[the Game is not complete][if you are cocked about single developer developing the game you are in a wrong gamepage]and dont beg for keys. buy the game.

Mechone is a 3D Real time Strategy Game based on Four races. the Pyrolytes, the Semitrytes, the Hydrolytes and the Uncronytes. you have to use platforms to move and traversethe game. you can use and target your units in a strategical placement like chess. its not a management game. its not a diolouge driven game. its not even wa walk and start shooting game. this is a new genre of strategy game.

Strategic Ai

The oppnent of this game is a strategic Ai. there are four cults to choose from. the Enemies strategise their attack and a in a unique way they play against you. You will face a strategical tactical environment in this game. there are upto 3 enemies depending on the level maps. You will be playing against a computer rathar thna a human opponent as it is not a multiplayer game. the Multiplayer is not featured due to overuse of player to player interaction and the lack of building features in the games like most RTS.


The game play of this game is to choose turn based startegical placement of your character. you can do one thing at a time and wait for he opponent to make its move. the game is dependeded on the resources and the battles effect he player ability. you can call in your other corporals in this game though the hub and upto 13 players you can play against a enemy. its not in the number but how you play the game. there are 4 players of this game depending on the map.

You can make allies with two of them and ensure your victory.


the characters of this game are all uniquely designed and you won’t find it on any other game. the game is based on year 0000 and it is unknown what tech it folowes.

But as the game design is it is a super tech highprofile miltary strategical chess game. once you make the move, it is like the turn of fate what happens as a result. so you have to be aware of your moves. the characcters of this game are designed none like beforehand. and there are no refrences. but yes. they are all bugs.

Level Design

The level design of this game is unique in its own way. its a new genre of level design. designing this game i was faced with the trendy designs thatim making a game. rathe it is a graphic design oriented game. You won’t find trees and mud and grass and temples of ancients or a mechanical unit or a machine but MEchone is a game that is about the inside of things the mechanics or the machine within the organic the levels are or platformed and designed as a machine. the levels are adaptive. and non repeating. meaning depending on your moves the gameplay will be diffrent each time you play. so you can play the same level over and over again to enjoy the most of it. it could have been a simple to complicated task base level design to guide you through the story. but im giving you the gest of the gameplay without fussing over a separate intro video to waste time. the story is simple. they have conflict. you play.

The Players

Get to kow the characters. which ones are more effective. they all fucntion the same way but it is upto you to choose your character to play with. do you want oyur first Lt. to do all the job or you want to aid him with maruder.

The Ammos

The ammos of theis games are semi unique meaning they have bullets but as blades and electric charges and power surges. the ammos are not the usuall blow up king kong but they have been thoughfully organised to go with the mechanical theme of the solo miltaray startegy.

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Mechone on Steam

Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Nice chess GUI with 2nd best chess engine and other features.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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Fat Fritz 2.0 SE on Steam