Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp

Galactic Mining Corp is decent. It’s not quite good enough for me to say its a great game, but its not bad enough for me to say its awful either. It occupies that middle niche of being compelling enough to enjoy but also shows off a lot of points where it could have used some more refinement.

=The Good=

  • The artwork is great. You can tell effort was put into the art direction off the game.

  • If you enjoy completionist style games, this is going to have a lot for you. Hundreds of items to unlock and rank up. Lots of achievements.

Real player with 60.1 hrs in game

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Game is not terrible, though its essentually a clicker with very little actual game play. You’re just increasing numbers so you can gain even higher numbers. The mining sections while there’s interaction with power ups and such, are more a measure if your progress is “tall enough to ride” you can finish some maps earlier than intended with some intelligent play, but that’s extent to the depth of gameplay.

The game honestly goes on a little too long. They could have cut the entire 3rd galaxy and the game been just fine to me, the game starts feeling a little long in the tooth around the start of the 3rd galaxy. at least 35 of my nearly 60 hours was in the 3rd galaxy. Also whoever on the dev team decided what you go through on the planet Apollo needed to be a thing. There’s a special place in hell for you, you know what you did.

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

Galactic Mining Corp on Steam

Blood of Titans

Blood of Titans

So i see most reviews are from people with 2 hours so i will be the first actual player to write a real review, let me start by saying the game is free, you can choose to play for absolutely nothing, now that being said, just like any other game released on steam, you can pay for more, are there expensive single cards in the shop? yes. do you need to buy them? no. should you buy them? no.

This is a strategy game, if you aren’t good at strategy you will lose a lot, the strategy lacks a lot of depth but it is there, and you can really notice the difference once you figure out a play style and learn to counter different things. it is the general nature of a card game to know that one specific card will not beat another, if you cannot learn this you will not find success in this game.

Real player with 836.1 hrs in game

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Hmm were to start ?

First at all it not really PTW it has elements like the most games in steam , you can reach even all cards ( right now common , uncomman , rare , epic , legandary ) in only playing the story line , with all i mean even the legendary and you have to pay nothing for … its right that there are cards with 15 $ or 30 $ , but do you have to buy them - no … so before act like a cry baby ( as a read the most negativ reviews with not really a background ) , try to get some knowledge over the game , before speak up again , to pay for a game and think you would be NO.1 will never work without knowledge , … so in all - its a nice game not perfect , its new , the art style is awsome you can collect card pieces (copie from your card) to make your card stronger and the animation changes too , there permanent new events - the are allways free , give it a try ; )

Real player with 101.3 hrs in game

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I like the game its very good. Can’t wait for the next update! Please download

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

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Right now, this “game” is not worth $5. I’d even go as far to say it’s not worth $1. What we have here, is essentially an unpolished tech demo for a very basic unity “building” game. The entire map consists of two small islands on which you can build with, “as of right now,” two different materials - a wooden plank, and a longer, skinnier wooden plank. The drag and click build system needs lots of polishing, as it’s frankly an absolute pain in the ass to use. Character movement is extremely, EXTREMELY limited and FULL of bugs - try jumping off a structure you built, you’ll float in the air. The only positive things I can say about this game are that it looks nice and has a neat aesthetic, and the models themselves aren’t bad. I could only recommend this game honestly if it costed nothing, but $5 is absolutely absurd for the miniscule amount of “game” you get to play.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Feelin on Steam

Attack of the Gigant Zombie vs Unity chan

Attack of the Gigant Zombie vs Unity chan

The best game on the steam.

10/10 IGN.

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Unity chan best waifu

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Attack of the Gigant Zombie vs Unity chan on Steam



Very fun finished it a bit fast but it’s early access so that’s understandable (Suggestion) need tools upgrade, a way to block the weather from blowing through structures walls, Lighting types, more building shapes, large ceiling and floor tiles placement, double stairs for a 2nd floor access, better placement snapping for building, rotation & raising/lowering of foundation tiles, keybinding access, body upgrades like a bigger backpack & foot jets, a items list for tracking builds, a auto-reset camera position to move cam freely, and a way to repair and use the crashed spaceship, a upgrade to breakdown all of the giant metal structures laying around the region & more quest.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

Junkpunk is a good game with a lot of future potential. At the current price it is easily a good value and a lot of fun. I have spent the last 8 hours playing and it is only day one. Yes, I am aware that means I have no life, lol. In this 8 hour play through, I have had zero crashes, 7 hours I had a buddy connected to me and I was the host with only 1 single disconnect. I have come across no bugs, glitches, or any major concerns.

