Board Games VR

Board Games VR

You play checkers against the computer. I whupped his/her butt! This happens in the middle of a large, empty white room. I think it takes place in purgatory? I don’t know. It’s definitely not heaven. If you get to heaven, you get your own room, and it’s much nicer. All of it is immaculately white. Some gold trim, yes, but mostly white. A few chairs accompany a large, incredibly comfortable queen bed. You spend most of eternity sleeping. But every now and then you wake up and do some thinking and experience consciousness for a bit, just so your soul can reaffirm it’s own existence, you see. Before long, it’s back to bed for more endless restful dreaming.

! It looks like this: –romantic-bedrooms-white-bedrooms.jpg

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

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Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Board Games VR on Steam

Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra

Now that I completed the game, I will do an overhaul of my review.


First of all: this game is beautiful! Which is also quite daring, because presentation via symbols is always more clear. The visuals are just like real life, with also nice surroundings. All this beauty comes at a price, it’s heavy for the computer to run. Installing the game on an SSD drastically reduces loadtimes.

The different styles of boards and pieces are nice, however it’s hard to distinguish pieces. The purchasable pieces feel overpriced. Would be a nice addition if all pieces were presented together for a few bucks/euros.

Real player with 96.5 hrs in game

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I usually make reviews for triple-A games only. But I guess every true gamer has a chess game in the gaming arsenal so I must admit Chess Ultra is one of the most captivating of the genre. It is indeed the best looking chess game around but lacking some features required by professionals. I gave it a positive recommendation vote due to its stunning visuals, it is the perfect game for anytime relaxation. So just bear in mind that this is not a game for professionals (and NOT advertised as such), there are better options out-there for pro chess players.

Real player with 56.7 hrs in game

Chess Ultra on Steam

Immersion Chess

Immersion Chess

As an avid enthusiast of both chess and VR, I highly recommend this game. Immersion Chess approaches a 1 to 1 experience of playing blitz or rapid chess in real lfie. Definitely the best VR chess game that’s out. Also, it’s free so you can’t beat that. I have been surprised at how consistent it is to have other players online. There’s plenty wrong with it, of course, but I found all the game’s flaws to be easily forgivable. Overall, this game is a very enjoyable experience (especially if you’re into chess.)

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

I suppose this is my favorite chess vr program? There is also, umm what’s the oculus one called, Magic Table Chess? Or something. Doesn’t matter. They are both very good because the environment and graphics are really nice. The chess part I really don’t care about, because I SUCK at chess. I can defeat an AI opponent, but only if it is like, non functional, or alpha quality, and therefore I’m throwing shade on Immersion Chess.

! I like the smell of super glue.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Immersion Chess on Steam

Tabletop Playground

Tabletop Playground

Nice way to play tabletop games with friends in these times.

good modding community, it’s brand new but everyday theres more and more great board games made.

Editor can be a bit tricky at first, but there’s a few tutorials available at the moment.

As i read somewhere else, Devs are working hard on this, so I guess there will be more advanced tutorials and definitively more features in the future.

I dont know anything about programming, and I managed to create all the 1st edition circuit boards for Formula D. Hopefully, the guy who created the formula D game (which is awesome btw) will use them.

Real player with 48.9 hrs in game

Experienced on the Oculus Rift

Please note: I received a free Steam key through the Steam Curator Connect program.

You can view my review & gameplay here:

If you’re thinking of buying Tabletop Playground (TP), you’ve probably heard of Tabletop Simulator (TTS). They are both digital tabletop sandbox games. In both games, certain card & board games are included, and they both have mod support so you can easily download even more card or board games. They both have online multiplayer and have VR and Non-VR support. TTS has been on Steam for years and is running on the Unity Engine. TP just released a few months ago and is running on the Unreal Engine. So which one is better?

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Tabletop Playground on Steam