Knight’s Retreat

Knight’s Retreat

Knight’s Retreat is a simple chess-themed puzzler which requires careful planning to complete its 80 stages. While the difficulty isn’t consistent, it’s easy enough to play in short sessions, ideal for break times or multiplayer queues. It’s cheap, suitable for all ages, and awards achievements for completion.

✅ Easy to understand, with ample tutorial stages

✅ Pleasing low poly design, including different environments

✅ Chill music and SFX

✅ Multiple mechanics (sliding panels, flip switches, linked pieces)

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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Too many bugs when using the undo button, such as some tiles becoming inaccessible, and sometimes it seems to undo a few moves at once at once (I’m not certain of this, but I sometimes notice that a few of my knights have somehow moved backwards on their own, which I assume was caused by me while undoing a different move), and when you move a piece onto a tile with a button and then undo the move, the effect of the button is reversed but the piece remains on the button. This game only allows you to undo one move per turn, so you can imagine how frustrating it can be when the undo button is as wonky as it is. This isn’t a problem for most levels, as this is a relatively easy puzzle game, but there is one particular level near the end that is significantly more complicated than the rest which I’ve been trying hard to solve, but the wonkiness of the undo button keeps forcing me to restart the whole level, which eventually led to me giving up on it.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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