If you like Chess, and you like puzzles, chances are you’ll LOVE Chesster.

I write this on the morning I finally solved a level I’d been stuck on for a couple of years. Dancing and exaltation did occur. :)

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Like chess? Check.

Like match-three games (but find them a bit simplistic)? Check.

Like Chesster? Check mate!!

Slightly more seriously, there is one thing about this game that really, really bugs me.

And that’s the fact that I didn’t think of it first.

All the simplicity of match mechanics, but with some real thought required in places. A really inspired ‘obvious’ blend of genres. But only obvious once you’ve seen it. Like some of the puzzles in the game, really. Kudos.

The interface felt a bit lethargic at first; maybe some of the animations like score calculation and so on could be given a bit of a poke with a sharp stick? But once you have adjusted to the pace that’s not really a problem.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Chesster on Steam

Merge Chess

Merge Chess

Merge Chess is a brand new approach to Chess! Blending the strategy of the ancient game of Chess with simple puzzle game mechanics.

Use the mouse, keyboard of game pad to shift the board pieces in any direction. Same pieces of opposite colours that touch will be merged.

Keep merging to take more and more pieces, progressing from Pawn to King. A new piece will spawn every time you move without merging. Be careful not to fill up the board with pieces! The aim of the game is to be left with only one King in the shortest possible number of moves.

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Merge Chess on Steam