Old Coin Pusher Friends

Old Coin Pusher Friends

best coin game ever played.. once start never stop…

Real player with 38.4 hrs in game

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a nice relaxing game if you are not into immersion game

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

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SILO27: Crashlanded

SILO27: Crashlanded

Silo27: crashlanded is a third person adventure game focused on exploration with puzzle and combat elements.

An interstellar cargo ship, while entering the galaxy, crashlands on a planet that should not have been there.

Explore and fight your way through ancient ruins to find the portal that will bring you back on Earth.


  • Explore ancient ruins on another planet

  • Collect artefacts

  • Solve puzzles

  • Fight different types of enemies

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SILO27: Crashlanded on Steam



I have completed the whole game before writing this review, I feel it only makes sense to write a review after completing whole game. Only buy this game if you’re a die hard Jet Force Gemini fan like myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how similar to JFG it is. And considering that its so similar; im not too sure why they didn’t just make it a JFG game instead. If you havnt already played Jet Force Gemini, then just do yourself a favour and play that game instead. This game is… mediocre, as expected. Why do all games these days suck compared to old games? I should probly judge this game based on its own basis rather than comparing it to JFG, but this game even based on its own basis is still a bad game.

Real player with 25.7 hrs in game

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Approximate amount of time to 100%: Between 10 and 17 hours, it took me 17 hours to find all the collectables but a lot of people seem to be a lot faster.

Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

Has it been in a bundle: No

Is there a good guide available: There is a guide available on the steam forums with an explanation for each achievement, there is not a guide yet for all collectables

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Tamarin on Steam



A lot of people have given negative reviews because the game changed quite dramatically, which actually was a good thing because it became more original. Also, the devs very quickly addressed the main issue of it needing combat for items.

But yeah, we were all confused and lost when version 0.4 launched, as it was a completely different experience, and none of us had a clue what to do.

Right now there is no story, no tutorial, no guide and completely bonkers monsters. But it’s a survival game, not an RPG.

Real player with 77.0 hrs in game

After doing a live stream on this game for 5+ hours I fell in love with it, I really hated it at first because players kept joining our co op session and killing us, after a while they stopped joining and we were able to craft explore and survive together, The game information says it’s online Co-Op but it’s not. it’s more like Co-Op PVP because you can’t set up a private session for just your friends. The crafting is easy once you get used to the menu however there are a few things I would like to see changed like when you hit E to loot a box and have to press I to close your menu, Why not E to open and E to close? The game in my opinion is well worth $10 Dollars maybe even $14.99 I had a few building issues when you build at the beginning you have to follow the quests and if you over build without the quest it doesn’t count and you have to do it over. that’s one thing that could be updated, I love the fact if you do die you can run back to your stuff, sometimes you lose things but it’s a good thing you get to get something back instead of starting over. some items are hard to find if you don’t bother looking things up which I didn’t because I was streaming the game and didn’t want to bother with it, I absolutely love the game mechanics and the layout of the game, hopefully they keep updating things and adding new stuff. I would like to see a way to sleep to make it morning faster so we don’t have to work in the dark as much. overall this game rocks in my opinion good job Developers this game is a winner in my opinion.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

ScrewUp on Steam

Shores of Plunder

Shores of Plunder


Shores of Plunder is a fast-paced party game where you and up to 3 of your mateys can battle, race and plunder as much booty as you can before the clock runs out. After each round you will return to your pirate ship where you can hang out and enjoy pirate-themed shenanigans.


The matches are fast, fun and full of classic pirate shenanigans. While some players may want to collect as much treasure as they can, as fast as they can, others may want to pirate their way through it by knocking coins out of their opponents in cutlass swinging sword fights, flintlock blasting gun battles, sneaky explosive blasts from powder kegs, and other devious tactics. Many of the combat mechanics are still under development and will be added throughout Early Access with player feedback taken in to mind.


