Battle Chess

Battle Chess

Simply amazing. Literally the best Chess game on Steam. Nostalgia goggles or not, I remember playing this game on my Dads old PC - an Amiga, no less - sitting up in the morning before school sneaking a few games in, sitting up at night before bed watching him play. It was a different time. A better time.

It might be old, but there are some things that never go out of style. The game offers a game of Chess in both “3D” pixelated/voxel graphics with medieval characters as playing pieces instead of figures, and a standard “2D” mode that is merely a simple top down view of a standard chess board with appropriate images for each piece. You can play hotseat/couch multiplayer, or you can pit two CPU (lovingly called I.B.M’s in this game) players against each other and watch the carnage. Back in the day, I remember sitting and waiting for minutes at a time until each CPU made a move once the was underway, but those problems are somewhat lessened now, it’s good. On higher difficulty levels the CPU does like to take its time though.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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This is an interesting chess game. You can select two modes: Normal or 3D chessboard. It also includes many useful features, such as save and load. Your rival can be set to a human, a computer (IBM) or a network player (Modem). But I don’t know how to set the last one.

By the way, I once thought this game was based on a sword and magic world. Until I saw that enemy king used a laser pistol to kill my soldiers…

Basic control:

Press ESC to enter the game.

Click LMB to select your chess piece and move it.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Battle Chess on Steam

Archon Classic

Archon Classic

For those of you who grew up playing the original Archon, you will be glad to know this one exists. It has everything the old game did, and offers a lot of improvements. The major thing being secondary attacks. Those were first introduced in Archon Ultra, and these are somewhat similar. There is also the ability to play on different maps some are dependant upon the number of players. ( You can have 4! :D) There is the classic Archon map, maps that allow your guys to level up to level 3, and maps that have runes that provide benefits when you move onto them.

Real player with 28.5 hrs in game

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Archon Classic is a game made by Archon fans for Archon fans to enjoy. I played the NES version and Archon Ultra for MS-DOS, always thinking: “This is a nice game, but imagine how cool would it be if…”. No matter how that sentence finishes, Archon Classic will bring it alongside nostalgia and a modern touch.

This is a chess-like game where pieces of Light and Dark fight each other in real-time battles. Of course, most of the game’s strategy is on the board, where the turn-based portion takes place. If you’re a regular chess player, you’ll probably start thinking about openings, forks, movement block, waste of time, zugzwang and other well-known elements of chess.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Archon Classic on Steam

Simply Chess

Simply Chess

This is a free game, which means it doesn’t really matter whether I “recommend” it or not. So I won’t recommend it, and you’re gonna get it anyway. Everybody wins. Unless you try the multiplayer, which is a fate worse than death. But we’ll get to that.

I guess it’s a decent enough chess simulator, but there are some glaring problems that leaves it an unsatisfactory experience.

The most absurd characteristic that you’ll soon notice is that computer black never, ever - EVER! - plays the Sicilian defense, the line which is statistically the most advantageous for black. I didn’t see it once, even after beating all 100 computer levels, with hundreds of games as white (I have no idea how many, as you can’t “resign” games against the computer, and losing games that you simply exit are not counted in the statistics). The engine does love the Scandinavian defense though. Get used to seeing that.

Real player with 68.7 hrs in game

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I am only writing this review because this game does in fact deserve positive feedback. I am very disappointed at how the Steam community immediately give negative feedback to newly released games as if the game was already in its finalized form. This basically gives the developers no morale or reason to continue improving their game since the rating has already been decided by the sheer ignorance of the community.

Real player with 51.1 hrs in game

Simply Chess on Steam

Ancient Go

Ancient Go

Early Access Day 1 review:

Edit: Thumbs up because it looks promising. (I’d hold off getting it until counting method issues are resolved, hopefully.)

Project seems promising. It includes basic tutorials for rules and scoring, a VS. AI mode and an Online multiplayer mode.

The AI is not particularly strong on any setting (Hard is when it starts playing slightly better moves, maximum tends to take a bit more time to play moves, but not a LOT of time.) So (at least at this stage) the AI is really meant for beginners. It would be nice to get a stronger one later down the line, but I’d rather see good multiplayer added than the focus be on AI.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

“Ancient Go” aims to be an app for total beginners to Go, which is great. Currently, outside of “Ancient Go,” the only other app out there on Steam is “Crazy Stone Deep Learning -The First Edition-,” which is $79.99. However, “Crazy Stone” is arguably meant for committed Go players, who are much stronger at the game. So, “Ancient Go” is a cheaper alternative for “Crazy Stone” that allows the Steam community to start playing Go at a cheaper price. That said, “Ancient Go” has its strengths and weaknesses.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Ancient Go on Steam