Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review, because at 217 hours of game-play at the time of writing, I have invested a lot of my time into this game. I’ve played since the first publicly available build, so feel I have enough experience to critique this and its development as time has gone on. And for anyone wondering I capped out at Lieutenant IV, hardly a rank to sniff at.

I enjoy this game, I really do, when the game goes right it hits that sweet spot so well and you come away with a shiny new rank knowing you were the best of the best in that game.

Real player with 278.6 hrs in game

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I wish I could recommend this game. I really wish I could. But I feel like Valve took an idea they didn’t create, and without properly knowing what was good about that idea took it in their own direction, which ended up ruining what I enjoyed about the game. I played entirely too much of this when it was in beta, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even when things weren’t entirely balanced. The polish Valve put on the game with the interface and coding was just miles above the competition. Perhaps its better now, but TFT wasn’t even a game when Riot released it. I feel Valve had a great head-start on the competition, but I feel they’re ruined it, and while I don’t have access to player numbers, I get the feeling those would back up my claim.

Real player with 240.9 hrs in game

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How to play the game:

Very simple, anyone who’s ever liked playing chess will definitely learn how this game is played instantly. The game is about moving red and blue knights over boards of chess to red/blue highlighted tiles, as in a game of chess, knights can only move in L-shaped direction (2 tiles straight and then 1 tile to side), the knights can jump over whatever it’s standing in their way, as long as the tile they’re meant to go to is empty. To clear a level, every red knight has to stand in a red tile, as well as every blue knight in blue tile (the easiest levels only contain knights of 1 color).

Real player with 577.2 hrs in game

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even though I’m not into chess, I had a good time playing knights. there’s not much to it, you can only move the pieces like you would if you were playing chess, but you only have different colored knights here that you have to move around until they end up where they should be, blue ones on a square with a blue silhouette, red ones on a red. yellow figures are just there to cause you pain and block your movement but they can also be moved around.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

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