Shores of Plunder is all about having good old fashioned pirate themed fun whether you want to play solo or with your friends, family and colleagues. The online gameplay will be focused around an invite-only style of matchmaking so that players can enjoy a social online experience within a safe environment. Throughout Early Access new and improved lobby and matchmaking features will be added and adjusted with player feedback taken in to account.


As the game develops through Early Access there will eventually be are many pirates to choose from, including famous pirates from history. Each of these pirates will come with the ability to select a unique special skill that has a limited number of uses.

Designing your own custom tailored pirate will be a big part of Shores of Plunder and one of the biggest features that will be developed throughout Early Access is giving players the ability to customize everything from the hat they wear right down to whether or not they want to walk on a peg leg. Players will also be able to cash in the coins they earned to buy additional cosmetic items. The player customization and cosmetic store is currently unavailable but will be developed and adjusted throughout Early Access with player feedback taken in to account.


Pirates will do just about anything for a bottle of rum and once yours runs out of their special skill they will refuse to do it again until they’ve had some more rum. Replenish the skills by finding one of the many bottles of rum that are stashed around the island and drink it back. The player will have to take caution because while drinking rum refills the skills, it will also trigger a temporary drunkenness effect which renders the pirate vulnerable to attacks from any nearby players as they stumble around recklessly.


Between matches the pirates will be returned to the deck of ship where they can socialize, brawl and have fun. Once the players are ready for another match they simply hop in to a cannon to trigger the countdown timer which will blast the players to shore.

Throughout Early Access new social features will be added such as playing music, drinking rum, gamble their coins away with mini games and more.

Shores of Plunder on Steam

Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac

Mystictronaut is traveling alone in search all lost constellations. His costume, boots, gun and grenade give him special abilities so he is up to the task. Hunting aliens and robots, searching for the path through this universe of planets and stars.

Playing as Mystictronaut you can:

1- Fly through space using your revealing bomb to reveal hidden planets and asteroids.

2- When the planet or asteroid is revealed it comes with lots of aliens and robots that you must eliminate.

Dark Zodiac on Steam



The Award for the longest dialogs goes to…

The first impressions of the game were really good, nice character modeling and a kind of open world to walk and actually being able to walk freely and without any movement problems (because lot of games like this one throw the gameplay with absurd character movement).

The game actually presents like an apocalyptic alike game since you are looking for your parents in an dark and abandoned house with some strange elements like this one, and you can see how dark is the house when is like 2 p.m outside, but it turns in a more friendly space as much as you explore the environment (honestly I thought this was going to be a dark and scary game from the start)

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game


An enjoyable supernatural adventure game, still in development, which is currently held back by it’s mediocre combat system.




Lux visits her parents summer house in the woods only to find they have mysteriously disappeared. She uncovers a portal which takes her to a space station where She encounters members of the Redaction Council. They tell her that her parents are top agents of the council and have gone missing. Lux is convinced to go looking for them but before she leaves she has her DNA re-sequenced to give her special powers which will aid her in her quest.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game


LOGA: Unexpected Adventure

LOGA: Unexpected Adventure

THIS GAME ruins the experience too much by not letting you pass not even the second level and theirs no save option that makes it needy in being crap

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

I went back in time to prevent this game from being made.

You are welcome.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

LOGA: Unexpected Adventure on Steam

Last Hope on Earth

Last Hope on Earth

A game in early access, but extremely fun and beautiful, even though it was developed by just one person.

Check the minimum requirements before playing, some graphics settings may be heavy for your computer.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

I understand it’s a one man Dev. Not bad on the idea.

But this game still needs very much added in.

Lacks alot of basic needs.

Lacks a walk thru of what you can do.

I played hmmm… Well I walked around for almost three hours didn’t get hardly nothing done.

Managed to die a few times over.

Great idea behind it but needs alot more building items needs more resources added.

Maybe some better hints and tips for new players.