With all the positives, there are a few things I would like to see but are mostly small complaints:

Real player with 22.6 hrs in game


Prop Factory

Prop Factory

Get ready for a challenging and fun multi-object assemble game.

Prop Factory is easy to play!

100% 3D Prop Factory is a fun puzzle where you memorize an object and need to assemble it in order but before that you will need to find the pieces in a mess of scraps and throw them on the conveyor simply by dragging.

This game will stimulate your mind and speed up your memory by offering you loads of objects to assemble.


Visual effects and 3D objects.

Prop Factory on Steam

Role of Hex

Role of Hex

If you like creeper world and roguelikes you will also like this.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

A really nice mix between base building, Rogue and Strategy with a simplistic style which fits the game. Love that you’ve to mix between being not too bold and expand too quickly or take it too slow and not be prepared for the bosses.

Keep it up developers!

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Role of Hex on Steam

Mutiny Island

Mutiny Island

This game could be so much better. I have warped to grey screen death countless times. I camped while being attacked by a skeleton, woke up on Davy Jones' ship surrounded by the undead, and glitched to the starting warp. Jumped through many stone walls diagonally, and fought tigers from vantage point because of it. In my short time with this piece i have seen so many classic mishaps that that in itself is making me appreciate it more.

It’s $8, buggy as hell and absolutely wonderful.

Real player with 16.5 hrs in game

I received a copy of this game to Let’s Play it and I loved it quite a bit. This is a really fun open-world game with a lot of stuff to explore and experiment around with!

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Mutiny Island on Steam



BarricadeZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the only things left are monsters, and you, a robot. Yet, there’s a tiny spark of hope falling from the sky; a baby. Now you have to get to work, because of course the monsters are after the little bundle of joy.

You have to build your own defenses, and that’s the meat of the game. The gathering and crafting system reminds me a bit of Terraria (to name one), and is nicely done, imo. During the night the monsters will test your design for you, and failure is definitely not an option. Remember the defenseless baby?

Real player with 293.1 hrs in game

It’s ok but definitely not worth $20; get it on sale. Technically a 2D Tower Defense game. There is fun to be had in finding a base design that works for you, lots of options and flexibility. But some very questionable design choices concerning the mining/resource gathering you’ll be doing a lot of underground. You might think that you would be splitting your time between topside and the mine; being topside during the nightly attack waves. You’d be wrong for the most part.

The clock is always ticking (except for pauses during daylight to build/upgrade your base) and you will eventually realize that the game actively punishes you for being topside during attacks at all. That is precious time you could be spending downstairs gathering resources that you need. Now early on, maybe being topside in battle might be useful to scrape by some in-battle repairs between waves. But by day 30 or so of a 78 day campaign when you have enough resources to be well established, there is no good reason to be topside at all. Good defenses will require virtually no active maintenance at all aside from a swift repair visit come daylight. Your war effort is actually crippled by wasting time topside during attacks when you could otherwise still be mining. This means that to play “well”, you must never waste time being up in your base during battle - which is really strange for a TD game. Watching mobs march through your death trap is kinda half the fun of a TD at all and here it is very strongly discouraged to do so. Expect two thirds of this game to be straight up Terraria mining, only the mines get very boring, very quickly. There is some mystery in “Is there a bottom to this mine?"; don’t bet on it, even when you think you’ve found it.

Real player with 106.3 hrs in game





  • Nice concept, nice cut scene.

  • Exotic story.

  • Gameplay, graphic, sound track, sound effect are not so bad.


  • Game progress is very slow at begin you must do many quest to get new gears. (doesn’t mean mining or crafting for me)

  • Enemies are really hard to fight for beginner. (no problem when you equipped with end game gears)

  • Your ship will flying very slow at begin, and the story line are quest running.

  • Seem the game are in development.

I need to say something to developers. Did you try your game before release ?

Real player with 46.9 hrs in game

I started playing this when arteries was the only map available. The game has come a long ways, the new maps have been enjoyable, and while they still have some things to work on and bugs to crush, I’ve found myself enjoying what is very much like a space / aircraft fighter game with resource harvesting.

Also, if you are a fan of movies like Innerspace or Fantastic Voyage, you may find yourself sucked into this even easier.

Real player with 45.6 hrs in game

Insiders on Steam