Simply Chess

Simply Chess

This is a free game, which means it doesn’t really matter whether I “recommend” it or not. So I won’t recommend it, and you’re gonna get it anyway. Everybody wins. Unless you try the multiplayer, which is a fate worse than death. But we’ll get to that.

I guess it’s a decent enough chess simulator, but there are some glaring problems that leaves it an unsatisfactory experience.

The most absurd characteristic that you’ll soon notice is that computer black never, ever - EVER! - plays the Sicilian defense, the line which is statistically the most advantageous for black. I didn’t see it once, even after beating all 100 computer levels, with hundreds of games as white (I have no idea how many, as you can’t “resign” games against the computer, and losing games that you simply exit are not counted in the statistics). The engine does love the Scandinavian defense though. Get used to seeing that.

Real player with 68.7 hrs in game

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I am only writing this review because this game does in fact deserve positive feedback. I am very disappointed at how the Steam community immediately give negative feedback to newly released games as if the game was already in its finalized form. This basically gives the developers no morale or reason to continue improving their game since the rating has already been decided by the sheer ignorance of the community.

Real player with 51.1 hrs in game

Simply Chess on Steam

Super X Chess

Super X Chess

An excellent game for chess variant enthusiasts.

Game play: This game sports multiple game rules and a plethora of new fairy pieces while still keeping the core of the game intact. The tutorial and the AI make learning the new rules easy and the game offers a lot of potential for improving your strategic thinking. The AI can be adjusted from easy to challenging and either side can be handicapped material. The new scenario selector offers additional opportunities for new and exciting situations to explore. There is also a list that lets you review the games you have played which is another major plus.

Real player with 245.9 hrs in game

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The music choice for this chess game is really good, and the chess is… well, chess. and what could be better?

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Super X Chess on Steam

Battle Chess 4000

Battle Chess 4000

Battle Chess 4000 takes the classic game of chess and rushes it headlong into the future. Chess pieces become animated space-age characters, created from state-of-the-art digitized clay models; with the pieces animated moves being both intriguing and hilarious. Not only that but Battle Chess 4000 has a library of over 300,000 opening moves and an artificial intelligence that can handle any level of opponent.

Battle Chess 4000 features include:

  • State-of-the-art animation from digitized clay models

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Battle Chess 4000 on Steam

Board Games VR

Board Games VR

You play checkers against the computer. I whupped his/her butt! This happens in the middle of a large, empty white room. I think it takes place in purgatory? I don’t know. It’s definitely not heaven. If you get to heaven, you get your own room, and it’s much nicer. All of it is immaculately white. Some gold trim, yes, but mostly white. A few chairs accompany a large, incredibly comfortable queen bed. You spend most of eternity sleeping. But every now and then you wake up and do some thinking and experience consciousness for a bit, just so your soul can reaffirm it’s own existence, you see. Before long, it’s back to bed for more endless restful dreaming.

! It looks like this: –romantic-bedrooms-white-bedrooms.jpg

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game


Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Board Games VR on Steam

Chess Brain: Dark Troops

Chess Brain: Dark Troops

What a good game. I liked the AudioDesign.

It was difficult for me at first, but I ended up getting the hang of it at the end

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Pretty easy, only got stuck on level 23. Dig the concept, hard to say whether this will improve my chess game until I play.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Chess Brain: Dark Troops on Steam

Chess Brain

Chess Brain

This game has interested chess related puzzles. To see everything moving and trying to figure out next move is challenging. Sometimes it melts your brain making calculations for every move, and because of that, I love this game.

I really wanted to see a sequel for this game. :)

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Short chess puzzle game about finding the right path through a board without encountering an enemy piece. Good. Level reset and you can redraw your path as many times as you need to.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Chess Brain on Steam

ChessBase 16 Steam Edition

ChessBase 16 Steam Edition

One of the best chess app ever…

Real player with 607.1 hrs in game

Chessbase 16 is the latest line of chessbase products and its cheaper than that from Chessbase Germany

Real player with 485.1 hrs in game

ChessBase 16 Steam Edition on Steam

Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Nice chess GUI with 2nd best chess engine and other features.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

Fat Fritz 2.0 SE on Steam

Fritz Chess 14

Fritz Chess 14

I am a lover of playing chess. I was never in any chess tournaments or clubs. I learned how to play when I was 5. I have been playing casually since, off and on. Since my upgrade from wind 7, (I miss dearly, win 8 & 10 sucks), to 8, then to 10, I lost the standard programs that came with Win 7. Chess program was one of them. It was simple and easy to play. I bought Fritz 14 due to the lack of any decent chess programs that I was coming/searching across/for. I purchased Fritz 14 and I am not happy with it. It is the most unfriendly interface that I have ever experienced. I can not figure out how to set up games against te computer. I barely able to get a game going against a human (Sending my moves via email to my bro in prison) via emal. I recieve his move via email and I move his piece. This is fine. He is the only one I play. There is so much junk, not explained, junk to me anyways, and it’s worse than maze of tangled fishing line. I guess if you love chess, and you are not Einstein, find a simpler chess program. Believe me, this program is not user friendly, I have many, many hours of frustration, and always ends with giving up. Try again a month or so later, still frustrating. The help feature is really bad. You can only enter predermined questions and so you have to settle for a listing that’s “Close enough” to what you are asking it. The answer is short vague, and not helpful. Not in my case so far. I have yet to figure how to start a game against the AI. Tons and tons of databases that does not make sence. I just want to play chess, I don’t give a crap of games already played, especially by some one else, even if it was Einstien’s game or not. Save your money, save your frustrations for something worth being frustrated over, and just settle for a simple, inexpensive chess program. I will have to search again for such. Win 7 version not compatible with win10. After all, check out the number of reviews on Fritz 14 (positive ones), sure, mostly positive, but they are all the Einstiens in the world, and they are only about 40 of them in existance. I am not one of them of course. ;op

Real player with 1311.4 hrs in game

ok so here’s the deal. having fritz on steam is pretty awesome. but there’s some things to consider:

if you already own fritz there’s not much (if any) difference between this and the last few versions.

there is however a larger database so i’m assuming that’s been updated from the previous version.

you’re not getting deep fritz here so no multi core engine (atleast not fritz engine) if you want

multicore engines they can be used without a problem. so the real question is, is it worth it?

well that depends. do you already own fritz and have an active premium account for

Real player with 350.9 hrs in game

Fritz Chess 14 on Steam

Fritz Chess 17 Steam Edition

Fritz Chess 17 Steam Edition

Review for Fritz Chess 17 Steam Edition (english and french)

1. English

With Fritz 17, in addition to the Fritz 17 engine, you get a completely new chess engine that was created with the help of a neural network based on the AlphaZero approach. There are also new exciting functions for creating and practicing opening repertoire. Based on LCZero technology, a neural network was trained with Grand Master games for over a year. The developers named the result Fat Fritz, which, however, needs a very powerful NVidea graphics card to achieve the full game strength.

Real player with 661.0 hrs in game


Changed to positive since, I have to admit, slowly finding out content is there, just hidden behind a really unclear and buggy - for me - interface!

First I have to click “NO” on every prompt it pops up when I launch some of the modules or menus items (at least this is what’s happening on my system…), then it seems, so far, everything runs, their website connection too - playchess - only thing you are logged in as guest with sort of limited privilege, which is fair, tbh.

The Easy Game is what actually it says…easy with limited functionality…Then, if you want to access the full features, you can only via launching a game from the database or running the classic menu and then working from there ( as pointed out by Knusperzwieback in a reply to my review!)

Real player with 127.0 hrs in game

Fritz Chess 17 Steam Edition on Steam