Never play the same game of chess again! ChessCraft is a chess AI sandbox. Create your own chess boards, rules, and pieces. Play against the computer or your friends online, or win loot by playing one of 80 built-in chess boards in adventure mode.

Many chess games already exist, but only ChessCraft allows the player to create such wacky boards, pieces, and rules and immediately play a decent computer opponent.

Create new pieces with any combination of the 8 bishop or rook slides, plus a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops. Create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16. Place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere, or other special tile rules. Create pieces that cannot be captured, or with ranged attacks, or pieces that restrict other pieces from acting. The computer opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you.

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ChessCraft on Steam




How to play the game:

Very simple, anyone who’s ever liked playing chess will definitely learn how this game is played instantly. The game is about moving red and blue knights over boards of chess to red/blue highlighted tiles, as in a game of chess, knights can only move in L-shaped direction (2 tiles straight and then 1 tile to side), the knights can jump over whatever it’s standing in their way, as long as the tile they’re meant to go to is empty. To clear a level, every red knight has to stand in a red tile, as well as every blue knight in blue tile (the easiest levels only contain knights of 1 color).

Real player with 577.2 hrs in game

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even though I’m not into chess, I had a good time playing knights. there’s not much to it, you can only move the pieces like you would if you were playing chess, but you only have different colored knights here that you have to move around until they end up where they should be, blue ones on a square with a blue silhouette, red ones on a red. yellow figures are just there to cause you pain and block your movement but they can also be moved around.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

KNIGHTS on Steam



Solid game. I wish that the menu music was an option out of the 3 during-game music options available, it’s the best of them all. Only con is the music, which can be turned off.

Fair warning to those excited to see a steam game related to chess: It’s more of a puzzle game than a chess game. Even still, fun game that can be picked up and played for 5 or 50 minutes at a time.


2nd review as of May 7th, 2017: More recommended

Props to Drixxel, the developer. I chose to come back and play this game a bit today, and there have been some significant amount of UI-friendly and (positive) gameplay changes. The game is more polished. Music/Audio options, more advanced rules (at least within endless mode). I’m surprised by how few people there are considering the fair amount of content and rewarded quality that was put into the game’s update.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

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Gigachess was developed and published by Gigatross Games. The game itself is interesting because it takes the rules of chess and makes it into a game of it’s own, which it being both challenging and fun to play.


This game is rather clever, with the way that it takes the game of chess and twists it in a way that makes it both fun yet challenging to play. The basics of the game are that your chess pieces can be either a Bishop, Rook or a knight. Your enemies are a number of pawns which you must take out before they reach the end of the chess board and take a life from you. That’s basically the whole game.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Gigachess on Steam



I was on the fence about buying this because I wasn’t sure that it could keep me engaged for very long. I was pleasantly surprised to find that underneath the minimalist presentation there is a game with a surprising amount of depth that has the potential to suck you in for hours on end. I found myself saying “just one more level” until 3 AM. It’s also great if you just have a couple minutes to play.

The leveling system is a great way to measure your skill, keep the game at just the right dificulty, and raise the stakes of a single player game. It feels like climbing the mmr ladder in Dota. The puzzles are procedurally generated, so the replay potential is really limitless.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

My warrior took an arrow to the knee - now my mage is wielding his battle axe…

It’s simple - simple genius.

The comparising with chess is close even though it is not 1 after 1 but 1 faction after the other. The movement patterns are simpler with their limited range but those attack patterns, swap spells and refresh abilities of your units combined with the amount of enemies vs your 3 ones makes you think - or lose. This part makes Militia much more like a table top or the fight part of a classic RPG…with 1 HP units…

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Militia on Steam