Egyptian Senet

Egyptian Senet

To summerize, if you are someone who goes for something with content and thought then try this out; it’s for literally 50 cents when it’s on sale.

This game’s graphics are higher than the screenshots posted, so don’t be fooled. This version is made for normal desktop resolution so I don’t know why any kid would complain. The design is pretty good for a 2D design, and the effort put in the details in the art were meticulously done and not just randomly copied. Everything to me seems like it has its own cham, the victory screen is cute and pleasant, while the prompt when you lose is unpleasant: as to be desired since this is a game for anyone to play and is meant to be symbolic, hence its accessibility to all ages is a plus.

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

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Purchased for a reduced price of £0.79 so can’t say I’m not happy with the purchase!

In all Senet is captivating and this version acts as a good introduction, it is quite addictive as a casual game.

In way of criticism the game presentation is dated and I get the distinct feeling when moving up the difficulty levels the AI gets ‘luckier’ rather than more tactical. This makes the game short-lived as it soon becomes tiresome knowing the AI will often throw the correct combinations to rapidly progress pieces. Something that rarely happens for the human player!

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Egyptian Senet on Steam