that will keep you entertained for hours.

Real player with 93.7 hrs in game

9th Dawn III on Steam

Full Mojo Rampage

Full Mojo Rampage

Review edited for release… still nothing but good things to say about it!

There is tons more I could say about this game and how much I enjoy it than what is in this review, so free to message me on Steam if you have any questions. I highly recommend this game if you’re looking for something new in your action roguelite/dungeon-crawling experiences… it was the most polished Early Access Alpha I had ever played, and is even better now that it is released.


Very nice and consistently styled, even in the character screen. The choice in what a friend of mine put as “playful yet macabre” is spot-on, and a very nice change of pace from others (not that those are bad, but FMR is a unique breath of fresh air).

Real player with 139.2 hrs in game

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If you didn’t think there was enough “Gauntlet” in “Gauntlet”, you should probably invest in this. I will mention Gauntlet rather a lot in this “review”, btw.

The first point, and it’s a reasonably large one, that this game scores over Gauntlet is that it has genuinely random (thus replayable ad inifinitum*) levels and a fairly expansive character customization section make this a far more worthwhile purchase. Gauntlet promised randomised, limitless levels and failed to deliver, preferring instead to rotate a level through 180degrees or make you do them “the opposite way round” (from start to finish in a ‘death’ level, for example). It’s obvious, woeful and does nothing to hide the fact that you’re always playing from a small group of levels that can easily be remembered, no matter what way round they are.

Real player with 32.9 hrs in game

Full Mojo Rampage on Steam




(longer version below)

Fun and relatively unique, however it falls short in some aspects where they try to pad out more content by just making it tediously long and hard because of enemy spam. It is very short, still has a few bugs but if you can get it really cheap, and if you’re a fan of platformers, it’s worth the 2 or so hours of gameplay.

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Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

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If you’re a sucker for cheerful, fun games and cute animals in games, this one is for you. :-) I thought the main character is just adorable, and there’s even a full on story in addition to the fun platforming mechanics. Take a break from your busy day and consider Musasabi, or get it for someone you love.


Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Musasabi on Steam



Trifox is a colourful and cartoonish action-adventure featuring a phenomenal fox with a multitude of talents! Choose from a trio of classes – Warrior, Mage, Engineer – or mix-and-match abilities to create a tailor-made hero! Inspired by the golden age of 3D platformers.

After his home is attacked and his TV remote stolen, Trifox sets out in pursuit of the mysterious looters in an action-packed adventure.

Use magic, might, and marvelous gadgets to outfox foes across four danger-filled worlds as you fight your way to a final showdown at Villain HQ!

Key Features

  • Three different classes: Wield a giant hammer as a Warrior! Master magic and mystery as a Mage! Use a backpack full of gadgets as an Engineer!

  • Mix-and-match styles: Customise your Trifox by combining different class-based abilities! Want to cast spells and fire a Gatling Gun? No problem!

  • 30 abilities to unlock: Collect and spend coins to gain new skills, such as Spike Slam, Shield Bubble, Guided Missile, and many more!

  • Four worlds to beat: Fight hordes of enemies, traverse platforming pitfalls, overcome environmental puzzles, and battle big angry bosses!

  • A modern retro adventure: A new and fresh experience designed to evoke the spirit of classic 3D platformers!

Trifox on Steam

Flewfie’s Adventure

Flewfie’s Adventure

You play as a Cat in a UFO! AND you get to dress it up in super adorable costumes! What more can you possibly want?

Playing this game has been a sincere pleasure!

About the game:

Flewfie’s Adventure is an uber cute action-adventure game with 3 difficulties (Easy, Normal, and Hard) where you fly through 5 really creative Worlds blasting monsters with the main goal of stopping the evil cat Uzzu who stole a prototype UFO from Scientist Snail and is unleashing chaos throughout the cosmos. Each World features 5 levels with different environments and new monsters and their own mini-bosses AND also 3-4 Big Boss levels. In each Level there are 5 coins to collect and a hidden puzzle room to save a Bundrop. ‘100%‘ing’ a level (getting all coins and saving the Bundrop) will unlock a chest in the World Map containing a new costume piece for Flewfie or a new skin for your UFO which can increase Attack Power or Defense. There are also side quests you can complete which reward you with even more skins!

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Flewfie’s Adventure is an enjoyable and charming game. It is very clear that a lot of attention was paid to the visual aesthetic of the game. There are a vast variety of enemies populating the different worlds, all with adorable and unique designs. The worlds themselves have levels that visually vary from level to level so nothing gets stale. As for game-play this is definitely on the casual side for the genre. I died once or twice towards the end on normal mode. While there was a jump in difficulty by worlds 4 and 5, there was always an abundance of health that ensured I wouldn’t die as long as I retreated from the rougher encounters. And honestly that’s fine, it just might be worth starting off on hard mode. With that being said, the shooty-shooty stuff was still fun and reactive. Something I didn’t expect was how many boss fights there were, with about three or four per world, and a lot of them had cool designs and attack patterns.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

Flewfie's Adventure on Steam

Zombie Soup

Zombie Soup


Zombie Soup is a top-down action shooter with a quirky twist on the classic zombie genre that follows a young college freshman named Ricky who inadvertently finds himself thrown into an unexpected adventure as he shoots his way to save a kidnapped girl in a town overrun by zombies and monsters!


Find and collect vintage items scattered across the town for some nostalgic blast to the past!


Choose to get out of your way to help any townspeople you find or stay focused on your objectives! But be warned, you only get one chance!


Listen to goofy and sarcastic conversations between characters, with fully dubbed voice-overs!


Put your shooting and dodging skills to the ultimate test against swarms of surprisingly quick zombies and monsters, all hungry for your brain!


Encounter ridiculously tough bosses with bizarre abilities that will certainly challenge all your skills!


Upgrade and customize your loadouts and equip powerful perks to help mow down larger hordes of zombies!


Unlock and discover an arsenal of different weapons from trusty shotguns to outrageous peculiar weapons with special effects that deal insane amounts of damage!

Zombie Soup on Steam

Operation: BoomSlang!

Operation: BoomSlang!

What a strange little indie game that has a tonne of potential… if it can be given care until final release, that is.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Man I have to say… Getting some Babo Violent 2 vibes hear haha😎*_*

Operation: Boom Slang! has quite a fast pace to it, witch i really enjoy! It has a lot of action and strategy, you are constantly on the move with tones of kick ass explosions surrounding you where you go, as well as shweet game play, I do love the fact of timing your shots just right in games, and the fact that they included the ability to dash really makes you feel like you can seriously kick some butt. There is definitely a great balance between weapons and ability, having that said, I feel like the Rifle could use a bit of an upgrade (like maybe shoot a bit faster).

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Operation: BoomSlang! on Steam