Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

I’ve bought this game three times now and I’d buy it again if I had more free time. I bought it first as a standalone Linux game. Later I picked up another copy in a bundle that gave me a Steam key for it (it was part of a bundle and there were other games in that bundle I liked, but having a copy of Frozen Synapse on Steam was the sweetener that sealed the deal for me) and I subsequently bought it for Android because I couldn’t get enough of it.

My biggest problem with this game is it plays to my own desire to optimize and speculate on what my opponent is going to do in a turn-based strategy game. The core mechanic tends to lead me to a decision-paralysis. And I love the game intensely for it.

Real player with 601.6 hrs in game

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I love it when a plan comes together, and Frozen Synapse is my favourite turn-based game.

It’s similar to ground operations of X-COM, for example, but in a purer, simpler form. There’s no base management, inventory, RPG elements. All units of the same type have identical stats. And, unlike X-COM, RNG does not make much of an impact on outcomes of firefights, if any. The typical ‘chance to hit’ mechanic is replaced with ‘time to hit’. If enemy unit is in cover, your unit will need more time to hit him; if enemy units runs into your stationary unit, your unit will shoot first because he had a bonus to this timer, and the enemy had a penalty for running. Thus, if you can predict what your opponent is about to do, you can be 100% sure what will happen when they encounter one of your units. If.

Real player with 93.5 hrs in game

Frozen Synapse on Steam



I was a beta tester for the game during the summer, and felt it was really going somewhere. It turned out beyond my expectations! The game kept upgrading, both graphic-wise and strategy-wise, as the developer added new pieces and maps each time more complex and fun. Also, the addition of the level editor makes the game all the more replayable.

**You should definitely buy the game, even only to support the developer.

To make it short, the game is awesome!**

Real player with 24.2 hrs in game

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If you like to play chess and have some sci-fri of it, you have come to the correct place, this game have chess with laser that spice thing up.

Here at this game you can use different type of piece for your own each strategy.

What more you can create your own custom map and play with your friend to have some fun.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

CHESS with LASERS on Steam