Bruh the game isnt even done? Wtf

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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This is not a game. This is not even an artsy non-game. This is just… nothing. There’s nothing here, nothing to do.

If this were early access and still a work in progress, I would not mind, but there’s no indication on the store page that this isn’t a compete game. I have no idea whether or not more will be added in the future, but for now, I advise against wasting your time. There is no enjoyment of any kind to be had from this title.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

nightshift on Steam

Infected City

Infected City

Enjoyed the hour or so playing this game. It was a bit clunky but it all worked. Very simple point and shoot, no instructions required. Not sure the ‘acting’ was a deliberately hammy or just not very good either way I took it all as a bit of fun. I have paid a lot more for games I could not be bothered with after a hour.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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Stars received: 1.2/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

[0.2] Controls & Training & Help

[0.1] Menu & Settings

[0.1] Sound & Music

[0.2] Graphics

[0.3] Game Design

[0.2] Game Story

[0.1] Game Content

[0] Completion time (level/game)?

[0] is it Enjoyable & Fun?

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[0] BONUS point: Multi-Player related

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: bugged, hand-made pickle

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Infected City on Steam

Bram The Toymaker

Bram The Toymaker

A scary bedtime story or a horrid physical entity?

The story goes that the toymaker is an undead figure who comes out at night leaving a toy on the children’s bedroom window to lure and capture them. Upon finding an old hidden journal, Blake discovers that a folktale passed through generations in his family might hold some dark secrets. He embarks on a journey to unravel what’s behind his ancestor’s mysterious journal.

Return to your family roots, deep into a long-forgotten isolated 19th-century village called Grimmville where time has stopped.

Upon arriving at the abandoned manor, once you set foot inside suddenly you find yourself trapped. Equipped with a flashlight you must explore the rooms. Some of them are escape-room style. Your main objective is to look for clues in order to solve timed puzzles that will give you the necessary items to progress further and make your way out.

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Bram The Toymaker on Steam

Carpathian Night

Carpathian Night

The plague of Dracula’s army continues to spread across the Carpathians, growing stronger with each victim it claims. Those who attempt to resist are met with a fate worse than death. If Dracula is not stopped, he will bring everlasting night to the world.

Only two champions have answered the call to bring divine justice to Dracula and his minions. Abbot Dorin, warrior monk and leader of the Kelemen Church, and Irina Dracul, vampire, pyromancer, and ancestor of Prince Dracula, have joined together to drive back the army of the dead and hunt down the legendary vampire himself. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demonic beings of every kind await all who dare trespass into their master’s domain! Those who survive the horrors of the Borgo Pass will reach the gates of the ancient Castle Dracula, where the real nightmare begins!

Carpathian Night is a tribute to retro horror side-scrollers and the classic monster films that inspired them. Battle your way through legions of iconic monsters, avoid deadly traps, uncover the secret history of your monstrous foes, and face the legendary Lord of the Vampires within his own ancestral home! Answer the call, mighty hunter, and drive the wickedness back from whence it came!

Carpathian Night on Steam

Scribble Fight

Scribble Fight

Are you a good shooter?

It’s time to show it! Play a little, or a lot.

There’s no skill ceiling, so you can always get better and better.

Just try to survive the enemy waves.

You are RED.

Enemies are BLUE.

Shoot them ALL.

Scribble Fight on Steam

Super Urban Wizard

Super Urban Wizard

Super Urban Wizard is a 2D side scrolling arcade shooter where you control a wizard with guns and shoot your way through various 2D urban scenes.

The game was written in Flash. Much like you can drive a car using only your feet, video game developers can make video games using Flash. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, especially if it’s a terrible idea. There’s no working fullscreen mode, and the game is clunky as all hell, because it was written in Flash, so it’s garbage.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

It’s OK if you like this sort of game, it’s just a left and right, shoot game, too simple, reminds me of the old Sega games, they become real boring real quick, for 79p meh maybe if you like this sort of thing, personally it’s like digging ear wax out… can only do it for so long before it hurts!

