Repo Man

Repo Man

The debt collection industry is waiting for you!

We employ high-class specialists whose experience guarantees the high effectiveness of debts collection. We solve cases based on invoices, judgments, court orders as well as unsuccessful bailiff executions and the actions of other debt collection companies.

We achieve our high effectiveness through the direct visits of debt collectors throughout the country.

Choose the best orders!

You will have the opportunity to participate in debt collection from the beginning to the end. We approach each matter entrusted to us individually and with the use of all possible methods and developed tools, thus acting quickly and effectively.

Work for unscrupulous people.

Will you have the strength to vindicate a hospital? A factory? Start with individual houses and later you will become a real debt collector. Who knows, maybe in the future you will become the best in the city.

Big business is big debt!

Remember, everyone has what you want, find a way to get it. The success of the mission depends on you.

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Witch Sword

Witch Sword

my god i have been waiting for cd projeckt red to make witcher 4 and here it is. first off the combat a much more simplified but satisfying system that allows you to punish those bandits!. second the sound track even though there is only 3 sound tracks in total 1 for menu 1 for cutscenes 1 for everything else it is not repetitive at all, it is quite refreshing to here such a finely crafted musical masterpiece allowing you to get carried into the witch sword world. the very simplified controls are finely tuned to allow the player to pull of some beastly combos and use you energy magic to kick some butt. in conclusion this might be the best game in the witcher catalog even though it does not have geralt and cirilla from gwent, griffith from berserk carrys on where gerry left off and finishing eridin of. i would definitly pay more for this game. in short i would pay again for a console port.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

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-Quick Review-

Witch Sword is narrative-text-heavy indie game where you run to the right in a semi-3d hack and slash RPG indie game.

-Detailed breakdown review-

Story: The story is told with text on the top and bottom of the screen and a jpeg still showing the “atmosphere”. I didn’t get too invested in the story because I wasn’t particularly interested and didn’t pay attention, I mashed the space bar to skip through the story section of the game. (sorry)

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Witch Sword on Steam