Necronator: Dead Wrong

Necronator: Dead Wrong

With almost 15 hours under my belt, here’s my thoughts.

The game is setup in an RTS meets deck-builder. This gives the game a different feel than your straight up deck builders (like Slay the Spire or Banners of Ruin). Since the battle is semi-automated, you just have to manage your resources. But don’t call it easy, because there is a great challenge sometimes in keeping up with the various levels; especially with the “survive for xxx seconds” maps.

You get commanders with different playstyles. One is a straight-up combat deck and the other is a toy-box style deck with few normal units. You can also unlock alternate decks for the commanders for even more variation at the start. The upgrade paths for the cards can be a bit random, so the rogue-like element is there and can either flummox you or really help you.

Real player with 88.6 hrs in game

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Mostly fun game, has some fairly obnoxious/punishing game mechanics.

For starters, there are a decent number of relics (items that effect everything, usually based on some criteria) that give you some strong boosts if you have fielded less than 6 units. Then half the game is spent playing against enemies who get to make a card in your hand useless every few seconds if you have less than 10 (will be lowing to 6 according to the roadmap) units on the field. Do you want to try and field a small but strong elite army if the relics line up right? Good luck when you have to wait for mana to regen and by that point there is a solid chance that your card gets ‘silenced’. Silenced isnt just some minor condition that can be fixed, its a card in your hand that now CANT DO ANYTHING. The only way to get rid of it is to redraw your hand, which can cost from free (if you wait long enough and are playing the toy maker) to 40 mana (of which you only get 100 from the base hero).

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

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