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Super Urban Wizard on Steam



The only Ninja Gaiden experience currently available on PC! I say enjoy it!

Note: Only recommended if you have a controller!


  • Amazing graphics and animation as one expects for a Ninja Gaiden game.

  • Cool combat and funny/interesting enemies

  • Funny anti hero character


  • The game is too short for a Ninja Gaiden game

  • Enemies are funny but can get old, and no Ninja type enemies. All are zombies!

  • Can be frustrating (but then what Ninja Gaiden game isn’t?)

So in my view Ninja Gaiden 1 as a game is the Deus Ex equivalent of action games

Real player with 23.6 hrs in game

I want to clear something up before I move on here. This game is NOT a traditional Ninja Gaiden game, if you couldn’t already tell. I feel as though some people were looking for a Ninja Gaiden 4, a true sequel to Gaiden 2 (because 3 was definitely a different, less satisfying beast). So Yaiba. This game is the extreme opposite of a true Ninja Gaiden game in many ways. However, it is also like those games in many ways as well. Let me explain.

I’ve played Ninja Gaiden 1-3, beginning from the original xbox. I was never great at them, constantly getting punished just like every other regular joe, but I beat all three. I’ve read from others that this isn’t a true Ninja Gaiden, that it’s easier, that it’s more or less terrible. Sure, if you were amazing at the first two, maybe this one wasn’t that next level of challenge you were looking for.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game


Z-Blood Mission

Z-Blood Mission

Edited after release 0.2.0

Finally! Controls are now customizable!

The game is improving rapidly! Now I don’t get stuck in strange places. The gameplay has become much more dynamic and fluid. It is much more fun to play with mouse aiming. Last time I wrote that the game lacks in-game tips and they were added in the following release. It is very gratifying that the developers listen so carefully to the players opinions. And a special thank for the extra kicks. Now it is not only a horror shooter, but also a bit of a fighting game. Amused the opportunity to kick zombies on the ground!

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

Has the potential to be a fun Dreamcast-era-ish zombie game with some improvements.

My thoughts are:

  • Fix visual glitches

  • Iron out physics

  • Reduce HP of the miniboss enemies

  • Add at least 2 more levels

  • Offer an alternate creepy ost

  • Include controller support

  • Consider dropping the price to $5 until more levels are added and other issues sorted out

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Z-Blood Mission on Steam

Moon Bullet

Moon Bullet

For the price the game is OK, we get what we paid for, on the collector side, it’s a cheap +1 to your game count, on the +1 to perfect games it’s just as easy +1 add on, the game doesn’t require much to 100% it.

The game itself now. it’s pretty small game that can be completed quite fast, it depends on you. The levels however gets harder as you move forward with them, adding a nice challenge to the game. The game is pretty much a standard 2D style game, the zombie animations are done quite decently and they look great too. The background art, along with the retro/ pixel art design really comes together nicely giving us a visually appealing game.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

i think this product is okey. the concept of this videogame is very simple and as main thing it works.

thanks for work!!!

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Moon Bullet on Steam

Bloody Zombies

Bloody Zombies

I’ve always enjoyed Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Final Fight and all the classics beat’m up….

This game has all those mechanics that I loved …you could grab the enemies, you could run and hit them, you could pick guns…enemies have different attacks that when mixed will really push you to kill some first before others and other tactics….so …let me tell you guys: THE BEAT’M UP PART IS THERE and IS REALLY FUN TO PLAY!

now…add to that the VR part….wooooow

I’m REALLY ENJOYING IT IN VR but I could show you videos/screenshots and you will not still understand the sensation.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

I personally don’t like a brawler type of games and Bloody Zombies is that kind of game. But if you have up to 3 friends under the same roof or over the internet. This game is good fun. There is also an option to play with other Steam users and it is a fun alternative way to play this game.

Too bad when you die and don’t have continues left. You need to start the whole level from the beginning and it is sometimes frustrating and you will beg for better checkpoint to levels (Even one in the middle way of the map)

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Bloody Zombies on Steam