In this games current state I’m sorry I can’t recommend this game at this time.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Last Hope on Earth on Steam

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Okay, lets start with: Lot’s of good AND bad. The good? A well and long developed game with plenty of content and tons of tanks to play. A good selection of maps and plenty of nations to try out. Lots of freebies (PR’s ((personal reserves)) and even event tanks, camo and decals, etc.).

The BAD, oh the BAD… Okay, let me start off with this: I have been playing this game since release, 2011. I wasn’t part of beta, I waited till full release. I hate betas, too much changes in a full release from the testing phase. This game, as it is now, isn’t the game I started playing back then, Period. They have changed every aspect of the game many times over since then. You see, Gold tanks, now called Premium Tanks, were sub-par to the Tech Tree tanks. Which means they were WORSE than the regular tank of the same tier and same nation. Gold tanks were to train crews and make you a few extra credits (Silver) doing it, period, that’s it. They gave you NO advantage other than that. Now…now the Premium Tanks rule, extra armor, better this, better that, you name it. So now if you don’t buy the newest OP (Over Powered) Premium Tank, you are going to suffer vs them. Sound fair? Okay, that’s just the tanks. Ammo… when I started Gold Ammo (now Premium Ammo) cost real money, like real $$$. So it wasn’t thrown around often, very very rare was the person that used the Gold Ammo constantly. So in ten matches you might run into two of them that someone was slinging Gold. Then came the change, you can now buy Gold Ammo with Silver! (the normal in-game money). Now of course the Premium Ammo (Gold Ammo) cost more than normal ammo, but hey, everyone can use it now… So suddenly armor meant nothing. You could have the best armored tank on the game (back then a KV-5) but now EVERYONE is slinging Premium Ammo like no tomorrow so armor suddenly means zip (BTW, the KV-5 had some GREAT armor, but the gun was the worst of the tier 8’s in the game of any nation and would only pen the weakest of spots on any enemy tank). Now my biggest gripe, MM. (Match Making) Has changed many times over the years, and not once, ever… for the better. The whole concept of a three tier match (your tier plus 1-2 tiers above or below you) is so out of date with the newer OP tanks it isn’t funny. Just as a one off example (and there are PLENTY more) you are in your new shiny Tiger I, a tier 7 tank, near as you can get to what the Germans had as a best tank for WWII (not to mention the lesser used King Tiger, etc.) and you hit that big red “Battle” button. In your mind you are thinking “I finally got some real armor!” and the battle starts. Guess what… on that other team you are seeing tanks that were pure fantasy or didn’t even come out till the 1960’s to 1980’s (Tier 9’s). Really? A 1940’s tank is supposed to fight a 1980' tank? Guess what, it goes very poorly for the much much older tank. Sound fair? So MM has been broken from almost the start, it just has gotten more so over the years. The problem with MM isn’t just that, it also is with how often it seems to place you at the bottom as well, in 10 games you are for sure going to see at least 6-8 of them at the bottom tier. Over time that wears on you. Hard. Next is the Cars (Armored Cars). In real life the armored cars ran away from the tanks in a battle as fast as they could because a single shot would end their life. A single shot, period. Not here, you can hit a Car with a 12.8 cm gun (128 mm) full on and get that fateful message “We didn’t even scratch him!” or worse, “Critical Hit!” yet he takes no damage and just keeps driving like nothing ever touched him. And just for fun the auto-aim on the cars hits you no matter what the car is doing, turning, flying (jumping), etc. Sound fair?

Real player with 176.6 hrs in game

I’ve been playing since Closed Beta back in 2011, and still play daily outside of Steam, so don’t let these steam hours fool you.

As you can clearly see from all the other negative reviews, each of them basically say the same thing because it’s just flat out fact, instead of opinion. There’s a very big fundamental problem with this game but it will not change because we are nobody to them. The only way to have a drastic change, in a game as big and successful as this, would be to not spend any more money ever until they make the necessary changes. Unfortunately, this will never happen because not everyone has the same opinions/thoughts/preferences/etc. There’s only one thing you can do. Play the game, or find another.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

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