Lakeview Cabin Collection

Lakeview Cabin Collection

get Naked

grab gasoline

Soak balcony with gasoline

grab matches

get drunk and puke on floor

Killer shows up

He slips on the puke

Light him up like a christmas tree

Get on zipline saying “TALLY-HO LADS!”

land in woodchipper which I forgot to turn off

10/10, would die with my pixels hanging out again


Okay, let’s get serious. This game is amazing for it’s price. It’s a complex puzzle box from the depths of hell! It’s filled with all kinds of secrets, changing gameplay, gratuitous violence, sex, human sacrafice and amazing atmosphere for something that just uses the pixel graphics!

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

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I HIGHLY recommend this lovingly-constructed tribute to the ’80s' most iconic horror films. It has the puzzle-solving feel of old Sierra On-Line adventure games (e.g. King’s Quest and Quest for Glory), in that there are several well-defined obstacles, which can be overcome in a variety of ways, limited mostly–but not entirely–by the player’s creativity.

The “collection” features four full games, each one a tribute to a set of horror films from the ’80s. Respectively, the games pay tribute to the Friday the 13th series; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes; Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street; and finally Alien and The Thing. The game’s own lore recapitulates some major themes from these films as well, besides that of masked, blade-wielding serial killers: there are twisted family relations, backwoods satanic cults, revenge from beyond the grave, haunted video games, plus references to an in-game “true story” on which the Lakeview Cabin “movies” are based. It’s tempting to say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

Lakeview Cabin Collection on Steam

Bright Paw

Bright Paw

“Bright Paw” is a relaxing, very easy puzzle adventure with an adorable cat protagonist, cute stylized graphics, and an interesting story that unfortunately doesn’t really find closure.

You play as Theo, a cat whose owner has just been murdered. While trying to find the killer, you discover an entire secret facility full of robots, lasers, and other traps. The story is narrated via whimsical voice-overs, as well as texts that describe collectibles which you keep finding. The narrator also comments on your actions, similar to the narrators of “Bastion” or “The Stanley Parable”.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

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An adorable little 2.5d to top-down puzzler game that has you going through different levels and has limited environmental interaction, but going from a simple home invasion to, well, you have to find out, is like an early draft for something from the X-Files or a Cat rendition of an episode of LOST.

Game-play involves choosing a limited amount of cards that specify what action you want to perform at that time to traverse obstacles and explore the ever-widening story that makes me think of the show “Lost”, where it throws out a avalanche of ideas and design, but only explains a handful. /You thought it was a simple plane crash, didn’t you?/

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Bright Paw on Steam

Grimm & Tonic: Aperitif

Grimm & Tonic: Aperitif

I don’t normally review but this time I have to warn people that this game is, at the moment for me at least, buggy and broken.

Bugs may include:

  • Sudden blank screen/unable to choose an option.

  • Loading saves remembers last soul count.

  • Soul does not increase on Episode 2, at all.

  • The Cocktail Grimoire may not always open.

One note is that the bug that froze the game on receiving an achievement has been fixed, I have been unable to get an achievement since!

The premise is great though and I would love to see more of the story, so there’s that. I hold out hope for some fixes to come, soon maybe?! 2.22/6.66?

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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now first off im going to say people who reviewed the game really dont know how to review this game. I feel like people are looking at is as for example of another game cyber punk. when you look at the price difference this game is much cheaper and with that being said more people would have a positive review rather than negative. the art style in the game I enjoyed but at times it can be a little to much for the human eyes but the story line is good as it was very funny. meeting people in a bar and you have no soul but growing it from them is a very good concept and thats the main point of the game. this is a story line game that unlike big names can be played causally. you sit down for an hour or so and dont have to worry about fighting or anything like that. the only negative i have is that I wish death played a bigger role and you got to know him more and the end was a bit sudden. it is good short and simple and easy.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Grimm & Tonic: Aperitif on Steam



Step through the 4th Wall…

…into the world of NUMINA. You get in contact with Shawn who is able to hear your voice through the 4th wall! You meet in a very critical moment where Shawn loses someone very close to him while being swept up in a conspiracy that involves your mutual bond. A plot threatening to shake the foundations of the world.

Your bond will be tested in an exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects: A character-driven story in which your relationships change the course of the story, a dynamic battle system, challenging puzzles, towns waiting to be explored and other exciting locations!

Key Features

  • Breaking the 4th Wall

    The 4th wall is a concept from theater where the actors on stage directly interact with the audience. In the same fashion, you partake in the story of Numina as a character in the form of a bodiless voice that only Shawn can hear - a guardian spirit. You can interact with Shawn and influence his decisions through dialogue choices in the game.

  • Branching Decisions

    The decisions you make influences the relationship Shawn has with the other characters you’ll meet in the game. Having good relationships with your party members unlocks powerful combo-attacks in battle and may open up the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level ♥ Your decisions also influence the overall course of the story to conclude into one of the four possible endings.

  • Battle with the Elements

    Engage in a round-based combat system with action inputs for some attacks that require you to make timed inputs for maximum damage! Each character also has unique elemental abilities to exploit enemy weaknesses. Incorporate this into your strategy to quickly win battles.

  • Explore the World of Alterna

    Most side quests in NUMINA allow you to dive deeper into the backstory and lore of the world. But you can also explore the beautiful scenery with your grappling hook to reach higher places and find new gear, spell scrolls or rare items.

Numina on Steam

Whats wrong with me?

Whats wrong with me?

It is half-translated, things make no sense, no tutorial or control options so out of those 37 minutes 20 of them was how to make the game run, what button does what, how to use items and so on.. It also has very bad graphic options and lags for no reason. It is not a fun experience and it’s not worth it, not even if it was 0,39.

It’s extremely short and the “story” makes 0 sense especially with it being half translated.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Whats wrong with me? on Steam

Adam’s Ascending

Adam’s Ascending

Half of the scenes in the trailer are not in the game. There is no saving or level select, which wouldn’t be an issue if the game did not crash or loaded the next level correctly.

The game is about twenty minutes long, but everyone reviewing it has 2 hours played, because it is impossible to avoid restarting the game from the beginning because of a soft-lock. Oh the crystal fell out of the map? Better restart from the beginning.

The demo released a year ago is just as buggy but missing a few connecting scenes. The game ends abruptly before it really even begins.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

I’ve been waiting to play Adam’s Ascending since I heard about it during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. It was definitely worth the wait. 

Yes, the game is in Early Access for now, so you will come across a few bugs and issues that you wouldn’t experience in a full-fledged game. I can confidently say that the game’s overall experience is very satisfying and pretty much what I thought it would be at this stage. 

There are some loading time issues here and there, but nothing crazy. Not having a save option is not always enjoyable by keeping you on edge with a bit frustration sprinkled in at times. Just for that though, it does give me nostalgia for an earlier era in games.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Adam's Ascending on Steam