Edit (November 29th):

I strongly recommend not buying this game, cause there was a server reset that made you loose all cards / allprogress.

Edit (June 22th 2018):

This is a typical 5 lane ccg. Though I really like the play mechanics, I can’t recommend buying the game in it’s current state at full price. It has just too many flaws even for early access. There is a lot to be done, yet and the development pace is really slow. E.g. it took the developers more than 2 month to fix a major bug that made you loose games by an ai-freeze. If you are a ccg enthusiast and can get it on sale for less than 5 bucks it is prolly worth a shot though.

Real player with 142.2 hrs in game

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I was going to write a review on this game last night out of frustration but decided to sleep on it and give it a go again today. Not much has changed. The game has some great potential but the balancing is completely out of whack, as many have stated.

Once you start the game for the first time they force you to select a race. There is minimal information given as to what each race entails. Furthermore, once you selct that race, you are stuck with that race… FOREVER. Since seeing what other races have to offer, I wish I had selected differently.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game


Martial Arts Brutality Premium

Martial Arts Brutality Premium

I didn’t expect the combat to be as fun as it is given how this game is like hearthstone x shadow fight and the soundtrack helps get your blood pumping if kicking a guy eight times in the heart and making him go into cardiac arrest isn’t enough for you

also, ninjutsu sucks

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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Martial Arts Brutality is a real fun game. It started some time ago on mobile and is a really fun timewaster.

You get a deck of attacks and take turns. Each card has to be executed with a “swipe” in a special pattern. The faster and more accurate the swipe, the better the attack.

On the counter turn, you try block those attacks with swipes against their attacks. All this ends up in a fierce fight. But it is not just 1:1! It’s lots of fighters against lots of fighters.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Martial Arts Brutality Premium on Steam

Martial Arts Brutality

Martial Arts Brutality

Firstly, id just have to say, spend a FEW minutes to download the game and just give it a try and form your own conclusion rather than letting a few negative reviews put you off.

Ive spent many hundreds of hours on many other card games, from Hearthstone,Faeria, Magic the Gathering, Duel of Champions, Slay the Spire, Infinity Wars etc.. , and Martial Arts Brutality is my current favourite and the one i have the most fun playing and look forward to playing, i currently have put a pause on playing everything else. its just pure fun and a really unique game.

Real player with 149.7 hrs in game

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The game is quite fun and addictive. The style is wonderful trashy, in resemblance to the old, trashy fighting movies but also offers some depth through constantly working on your fighting decks.

This could be where this review ends but why the negative review then? Well there’s one single aspect that ruins it all: The Pay2Win Spirit boost mechanic. The deeper you get into this game the more you realize how often people use Spirit Boosts to turn a loss into an undeserved victory… which ruins it all.

Real player with 138.3 hrs in game

Martial Arts Brutality on Steam



Ignore the mixed reviews. It’s not a bad game when you play with your friends. Quite brutal tho. Funny when you see your buddy looking out the window when they can’t beat your card. Would be nice if that hit man looking dude would play his guitar while playing cards. He may be an evil dude but, he does know how to play that guitar.

Does have a bit of buggs, mainly for the person joining the game.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game


You play as an unkwon character on an train. Your sitting at a table with a masked dealer standnig by your side ready to deal whatever damage of the cards you have chosen for you or your opponent. Theres one opponent across the table of you and you must play a deadly card game to earn your life. You and your oppenent have someone elses face stitched you yours and your mouths sown shut! The cards your dealt, deliver the amount of damage you or the other player will take from the dealer. Fight for your life in this card game of torture.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

LINCH on Steam

Z. Year One

Z. Year One

Short version:

Besides the initial (at times very frustrating) hour or so, I have found this game extremely fun to play. It’s a decent challenge, looks incredible and the developers are very responsive and diligent at tackling bugs. It is a gem of a game that has production values and mechanics on par with the elite digital card games out there, but which will cost you a fraction of the price to remain forever competitive.


  • Looks great!

  • Unique location mechanics, card abilities and strategies versus other digital card games.

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Great card game, lots of promise for the future. Good concept, good photo artwork, fun to play even when you lose. Still a bit of work to do, could benefit from a lot more locations and location specific event cards but looking forward to seeing how it turns out when it’s finished.

Will kill Zombies and get disapproving looks from partner for having an all female deck again…..

(Addition) After a few more updates since first posting this review you can tell how committed the team are to producing a decent game. Hats off to them for all the hard work. The decision to put a pricetag on the game and giving booster packs to unlock cards through gameplay is a much better idea than a f2p version, the game is worth it.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

Z. Year One on Steam

Eviron’s Chronicles

Eviron’s Chronicles

Changing my review to a thumbs up.

