PLUG WARS - The Game

PLUG WARS - The Game

The Plug is your connection for anything you need. There’s nobody more important in the streets than the Plug. But when he’s captured by authorities, once-loyal Bosses become rivals, vying to take over his position in the game. Build your Sqwuad by recruiting neighborhood hustlers to ‘jump off da porch’ and go to war for you. Form your strategy, make power moves, and call the shots! Stack up your money and eliminate the competition. See if you got what it takes to make it out the streets and survive the “Plug War.” Play ‘til the last Boss standing, or be the first to collect 8 Big Mane Tokens.

A 2-4 player battle-royale, street strategy board game at 90-120 minutes of playtime. Ages 17 and older. (Use Discretion)

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PLUG WARS - The Game on Steam



cute little game apart form the fact that its basicly in alpha:

bad translation to the point where you left guessing what cards do

a good portion of the cards doesnt do anything in the first place

starter decks of the diffrent classes cant fight half the enemies in the first lvl

fights start sometimes randomly without input from your side

and the list goes on and on, not worth the money at this point

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Dungen on Steam

Dungeon 100

Dungeon 100

· Going down 100 floors if you’re a true man

Dungeon 100 is a Diablolike + Auto Chess + Roguelike type of game. The core gameplay is to complete 100 levels of dungeon with a combat style of your own through the combination of skills.

· Diablolike game without the grinding

No gears, no perks, only the completely free combination of 100+ skills that gives you the pure excitement of building.

· He who fights with dragons become the dragon

Every 15 levels will be hold by a dragon. After you defeats the dragon, the character will be taken over and become the boss of this level, with the skill set he/she currently has. You have to beat your former character to move on deeper into the dungeon.

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Dungeon 100 on Steam

Deepest Chamber

Deepest Chamber

2 days in is too soon to give a full evaluation, but I am certainly enjoying this early access game. It’s a crowded genre, and this game is not without its similarities to others. However there are stand out aspects to this game that I greatly appreciate. The enemy combat prediction is unlike I’ve seen before and very enjoyable to dive into for each of the classes. Each enemy has a variety of various abilities, each tied to its own cool down timer, and fully visible. Building my decks as i get to know the enemy better has been a joy to evolve.

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Deepest Chamber is an interesting title, with great visuals mixing elements from Darkest Dungeons and Slay the Spire.

I agree with a lot of the reviews, both hoping to see the development of the game in the future, but also the negative side, such as lack of card synergy, trinket management and cluttered UI.

A downside I would like to add is the evolving difficulty.

  • Whenever you complete a certain amount of kills of various enemies, you will be able to “unlock” them into more opponents you will meet in future runs.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Deepest Chamber on Steam

Cardful Planning

Cardful Planning

A fun puzzle game with a dash of metroidvania. It might not be the longest game ever made but it sure is fun. A speed run and least deaths mode also add to the replay value if you want to challenge yourself or others buy topping the leaderboards.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Enjoy your puzzle platformers, check out Cardful Planning! Feels like it’s missing some culmination levels at the end but the dev’s looking into adding those. In the meantime, there’s already 50+ challenging levels and three game modes to get the most out of them.

Cardful Planning is an exciting little puzzle platformer that features four key abilities, 50+ levels, and three game modes that really add to replayability. Challenging and cleverly designed

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Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Cardful Planning on Steam

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes

I guess two keywords would perfectly describe this game: “hardcore” and “roguelike”. If you don’t like any of those, then it’s likely not the game you may enjoy. But if you do and the Darkest Dungeon title rings a bell then this game is certainly worth a shot. While the game lacks a tutorial badly, still the learning curve is not too steep and experimenting with game mechanics feels rewarding. The combat requires more tactical thinking and becomes less forgiving as the party progresses deeper in the dungeon. The level of combats diversity remains decent even after multiple playthroughs. Still the game challenges not only skill but also patience due to occasional crashes and annoying visual effects. But overall, I’m enjoying this game very much.

Real player with 36.0 hrs in game

This roguelike has some interesting features and it’s not bad for the price, but I lost my progress too many times to leave a positive review. So far the game had 5 crashes, 3 menu locks, and other unexplained glitches that forced me out of the game. To be fair, the developer fixed some of them, so it’s not as bad anymore. By the way, you can only save your progress after each boss fight, which is fine, but I am constantly restarting because of those technical issues. Also, I am not a huge fan of colorful effects in this game, some enemies just blind the crap out of you - dev told me to use numbers (because you might as well play blindfolded).

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes on Steam