Kukoro: Stream chat games

Kukoro: Stream chat games

Been enjoying the game so far. Players beware this is an early access game. So there’s still much room for improvement.

I’d love to see it grow from here as there’s much fun to be had in stream chat games.

So far, some games are much more enjoyable and intuitive than others.

The sniper game seems way too hard for the streamer to win. The ways to scan players are not very clear to me.

Perfect Warrior seems a bit pointless as an endless game. Could use a few extra features to make it more enjoyable (powers, random items,…)

Real player with 388.7 hrs in game

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Most of my time is just idling in training, but it’s fun when you can actually get someone to play it with. Most game modes are fun and they definitely need to add more RP ones, they’re the most entertaining.

My biggest issue is that the character art doesn’t really match the backgrounds and I don’t really like it in general. However, they do it really well and there are a ton of fun skins to use.

I think they really need to make the game client more useful for non-streamers and add some more interactivity with it instead of just something that runs in the background while you watch the stream. Having to use a game key to view statuses (werewolf, etc.) is pretty annoying. Also it should be clarified more that you don’t login to the service to play with a streamer. It took me a while to figure out that’s the reason my skins/emotes weren’t updating on the stream.

Real player with 293.7 hrs in game

Kukoro: Stream chat games on Steam

tomorrow won’t come for those without ██████

tomorrow won’t come for those without ██████

I don’t typically write reviews, but I genuinely loved playing this game. This is just based off of my experience but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys:

  • Connecting dots and working a little to figure out the plot. The game doesn’t just come out with an exposition bomb, which I appreciate though I can understand that isn’t for everyone.

  • Psychological thriller/horror elements. Creepy vibe? Check. A dash of body horror and existential/cosmic dread? Check.

  • Puzzles. There are a few puzzles that stumped me for a bit, but it never felt entirely unfair. (Plus, if you really need help, there is a guide written by luna-terra that will help you through the game and get the alternate ending without spoiling the experience)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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tomorrow won’t come for those without ██████ gives you the same feeling after playing as all of etherane’s other work. your mind gets foggy, your hands feel numb, and you want to cry but you don’t know how. you lay down in bed, turn the lights down to low, and just ponder.

etherane’s newest game comes with a new story just as surreal and mind-boggling as hello charlotte, seeped deep in low-humming religious trauma and blocked memories. the art is beautiful, and the slow-brewing horrors and states of melancholy make it even more so. i do appreciate the ability to turn flashing images off [which, to those curious, only comes up in one ending, and there are flashes when going between some rooms].

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

tomorrow won't come for those without ██████ on Steam

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1

Tales from Off-Peak City is the third game in Cosmo D’s series, after Off-Peak itself, and The Norwood Suite. While playing both of those games isn’t necessary to enjoy this one, it is recommended, as there will be references to the characters in the previous games. (And, y’know, Off-Peak’s free.) At its core, Tales is a walking-and-talking game, exploring the surreal locale of the corner of July Avenue and Yam Street. Make pizza, take pictures, get caught up in about three different conspiracies.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

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Tales from off-peak city is a third installment of the series of games that take place in the Cosmo D universe. Just like in the Cosmo D’s other games it features a colorful cast of characters that oftentimes verge on nonsensicality but it nevers goes too far and so retains some relatability and feeling that you can piece together what is actually happening in the city - that it’s not an Inland empire kind of unreachable avant-garde. This, i feel, motivates the player to explore this absurd, surreal and intriguing world.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 on Steam

Retro Machina

Retro Machina

“Retro Machina is a hand-drawn action-adventure game set on a planet covered in lush plantation and the remains of an old long-forgotten human civilization. But ruins are not the only thing you’re going to find! Discover the retroscape city Endeavor, the only intact remaining sign of human life on the planet, inhabited only by the robots created to maintain it.”

Retro Machina is retro in all of its aspects, including an element that could put you to the ultimate test of finding out if you carry the true gamer soul in you - backtracking. Backtracking used to be one very popular element in the structure of a lot of cult-classic and in general classical gaming experiences. Although for some this is a minus, for me it is quite the opposite - this is part of the game difficulty, and a huge tribute to classic games.

Real player with 69.8 hrs in game

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In Retro Machina you play a robot stuck on a factory line that seemingly exists to build an unending stream of ammunition and parts for a war without end. Each side is automated and pumping out supplies as they follow the final directives of a civilisation that has long been dead.

When a butterfly (seemingly one of the last few organic things left) comes onto the production line, it distracts your robot and for whatever reason totally mesmerises them. Refusing to obey orders and get back to work, they are captured and shipped off, presumably for scrapping or re-programming due to being defective.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Retro Machina on Steam