This game should really be labeled as early access as there are many bugs, although not game-breaking or super annoying. Mostly just ui bugs that you can work around. It could use a little more documentation as well.

Other than that this is better than other TCGs, IMO.

You are able to level up your player (not sure what it is good for except you get small rewards when you level up and your level can be seen by other players). You can also level up your general, albeit very slowly. When your general levels up you are able to adjust his health and attack power and also choose is portrait and abilities. You can level up many of your cards as well, with dust. You can get gray dust as rewards for completing adventure matches and colored dust by destroying cards you might have. attained other than by destroying your cards. There are several colors of dust used to level up its corresponding car set, you can use any dust but you don’t get full effect for using dust not made for your set. Lastly, there are rare evolution cards that you may use rainbow tokens to alter their powers. This allows you to spend a little extra energy in a match to change your units abilities.

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

Generally an OK rpg game with a steep pve difficulty curve for the player. Don’t expect to get a lot of quick victories with starting decks unless you spend a fair amount of money. Should I play? Well if you can tolerate a fair amount of time and limited money then it’s a positive.

Real player with 74.6 hrs in game

Eviron's Chronicles on Steam

Myths and Legends - Card Game

Myths and Legends - Card Game

Creo que si bien el juego presenta pequeños bugs y problemas en la conexión al iniciar, se puede jugar sin problemas, los mazos son entretenidos, y la música logra que uno se concentre y disfrute las partidas.

Opino si, que los botones podrían brillar al apretarlos o al poner el mouse encima, hay muchos juegos en donde eso viene casi default y ayudaria mucho a matar el tiempo muerto entre las partidas 😀

Ojalá lo sigan puliendo por que me gusto caleta!

Real player with 243.6 hrs in game

Excelente juego que te transporta a la infancia. Si bien esta en fase “alpha” (y por ende se deben arreglar una cantidad X de cosas) se cumple el objetivo de divertir al usuario. Ademas da la posibilidad de comprar sobres jugando, en fin, muy buen juego. 9/10

Real player with 128.4 hrs in game

Myths and Legends - Card Game on Steam

Green: An Orc’s Life

Green: An Orc’s Life

The idea is cool and interesting. Rising true orc by selecting cards with events. I loved the variety of events and humor sense. Now I’m sure it’s not easy, but trully challenging and funny to rise my own orc! The gaming design is very unusual, but pretty comfortable to play.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

An interesting role-playing game.

You play as an ogre and decide its future.

The game gives you the right to freely choose. I loved the variety of events and the sense of humor.

The game also has artifacts and abilities, as in RPG games.

A very cool idea from the developers and they made a cool project.

Every time, I relax when I play this game. I advise everyone,

who is tired of active games.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Green: An Orc's Life on Steam

Lords of Cards

Lords of Cards

In Lords of Cards, build a deck of 90 cards and defy your opponents in real-time.


Building your deck is probably the most important step. Think upfront to create the best combinaisons of cards. Choose your troops, your constructions and your spells, to get the upper hand over your opponent.


The goal is simple: the first player who brings the opponent’s fortress to ground wins the game. Winning the battle usually means building the strongest economy, to recruit more troups that will harrass your opponent.


Will you try and strike as soon as possible? Will you recruit a lot of weak units to swarm your opponent? Will you be patient, defensive and slowly build to send powerful units?Many combinaisons of cards are possible and let you play by your own strategy.


With your victories and experience in the game, you will gain gems that let you unlock new cards. You can also unlock new skins or animations for your avatar. The game doesn’t contain any payment feature, you will have to unlock the content by playing.

Lords of Cards on Steam

Wildemist Isle

Wildemist Isle

Wildemist lsle is a 3D adventure game with card based battles. You are a hero who’s ship has crashed while sailing to the capital. You wake up on this Island that has been covered in a mist for months, but the villagers do not know whats causing it. Due to the protruding stones in the sea and the razor sharp reef no ships can leave nor enter. So for you to get off this island you must discover what is causing the mist and stop it. So you explore the island doing quests for villagers, looking for treasure, solving puzzles and fighting monsters when outside the village. Fights are a card game, your deck of cards is based on your items you have equipped. You can get new items by buying them at the marketplace defeating unique enemies or by exploration. The damage you receive at the end of a fight stays with you unless you can heal before the next fight, so don’t stay out from the village too long or you might not make it back.

  • Island and 2 areas to explore the Mine and Catacombs

  • 15 different enemies and 6 unique ‘boss’ enemies

  • 16 different main weapons, secondary weapons, shields and healing kits

  • 3 unique Puzzles

  • Villager given quests

Wildemist Isle on Steam