3D Math - Ultra

3D Math - Ultra

Better than expected and more enjoyable after longer play. I’ll write what I personally liked about it and compare it to other games. Since there seems to be no other game like this on Steam, I’ll compare it to something like Lumosity and similar games.

The game would have been worth a higher price. It makes the math, logic, and other training games more interesting than normal. Training arithmetic probably doesn’t sound like a game, but it’s kind of nice because you start to feel it’s a challenge and have a motivation to out do yourself. Plus, unlike other games, the skill is transferable outside of the game.

Real player with 437.4 hrs in game

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This is something I appreciate very much. There aren’t many enjoyable math programs created by people that want to improve a learner’s comprehension of mathematics. I really enjoy the brain training section as it has some exercises I like, such as: N-back(memory), grid(pattern recognition), and matches. Thank you for creating this program!

Real player with 67.6 hrs in game

3D Math - Ultra on Steam