Lakeview Cabin Collection

Lakeview Cabin Collection

get Naked

grab gasoline

Soak balcony with gasoline

grab matches

get drunk and puke on floor

Killer shows up

He slips on the puke

Light him up like a christmas tree

Get on zipline saying “TALLY-HO LADS!”

land in woodchipper which I forgot to turn off

10/10, would die with my pixels hanging out again


Okay, let’s get serious. This game is amazing for it’s price. It’s a complex puzzle box from the depths of hell! It’s filled with all kinds of secrets, changing gameplay, gratuitous violence, sex, human sacrafice and amazing atmosphere for something that just uses the pixel graphics!

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

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I HIGHLY recommend this lovingly-constructed tribute to the ’80s' most iconic horror films. It has the puzzle-solving feel of old Sierra On-Line adventure games (e.g. King’s Quest and Quest for Glory), in that there are several well-defined obstacles, which can be overcome in a variety of ways, limited mostly–but not entirely–by the player’s creativity.

The “collection” features four full games, each one a tribute to a set of horror films from the ’80s. Respectively, the games pay tribute to the Friday the 13th series; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes; Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street; and finally Alien and The Thing. The game’s own lore recapitulates some major themes from these films as well, besides that of masked, blade-wielding serial killers: there are twisted family relations, backwoods satanic cults, revenge from beyond the grave, haunted video games, plus references to an in-game “true story” on which the Lakeview Cabin “movies” are based. It’s tempting to say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

Lakeview Cabin Collection on Steam

Social Distancing Simulator

Social Distancing Simulator

Social distancing is in full effect, but we all need to eat. Make your way through a supermarket with 120+ different product’s, avoid the other customers and make it through check out with everything on your shopping list. You might want to stock up on extra supplies while you can, They are working for a vaccine, but things are bound to get worse before they get better. Stay safe.

  • 5 Unique Endings!

  • Unique Game Mechanics

  • Satirical Story

  • 120+ Products

  • 575+ Buildings

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Social Distancing Simulator on Steam

Beach Volleyball Competition

Beach Volleyball Competition

Beach volleyball simulator.


  • x2 game modes, 3D or 2.5D isometric projection;

  • easy game play controls;

  • realistic ball physics and speed;

  • several levels, with several music



  • styled characters;

  • internal control for vfx, sfx, music;

  • partner AI character behavior customization;

  • training mode for learning correct action execution;

  • story mode have progress for increasing team skills;

  • versus mode vs bots configured using net orders from other real users teams or teams of story mode;

  • multilingual translation for general settings



3D game mode.

Planned replacement of background stuff to use completely 3d stuff.

2.5D game mode.

Court projection is isometric, that increase playable area.

Easy game play controls.

You need one click per action, on right or left side of playable area, that control game play.

Click on upper screen area show/hide modal menu.

Styled characters.

Available skin color, hair style, clothes, customization inside “PLAYER” menu.

Change at least the color of the skin of the character, not to be confused where you are in the team.

Internal control for vfx, sfx, music.

Visual effects can be turned on/off using “?” menu, that decrease cpu load of slow devices.

Sound effects and music volume, can be controlled using “VOLUME” menu, and using match popup menu.

Partner AI character behavior customization.

AI behavior can be controlled using “PARTNER” menu.

Story mode have progress for increasing team skills.

Next story level unlocked - dope capacity increased.

Versus mode vs bots configured using net orders from other real users teams or teams of story mode.

“VERSUS”- “CREATE NETWORK AI ORDER” , when complete, your team simulation was added on server, and other real users can take order and play versus your bots. Behavior simulate your behavior, less or more.

“VERSUS”- “TAKE NETWORK AI ORDER” , when complete, you can play vs other user team simulation.

That start match vs network AI use “TRAINING”- “USER VS AI”. That observe match of your team simulation vs other user team simulation use “TRAINING”- “AI VS AI”.

Multilingual translation for general settings.

Visual effects setting description inside “?” translated to few languages.

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Beach Volleyball Competition on Steam

Bright Paw

Bright Paw

“Bright Paw” is a relaxing, very easy puzzle adventure with an adorable cat protagonist, cute stylized graphics, and an interesting story that unfortunately doesn’t really find closure.

You play as Theo, a cat whose owner has just been murdered. While trying to find the killer, you discover an entire secret facility full of robots, lasers, and other traps. The story is narrated via whimsical voice-overs, as well as texts that describe collectibles which you keep finding. The narrator also comments on your actions, similar to the narrators of “Bastion” or “The Stanley Parable”.

Real player with 15.3 hrs in game

An adorable little 2.5d to top-down puzzler game that has you going through different levels and has limited environmental interaction, but going from a simple home invasion to, well, you have to find out, is like an early draft for something from the X-Files or a Cat rendition of an episode of LOST.

Game-play involves choosing a limited amount of cards that specify what action you want to perform at that time to traverse obstacles and explore the ever-widening story that makes me think of the show “Lost”, where it throws out a avalanche of ideas and design, but only explains a handful. /You thought it was a simple plane crash, didn’t you?/

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Bright Paw on Steam

Balconing Simulator 2020

Balconing Simulator 2020

Overall it’s not terrible for what it is; a quick and silly little time-waster.

