Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3

As a poker game goes it has it all. + Some blackjack. Collecting hats ,badges ( i don’t need no stinking Badges) Coins etc all adds to it. Wasted many hours. My only down side is The amount of people who just throw in all the chips every hand.

but once you weed them out the game you find some damn good Players who just want to have fun.

If you like poker but dont want to use real cash This is as close as it gets. and if you do run out of Free chips . you can allways buy a few more. or wait for a free roll to come around every 4 hours.

Real player with 1845.3 hrs in game

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GOP3 is a multiplayer poker game. They have a nice BlackJack table and a Slotmachime just to make you spend your chips. Another pay to win game. But its not bad, you can spend $10 on a HAT! there are hundreds of them. Like Im gonna wake up on a sunday morning and think…. I should spend $100 on HATS to play a poker game. YAY….awful. despicable.

Real player with 328.4 hrs in game

Governor of Poker 3 on Steam

The Amazing American Circus

The Amazing American Circus

Target Audience: Those Willing to Take the Lows With The Highs in Card RPGs


This is a recommendation in essence, but for a specific subset of people.

I’m going to be straight up from the get go here: The Amazing American Circus is one of those games that I want to love up and down, but ended up being the biggest thorn in my side due to what happened during the review period. To say that I faced some of the worst bugs: specifically saved game bugs, in my review career would have been an understatement: I had 8 separate runs break wildly in that period where I could not continue to make progress. While those bugs seem to be fixed now, I have a form of PTSD at this point. Every time I play, I’m waiting for the game to break again. Hell, even the video I made had a major bug in it. There’s a reason I have around 40+ hours of gameplay without actually beating the game, and to say it hung over the experience would be an understatement to say the least.

Real player with 57.7 hrs in game

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This is not a Slay to Spire, this is not a Monster Train. The Amazing American Circus is not a roguelike-roguelite card game, it is more like a card game built around a campaign, with some management sim built around it, in which you need to cover the costs, upgrades etc from the incomes you get during the shows.

If you more curious about the game, and want to check a short, ~20mins long video in which I showing what content you could expect from the game with one circus show (card battle) included, then here is mine:

Real player with 29.8 hrs in game

The Amazing American Circus on Steam

West Sweety

West Sweety

After about 3 and some more hours of playing I have a lot of good emotions about West Sweety and I want to share them.

What I like in this game:

  • first and main plus - style with which everything is done, it’s really beautiful and nice looking ;

  • 7 girls in west style with different “professional skills”;

  • low system requirements - that’s good in our time of bad optimization (when you need professional workstation to play simple roguelike game);

  • low price in my region - it’s about 1,7$ for such a good game;

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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UPDATE-09/2021: Highly Recommended. I have been unfair to this title in previous review. It came out during the early days of the “Hentai Gold Rush” on Steam, when adult games went from nothing to 1000s of titles almost overnight. At the time it seemed unremarkable, but with time it has risen above the masses.

I misjudged the game as absurdly simple, and it is. One character’s game is literally just coin flips. But it is dirt simple gambling games in a saloon setting, at least that is a theme and the gameplay is functional. On Steam, if you nail those two marks in this genre you’re already a C+. What I missed was that it actually took work to make the games that smoothly simple. Whether card game, dice, coins, or other “bar challenge” game the mechanics follow a rock-paper-scissors or odds/evens model. There is no strategy other than playing the odds of a 50-50% or One-In-Three chance. Simple.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

West Sweety on Steam