Billie Bust Up

Billie Bust Up

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🎶Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer inspired by Disney musicals, with memorable unique villains and singing bosses, we’ve entwined the gameplay into the music

🎭Each main character has their own song that sells their personality, motives, and charm. Up to 15 unique songs by Daniel Ingram!

🎼The lyrics serve as a telegraph for the gameplay

🥁 Attacks drop to the beat of the music with rhythm-based battles

🎸Music adapts to the way you play

🎹 Different gameplay experiences and battles for each song to engage the player in new and more interesting ways, as to not get repetitive

🐈 A large and unique cast of characters, each with their own backstories, personalities, and charm

🌸 A cheerful and cute exterior masking a deeper and darker story

🎤 Optional sing-a-long mode for every song

❤ Accessible! We think it’s important for everyone to have the chance to play

🐐🦊 Optional local split-screen co-operative gameplay between Billie and Oscar

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Billie Bust Up on Steam

Fantasy Story

Fantasy Story

Fantasy Story is a tight, punchy platformer with more than 80 rooms across four distinct zones, all employing unique mechanics to make for new challenges. Enemies are varied and tough and there are plenty of secrets to uncover. The world is deep, rich and ready to explore.

A world brimming with light, kindness, and joy now lays barren.

The adventurers that roamed these lands, and kept them safe from evil, were young and strong. They fought to keep the people who inhabited it safe and secure, from the breezy, green fields to the freezing tundras. But alas, these Heroes were nowhere near prepared for the impending doom that awaited the world.

Drasorin, a warlock determined to disrupt the balance of the world, sought and slew the great Heroes. Unleashing his powerful minions to pillage, corrupt, and destroy, Drasorin succeeded in his evil goal, and now the lands are his. Those that survived live in fear; fearful of the day that Drasorin will come for them, too. While he sits high and mighty in his castle, his disgusting monsters are left to roam the world, and destroy any good that is left.

You are one of the few survivors. Seeking vengeance for your home and people, you set out on the greatest adventure yet. Pick up your sword, Hero, and godspeed! For you will face deadly foes and overcome perilous obstacles. Be wary! As you travel, you will encounter few safe havens to rest - and even fewer friends to assist, so you must be careful! Take back what belongs to the people of this world, bring the hammer of justice down on Drasorin, and be the great Hero that everyone needs!

The bards of legend are ready to compose your Fantasy Story … are you?

Xinput Controller Support. Sit back and relax!

Steam Achievements. Track your legendary story!

Explore four unique zones with tough enemies and sneaky secrets!

Overcome tons of challenges. Are you tough enough?

Buttery-Smooth Platforming. Keep you on your toes!

Encounter merchants to buy new weapons! Slay your enemies harder!

Adorable pixel graphics. Easy on the eyes!


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Fantasy Story on Steam

Sole Iron Tail

Sole Iron Tail

I loved this! The movement feels fast and fluid, similar to Sonic or Freedom Planet, but with its own twists with charging and sliding. When you start building up momentum and racing through the level, it just feels great. The art is adorable and the soundtrack is a legit banger. For the price, this is a steal, especially if you like classic platformers with an emphasis on collecting and speedrunning!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

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Had a great time running and bouncing around this cute story. Mechanics are a blast and the music is great. The game is quite charming! I would recommend it to fans of Sonic games for sure.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Sole Iron Tail on Steam

Zinuru The Great

Zinuru The Great

Just no.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

you play one room, mashin m1 on everythin, and then yer done

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Zinuru The Great on Steam

Get-A-Grip Chip

Get-A-Grip Chip

Get-A-Grip Chip is a fun platformer for people who know one obvious truth: The grappling hook is the best part of every video game.

Launch yourself around the screen navigating terrain and avoiding hazards. You can’t jump, but you spend the majority of the game airborne. The mechanics and sound design feel crisp. The art design is fun without being overly cutesy. The difficulty is intermediate. If you sometimes play games casually with friends/family this is a game that can be picked up pretty quickly and where you can make meaningful progress without being super deftly handed. The game has full controller support, but it plays fine with a Mouse and keyboard. The checkpoints are frequent enough not to inspire extreme frustration. At the same time, each level has secrets and collectibles that require stronger play. It also has a global speedrunning scoreboard for every level, and achievements for completing every level without dying so beating levels without using the checkpoints at all and finding the fastest possible path is rewarding and gives very strong players something to do after completing the main game.