One thing I could point out is that you have very little control over the direction of your jump, which doesn’t really leave you with much influence on whether or not you land in the water.

This means that there isn’t much of a skill ceiling to this game, and you end up just jumping repeatedly until you get a good result.

It was entertaining enough for the time I spent with it, but I can’t imagine getting much more out of it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

An utterly ridiculous concept for a game, but a highly amusing one nonetheless!

Get drunk (or don’t, but then you don’t get multiplier points!), jump off a balcony and do your best to nail your very best landing in to the pool, assuming you even make it in the pool. If you want to do it with real style then aim to land in the rubber ring (I managed it in this video, eventually - )

Be prepared for some painful landings, some face plants and more. Trust me, after playing this game you’ll definitely NEVER consider doing this in real life. Hopefully you never were in the first place!

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Balconing Simulator 2020 on Steam

Park Story

Park Story


One rainy night, tyres screech and a car crashes into an abandoned park. Parker crawls from the wreckage to find themselves trapped in a forgotten place twisting in the grip of the demon raven Caim. The enemy may be a Great President of Hell, but Parker is going to discover they have demons of their own.


There’s no way out unless Parker follows the lead of the Lairds — the park’s animal parliament. Parker will need to decide if wildlife who wear waistcoats can be trusted. It’s not the only quest. Ghosts roam the park with their own unfinished business and only Parker can help.


Explore a huge overworld packed with secrets, hidden caves and eerily familiar attractions. Discover more as the mystery unfolds, taking you deeper and deeper into the park.


Venture into unique dungeons each with their own distinct puzzles to solve. Unlock new tools and abilities, unpick interconnected rooms, and learn the history of Parker’s hometown to get closer to freedom. Absolutely nothing procedural, just like classic action RPGs.


Parker will need more than two legs to overcome Caim. Take on the forms of the Lairds — a squirrel, a fox, a duck and a pigeon. Use their natural gifts to crawl, dig, swim and fly to the road home.


Caim hasn’t come alone. His Generals lurk within the dungeons. Twisted versions of their former selves, they opened the gateway for Caim. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that it’s others that suffer the consequences.

Embrace the Park. Overcome underachievement. Find your way home.

Park Story on Steam

Mess Adventures

Mess Adventures

Best trolling game of the years ^^

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game


Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Mess Adventures on Steam

Poly Gangs

Poly Gangs

PolyGangs: A 3-person sandbox world action game in LowPolly style. A gangster simulator in a large American city. Heater will be able to choose whether to become a felon or an undercover policeman. The action of the game takes place in the fictional city of Lopolis, where gang wars are commonplace and the police always start shooting first.

In the game, we have the entire city at our disposal, along with the surrounding areas that we can freely explore. The game world is full of places and situations with which we can interact. As a gangster, our task will be to take over local businesses, robberies, trafficking in illegal goods, killings and various other criminal activities, often with slight frostbite and a good dose of humor.

In the game we will be able to choose which gang we will be a member of, we will choose from: Italian, Chinese, Irish, Russian, Jewish, Mexican. We will start the game as a minor criminal and lead the gang during the development of the game. It will be up to the player to choose a criminal path or to investigate the gangs as an undercover policeman.

The main elements of the game are driving a cars, chases, shootings, assaults, assassinations, the development of our hero and other gang members, and the management of the criminal business. We will be able to use various vehicles from motorcycles, through passenger cars to trucks, we will have a wide range of weapons, from knives to firearms to rocket launchers. Our hero and gang members will be able to gain new skills such as speed, strength, resistance, and charisma.

The world in PolyGangs is very dynamic, full of characters who often have very unpredictable behavior and physical objects that react to collisions and interact, introduce an element of chaos and fun.

The production will appear on Windows, Android, and IOS platforms.

Poly Gangs on Steam

Furgal’s Jetpack

Furgal’s Jetpack

Simply amazing runner. Funny graphics and friendly controls. Difficulty level of game made me relax and have fun. I felt in love with this awesome slavic soundtrack!

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Once on Earth, an unusual baby was born … Ahem… So, what am I talking about? Oh Yes!!! Holy be our sunbeam from now on and forever and ever, Lord of all and all regions of the mother Russia, Emperor of all mankind! Once, walking in the capital city of Khabarovsk, he found one person, but not a simple one, but a local authority, the Governor Furgal Sergeyushka! Yes, as he remembered that he had placed it higher in the rating.They took Furgal to a Moscow prison and forced him to admit his guilt. But not so was Furgal and made an unknown poeben Jetpack. Now he’s trying to fly away and we’re playing for him.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Furgal's Jetpack on Steam



music so fuкing good

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

No matter what …

… you did not know about Glad Valakas before. This is a funny and challenging little game. Actually it is not a TD in the classical sense. More like a isometric sidescroller shooter. It has 4 stages a 5 levels - so altogether 20 levels and a bossfight in the end. Mostly I struggeled only on the last level because obviously you have to sychronize your powerups/cooldowns the right way to beat it. All other stages were a simple walkthrough. The soundtrack is unique and even if the enemies look like cheap cliche models they put some effort into this whole game. Tho, idk how much time they spent on to code this.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game