Mess Cleanup

Mess Cleanup

You will have to do cleaning and search for items in a pile of scattered things on each randomly generated level. Completing one task after another, you will receive points and a small bonus to time. Each new task is more difficult than the previous one, and it takes a limited amount of time to find items. Try to get as many points as possible before all the time runs out and the game is over.


  • The game features 3 difficulty levels: «Easy», «Medium» and «Hard». Start with the easiest and gradually build up the difficulty, or start right away with the hard. The choice is yours.

  • Additional mode «Icons».

  • Increasing difficulty: each new task is more difficult than the previous one.

  • Randomly generated variety of items and their number to be found.

  • Endless challenges. The game will only end when all the time is out.

  • Incorrect clicks will take up your time!

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Mess Cleanup on Steam

Role of Hex

Role of Hex

If you like creeper world and roguelikes you will also like this.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

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A really nice mix between base building, Rogue and Strategy with a simplistic style which fits the game. Love that you’ve to mix between being not too bold and expand too quickly or take it too slow and not be prepared for the bosses.

Keep it up developers!

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Role of Hex on Steam

Puff Puff The Magic Pipe

Puff Puff The Magic Pipe

Pretty fun game with a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see how it turns out later in development.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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Pretty Dope

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Puff Puff The Magic Pipe on Steam

Eagle Island Twist

Eagle Island Twist

Eagle Island is an amazing rogue-like game that will draw you in and frustrate you in the most rewarding you. It’s exactly the game I’ve been looking for and I’m very glad I picked it up. 9/10

How I found it.

I found EI when browsing through Nintendo Switch news. I’d been looking for a new indie game to pick-up and it was suggested as a new release. The pixel art immediately caught my attention and I added it to my to-buy list. I saw there was a demo available and decided to try it out on PC. It was fun! The demo was very fun and I had a very hard time getting used to controlling Quill (main character) and Koji (friendly owl - he attacks) but didn’t let that stop em from enjoying the game. At that point, I wasn’t in the best financial position to spend 20€ in a game. But something just drew me in. Something just told me, I have to buy it.

Real player with 370.0 hrs in game

My original review was written extremely shortly after the game came out, but the developer has released an update in response to the mixed reviews that actually addressed a lot of my issues here! There were quite a few tweaks and overall it feels a lot better. Most notably, the runestones are now able to be backpacked and used in later dungeons, which is incredibly useful.

Additionally, I will confess that some of my complaints probably did come with lack of practice or familiarity. So if you are more familiar with this genre, or would be willing to dedicate time to getting used to the feel of the game, I’d say go for it. I’ve got 11 hours in the game now, and it may be a combination of tweaks and me getting more comfortable with the controls, but the whole thing feels a lot smoother and less frustrating.

Real player with 143.5 hrs in game

Eagle Island Twist on Steam

Adventure Rush

Adventure Rush

Get ready for another incredible adventure, face spiders, monsters and goblins in a side scrolling system with Shoot ‘Em Up elements and try out numerous equipment with your hero.

But beware of the fearsome dragon!!

Adventure Rush is a game of easy introduction and difficult to master, combine skill and quick reflexes with strategy when selecting items during your journey, every life point is valuable and each gold coin can be decisive in your destiny!!

Play Control or Keyboard with full compatibility, just choose what is most comfortable and start your adventure.

The Main Features are the countless heroes, tons of items, pets, magic rings, enchanted books and accessories with various maps and biomes full of secrets and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Adventure Rush on Steam

Loot Hero DX

Loot Hero DX

TL;DR: A well-made but fairly pointless grinding game. Only recommended for achievement hunters so you at least get a trophy out of it.

In a traditional RPG you usually start as a low-level character with little to no equipment and the only way to become more powerful is to complete quests kill monsters.

Basically begin with a standard RPG. Take out quests and dialogues, reduce equipment to purchasable stats and reduce the combat to just damage-per-second and make it a side-scroller and you’ve got yourself Loot Hero. The gameplay consists of three parts: choosing a level, running left and right killing monsters and buying better stats at the towns in-between. There’s also a short and pretty meaningless story: a terrible dragon has appeared and you, the hero, has to go and kill it to save the land.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

I really want to like this game: it has really neat pixel graphics, lots of critters to kill, keeps stats, and has achievements and trading cards. But, the reality is that the gameplay gets boring after the first three minutes. Even the added concept of releasing miners to collect gold for you after every successful run through all levels fails, because it’s just accelerating a timer event…it doesn’t add to the gameplay at all.

