Mafia Gangster City

Mafia Gangster City

the game does not respond I do not reply to the e-mail I have played tens of hours and they do not care at least if they sent me an e-mail for technical support I also sent photos from my e-mail everything still no response. Well thank you

Real player with 223.1 hrs in game

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nice game i like it

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

Mafia Gangster City on Steam

Demon Blast

Demon Blast


As I absolutely adore the DOOM series and similar titles, Demon Blast naturally caught my eye on Steam’s Store Page immediately. Its colourful, cartoonish art style, along with the promise of killing hordes of demons, was enough for me to give it a try, despite it being in the Early Access. The harsh reality is that this game is unfinished and clunky to play, as you would expect from the Early Access. However, the promised updates are still not released, which is why I finally decided to write a review, as the game’s current content does not offer enough to justify its price for me.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Written By Hidden Gems Review :

The idea of a roguelike with a touch of doom is reaaaally great, in fact was pretty fun until…

There are 2 bugs are killling me (literally)

1st one the enemy range atack pass the doors and hits you

2nd one the have a issue with the mouse like if you change of dpi for talking with npcs of hitting stuff with your hands.

I know it’s an early acess and you expect bugs but this make the game nearly unplayable and really hard

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Demon Blast on Steam



**Hope Land is a Multiplayer Online Action Survival Game.

Players will have to survive in the devastated world after the apocalyptic event.The land is full of danger such as the hostile environment of desert that also fills with many mutated creatures that are ready to end your life with just one wrong step. Your cunning and wit is the best weapon of all, players can craft your own customized weapon such as edge weapon or even firearm from items that you can find from the surrounding environment. Find your friend to fight alongside, to overcome the great danger that sole person can’t. And beware, make your choice wisely. Any of your decisions will affect the future no matter if it will be good or worst. Can you survive in this land? The land that what keeps you going is only the hope to survive?**


  • Introducing the devastated world after the destruction, set at the 50 years in the future. With a large open world the player can freely explore and fight your way to survive in this god forsaken land.

  • All Characters come with special skills and abilities, more than 50 types to choose from and will be more in the future.

  • Npc in the world will have different interactions depending on player behavior, which choice the player made in the past will affect how the people will interact with you.

  • Go on the hunt against deadly enemies with your friends, including the world boss that just a few people is not enough. But require help from the entire settlement or city to slain.(Online multiplayer content will be available in the later version)

  • Hire Npc to help players to do tasks that you normally can’t. In which each npc will have their own set of skill and ability.

  • Random event and encounters can be found everywhere in the world,

  • including a good and an unfortunate one. Traveling will not be the same from yours last.

  • Every settlement or city has their own problem and conflict; whatever it is politice ,belief or local power, all will affect the player’s progress.

  • Quest in the game will have many choices that can lead to multiple outcomes. Every outcome will affect the player’s future progression.

  • (In-game lore and story will be fully implement in the later build)

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HopeLand on Steam

Rogue Bots

Rogue Bots


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Rogue Bots on Steam

The Light of the Darkness

The Light of the Darkness

THE LIGHT OF THE DARKNESS is a Metroidvania game inspired by the beloved classics. Explore the Lands of Oblivion, a cursed place between the worlds of Light and Darkness. Play as the first and unique hybrid, a creature of both worlds, yet bound to neither. Survive the hatred of the Pales and the Darks. Delve into a world filled with rich storytelling and an intriguing, original history.


“Ophelos: the world of Light, Zigardth: the world of Darkness and the Lands of Oblivion."

Long ago, a world divided between Light and Darkness emerged. Pales and Darks blinked into existence. Despite their world split in two by a cataclysmic event, it did not take long for the two societies to discover each other. War followed, fueled by the prejudice between them.

In a dark pit in a cursed land, a strange creature rises from a pile of corpses with no memories or knowledge about himself or the world around him. He is the first and only of his kind; a hybrid, with essences of Light and Dark. As soon he appears, the Pales and the Darks reject him for his nature, forcing him to face alone the dangers of those lands.

Follow this hybrid’s journey through the madness of war. Discover with him the strange nature of the world and its inhabitants. Help him on his journey to unite two clashing cultures, and learn the intriguing truth of his origin.


  • Episodic Metroidvania: Elaborate level design that encourages exploration and evolution of skills in an engaging manner.

  • Essence Absorption: Absorb essences from other beings, allowing the player to gain strength, abilities. Discover a diverse combination of elements, natures, and personas that can be merged into a multitude of spell variants.

  • Equipment, weapons, and more!: Access an arsenal of equipment and weapons, each with their own attributes, abilities and attack patterns.

  • Immersive visuals: Cutting-edge 3D graphics with a dark, realistic style, different environments, and dynamic lighting. Encounter beautifully detailed models and environments with a fine tuned, intuitive interface.

  • An epic tale: Immerse yourself in The Lands of Oblivion and unearth a mysterious world of mystical elements. Learn the rich history of the Pales and the Darks and what has led to their violent conflict. Play as the amnesic hybrid and collect clues and memories through flashbacks. Discover his mysterious past and what awaits him in his legendary saga.

The Light of the Darkness on Steam