• From a quick look at the game, being a game developer myself, first of all I think the mechanics are really, really good for a game like this. They don’t look all that good at first glance, but are unbelievably fun to actually play.

  • I think that in a way the game feels a lot worse than it is because of the UI, and I think a reskin would really improve the feel of the gameplay in general.

  • An undo would be useful, but i think a confirm before moving might be a better option, especially as a small mistake can end the game. That way you get to see what will be caused by your actions.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

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Fun game! As the other reviews say, it is comparable to a much simpler version of chess.

The AI (even on hard) is pretty easy, though, and the only option for online multiplayer is 24-hours per turn, which makes it difficult, since player on player games can easily last 20+ turns. I’d recommend at least trying this game (it’s free!) and it’s even better if you have a friend to play it with (as there is a hotseat option).

If there were online, 1 minute turns, (and maybe a ranked system at some point), I think this game could really take off.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Feud on Steam



The easiest way to describe Prismata is to call it a RTS-themed (think Starcraft) chess. Chess comparison comes from the fact it has 0 RNG of any kind and no hidden info so the game is deterministic i.e. one of the players has a guaranteed win based on the starting positions. But just like Chess, Prismata is incredibly complex where solving it is impossible.

Players start with 6 or 7 Drones that harvest gold (2nd player starts with 1 extra drone to compensate), gold buys you technology structures that produce blue/red/green resources (not official names, but that’s the accepted naming convention in the community). Subsequently gold and tech resources buy attackers/defenders and your goal is to kill opponent’s units while protecting your fragile drones and attackers. Sounds simple at its core.

Real player with 981.4 hrs in game

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EDIT: I almost don’t believe it. Within two days the devs released an update that addressed several of these issues. That’s just awesome. You hardly see that happen for any game these days.

Thumbs up for quality of life updates, and a great strategy game. There’s still room for improvement with drone defaulting to block and such, oh well. Game is good though.


I really want to love Prismata. At a glance, this could be the first truly free to play strategy “card” game without any of the pay to win nonsense, and a potentially fantastic game at that. But for a game that tries so hard to be different than all the others in its genre, why are there so many familiar disappointments?

Real player with 203.9 hrs in game

Prismata on Steam



I was on the fence about buying this because I wasn’t sure that it could keep me engaged for very long. I was pleasantly surprised to find that underneath the minimalist presentation there is a game with a surprising amount of depth that has the potential to suck you in for hours on end. I found myself saying “just one more level” until 3 AM. It’s also great if you just have a couple minutes to play.

The leveling system is a great way to measure your skill, keep the game at just the right dificulty, and raise the stakes of a single player game. It feels like climbing the mmr ladder in Dota. The puzzles are procedurally generated, so the replay potential is really limitless.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

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My warrior took an arrow to the knee - now my mage is wielding his battle axe…

It’s simple - simple genius.

The comparising with chess is close even though it is not 1 after 1 but 1 faction after the other. The movement patterns are simpler with their limited range but those attack patterns, swap spells and refresh abilities of your units combined with the amount of enemies vs your 3 ones makes you think - or lose. This part makes Militia much more like a table top or the fight part of a classic RPG…with 1 HP units…

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Militia on Steam