In the end, all you do is collect enough treasure and XP to buff your character, who kills the baddies by – literally – running into them. There is no learning tactics for combat or developing strategies by buffing your character a specific way. You just level up your stats evenly as you collect loot, enough that you don’t watch your health bar go down much at all while you’re running back and forth, grind away until you start taking damage as you continue through the levels, and then rinse and repeat. Gameplay does not change on any levels, nor do you treat any of the creatures differently…you just run through them.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Loot Hero DX on Steam

My life as an archeologist

My life as an archeologist

Every run will help you go further in the archeological treasure hunt, in this clicker roguelite blending the simple mindless entertainment of the clicker with the ever-renewing fun choices of a roguelite, where every single decision can help you reach the final boss or hasten your demise.

With 60+ types of equipment and 60+ fully animated monsters to loot them from, you will be able to mold your character as you choose by improving a wide array of stats and gaining unique abilities!

Every single boss you slay, up to 10 per run, will let you choose one artefact from a pool of three. These artefacts will help specialize your character as you wish, by giving her attacks a chance to do explosive damage, allowing you to stop time, gain a ferocious turtle buddy, or a healing fairy to help you to deal just a bit more damage before you die.

Three classes to choose from every run:

  • The bulky zoologist: This heavy hitter knows the enemy’s weak point and specializes in deadly poison and survivability!

  • The cunning ethnologist: This ancient technology specialist knows how to maximize her results when using long forgotten machinery and managing her own energy to do it again, and again!

  • The never-alone theologist: Why attack enemies on your own when you can call on ancient spirits to do your dirty work faster while you relax?

Finally, even dying is not the end of the world! Every monster you kill during your run advances your research, and with enough coins you can even acquire some of their powers!

My life as an archeologist on Steam

Full Mojo Rampage

Full Mojo Rampage

Review edited for release… still nothing but good things to say about it!

There is tons more I could say about this game and how much I enjoy it than what is in this review, so free to message me on Steam if you have any questions. I highly recommend this game if you’re looking for something new in your action roguelite/dungeon-crawling experiences… it was the most polished Early Access Alpha I had ever played, and is even better now that it is released.


Very nice and consistently styled, even in the character screen. The choice in what a friend of mine put as “playful yet macabre” is spot-on, and a very nice change of pace from others (not that those are bad, but FMR is a unique breath of fresh air).

Real player with 139.2 hrs in game

If you didn’t think there was enough “Gauntlet” in “Gauntlet”, you should probably invest in this. I will mention Gauntlet rather a lot in this “review”, btw.

The first point, and it’s a reasonably large one, that this game scores over Gauntlet is that it has genuinely random (thus replayable ad inifinitum*) levels and a fairly expansive character customization section make this a far more worthwhile purchase. Gauntlet promised randomised, limitless levels and failed to deliver, preferring instead to rotate a level through 180degrees or make you do them “the opposite way round” (from start to finish in a ‘death’ level, for example). It’s obvious, woeful and does nothing to hide the fact that you’re always playing from a small group of levels that can easily be remembered, no matter what way round they are.

Real player with 32.9 hrs in game

Full Mojo Rampage on Steam

Labyrinth of the Witch

Labyrinth of the Witch

Labyrinth of the Witch is a simple roguelite/dungeon explorer game originally for Android/iOS that was ported to PC. This paid version has all of the characters that you would’ve needed to purchase, and has no microtransactions or other mobile shenanigans.


  • Simple and easy to learn. The “Puzzle Dungeons” are a fun and interesting way to learn all of the mechanics of the game.

  • Cute and colourful pixel art

  • Addicting gameplay


  • Repetitive music. What little music is here is decent, but gets repetitive really fast. I ended up muting it after half an hour.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Written for 1561’s Thoughts - Honest reviews, for busy people.

Labyrinth of the Witch is a simplified dungeon crawler like DragonFangZ with a cute art style. It removes the frustrating aspects while keeping the randomness and challenge! 7/10

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Labyrinth of the Witch on Steam

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp is decent. It’s not quite good enough for me to say its a great game, but its not bad enough for me to say its awful either. It occupies that middle niche of being compelling enough to enjoy but also shows off a lot of points where it could have used some more refinement.

=The Good=

  • The artwork is great. You can tell effort was put into the art direction off the game.

  • If you enjoy completionist style games, this is going to have a lot for you. Hundreds of items to unlock and rank up. Lots of achievements.

Real player with 60.1 hrs in game

Game is not terrible, though its essentually a clicker with very little actual game play. You’re just increasing numbers so you can gain even higher numbers. The mining sections while there’s interaction with power ups and such, are more a measure if your progress is “tall enough to ride” you can finish some maps earlier than intended with some intelligent play, but that’s extent to the depth of gameplay.

The game honestly goes on a little too long. They could have cut the entire 3rd galaxy and the game been just fine to me, the game starts feeling a little long in the tooth around the start of the 3rd galaxy. at least 35 of my nearly 60 hours was in the 3rd galaxy. Also whoever on the dev team decided what you go through on the planet Apollo needed to be a thing. There’s a special place in hell for you, you know what you did.

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

Galactic Mining Corp on Steam