Real player with 89.4 hrs in game

I really enjoyed this title - the mechanics are smooth and easy to employ. I played it on keyboard and mouse and the game itself recommends that the player should use a controller. I really liked keyboard and mouse. Its a great platformer to speedrun; for a greater challenge try to find all of the battery bots. There’s 8 per level and some are overt, others are hidden. There’s a fun rhythm grab, pull, and release. Building momentum is part of the fun. The set pieces on each level keep the game interesting. The highlight is the cute character design and the soundtrack, which I loved.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Get-A-Grip Chip on Steam

Social Distancing Simulator

Social Distancing Simulator

Social distancing is in full effect, but we all need to eat. Make your way through a supermarket with 120+ different product’s, avoid the other customers and make it through check out with everything on your shopping list. You might want to stock up on extra supplies while you can, They are working for a vaccine, but things are bound to get worse before they get better. Stay safe.

  • 5 Unique Endings!

  • Unique Game Mechanics

  • Satirical Story

  • 120+ Products

  • 575+ Buildings

Social Distancing Simulator on Steam

Mutiny Island

Mutiny Island

This game could be so much better. I have warped to grey screen death countless times. I camped while being attacked by a skeleton, woke up on Davy Jones' ship surrounded by the undead, and glitched to the starting warp. Jumped through many stone walls diagonally, and fought tigers from vantage point because of it. In my short time with this piece i have seen so many classic mishaps that that in itself is making me appreciate it more.

It’s $8, buggy as hell and absolutely wonderful.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

I received a copy of this game to Let’s Play it and I loved it quite a bit. This is a really fun open-world game with a lot of stuff to explore and experiment around with!

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Mutiny Island on Steam

The Legends of Tynedale

The Legends of Tynedale

Travel through Tynedale in this retro-inspired action-packed adventure game as Geordie, taking on his grandfather’s legacy: to see if there is truth in the legends of Tynedale.

• Explore a unique open-world, littered with mystery and surprises

• Meet the residents of Gosforth Village: listen to their individual stories and unearth their secrets.

• Discover increasingly complex dungeons

• Master specialist dual-purpose weapons and mechanics

• Harden your skills battling a wide range of monsters

• Uncover a reclusive tribe and their secret oath

Game Features:

  • Classic top-down action-adventure game

  • Retro-inspired, 16-Bit pixel artwork

  • Five main dungeons.

  • Four epic boss battles

  • A variety of weapons for you to utilise.

  • A collectathon side-quest, leading to a powerful specialist item.

The Legends of Tynedale on Steam

Aritana and the Twin Masks

Aritana and the Twin Masks

“They are not ready…”

Are you? Prove your value in Aritana and the Twin Masks. An adventure based on Brazilian mythology and culture that will carry you deeper into the forest’s mysteries.

This second Aritana’s adventure extends gameplay possibilities, bringing a bow and arrow gameplay, 3D movement, vast sceneries in open landscapes and powers that help the player solve several puzzles. Explore a colossal temple, find artefacts that can be mixed in many special potions, and prepare yourself to save the Tree of life.

Also, you can further explore this magical universe with comics that shows more about the temple’s events. Unmask all the mysteries and follow Aritana on his journey to save the Tree of life, discovering ghosts from his past.

Aritana and the Twin Masks on Steam

Extreme Soccer

Extreme Soccer

I used to play FreeStyleFootball and this game has a lot of similarities with FSF. I would love to see more people playing this game. It has 1m+ downloads on mobile but it is free there. With a little bit advertising, it would be so much fun.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

It has a lot of potential.

Visually it is great.

Movement and animations feel a bit weird/slow at times, it can surely be improved on that part.

So far they’ve put 5 characters (there are much more on the mobile game).

There are very few players for now but you can also play with bots.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Extreme Soccer on Steam