Command Line Pilot

Command Line Pilot

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A fusion of card-based programming, 2D puzzle and roguelikes. Turn-Based Combat

The game is not as simple as it looks at first glance. To win the last levels, you will have to keep in mind many combinations of moves and think over your strategy many steps forward. This is a kind of chess, only with robots on planets in space.

Real player with 124.1 hrs in game

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Here’s my video review - - but quite a bit more content has been added since then.

It’s a great little puzzle programming card game! You control your mech by drawing and playing cards such as “Move”, “Rotate”, and “Attack”, each upgraded if you play the same colour. Every mission has it’s own unique goal, not always a combat, but sometimes destroying a certain amount of crystals, defending an area, etc. for a certain amount of turns, and you’re rewarded cogs based on how well you do.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Command Line Pilot on Steam

Ole - Card Game

Ole - Card Game

Oléeeeeee !!!

The Olé Cup is the most famous football tournament in the galaxy! Build your team and show that you can become the greatest champion! Olé is a strategic card game with infinite combinations of moves and tactical formation.

The perfect match

Olé’s matches are fast and dynamic and fully exploit the player’s strategy. You choose how you use your actions: evolving your players, making passes, kicks and using effect and trap cards.

Build Your Team

Choose the formation, and build your deck with players and effect cards. Combine moves, evolve players, advance and score goals to win.

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Ole - Card Game on Steam

Ash of Gods: The Way

Ash of Gods: The Way

Twenty years have passed since the Great War. Frisa and Berkana kingdoms have managed to forge an uneasy peace but old grievances are not forgotten and new war is inevitable.

The Frisians have groomed new and talented commanders. They did this using a secret game developed by their best strategists to teach young aristocrats tactics and the art of war. Only by proving their tactical prowess can Frisian nobles achieve respect and a high rank. This way, only the best of the best make their way into the command. And soon, Frisa will be ready to strike.

Finn, a young and talented foster-son of Eik, the Berkanan secret service master and a veteran of the old war, is sent on a dangerous mission to participate in Frisian tournaments against the best of nobility in order to stop the war before it starts by eliminating top generals on the tournament arenas.

Gather characters, items and spells, learn about factions and their skills and abilities, level them up to create strong complementary decks and to build unique strategies to surprise your opponents on the battlefield.

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Ash of Gods: The Way on Steam

Cards and Castles 2

Cards and Castles 2

An incredible game. A perfect blend of a CCG and a tactical board game. There are no micro transactions, and there is a ton of depth to the game play both in multiplayer and singleplayer. The lore, music, and aesthetic are all great. It also has a thriving community from its prior game so it does not have to start from scratch.

This is still only early access to, there are many great plans for it in the future.

Real player with 336.0 hrs in game

Cards and Castles 2 is an incredibly fun sequel to the original Cards and Castles and takes the game in a new exciting and creative direction. For those who liked the original Cards and Castles or enjoy strategy and/or card games I highly recommend taking a look into this game. If you’re looking for more insight, here are some of my key points from this game (Reminder that this is an Early Access Review):


  • The game largely maintains the original’s gameplay style while spinning it in a new way to make it stand out from it’s predecessor. As someone who put a lot of time into the original game I appreciated that the gameplay did not drastically differ. However, I love how it maintains it’s own fresh identity for players to experience a new challenge

Real player with 154.2 hrs in game

Cards and Castles 2 on Steam



MIYAMOTO is a single player card game with a miniature board.

Game art is simple and oriental world with Samurai.

Open the box of the board game and you will be dive into a world of miniatures!

The important tactics is"when" and “where” and “which” play your card.

Random deck on each battles will not promise their results, It’s up to your tactics.

Collect unique heroes and defeat MIYAMOTO.

MIYAMOTO S includes the extended content “Shiba Inu”.

New units including “Shiba Inu” have been added.


The king’s guard

The king’s guard

Assemble your guard and defend the king’s lands! In this turn based card game you have the ability to control the battlefield by spawning units from your guard and supporting them with powerful magical abilities. As you win battles your guard will expand and become stronger. Along with the guard, your commanders will become more experienced and provide a powerful global bonus. This will allow you to take on even more complex challenges.

During the battle you can control every unit by giving them a specific task, or just let the game play on its own. Positioning and timing is everything! A quickly placed unit to protect an archer, or a tactically used spell can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Build a powerful guard for every commander

The game has three commanders, each with their own benefits. Each commander has its own guard and abilities, which is represented by a deck of cards. Some battles might be easier to complete with the powerful spells of the wizard, while others may be easier to complete with the knight. It is entirely up to you how you build your commanders. While the knight can easier level up front line units and make them stronger, you can also train him to become a more potent spellcaster.

Choose your battles

As you complete encounters you will be rewarded with experience and cards. Every encounter offers unique rewards, so it might be profitable to complete an encounter that awards a rare spell with the wizard. The experience of battle levels up your commander, granting the ability to evolve your cards and give strong global improvements to the entire deck.

Choosing the correct commander for a specific battle can greatly improve how fast you can beat them all.

Challenge or relaxed mode

If you prefer a challenge, the game can be completed in challenge mode. In this mode, it is similar to a roguelike game. You start the game with one commander and can complete all of the encounters a limited amount of times. As a result your choices become a lot more important because you have less opportunity to make your guard stronger.

In case you prefer a more laid back experience you can play the relaxed mode. In this mode you are free to play all encounters as many times as you want. You are also free to build on the guards of every commander in the game as you see fit. In case a level is too challenging, you can complete some other encounters to create a stronger guard force before you try again.

Turn based, most of the time

The game is turn based, but it has a real time element. At the start of your turn the game is paused, giving you an entire new hand of cards to play. While the game is paused, you can reinforce parts of the battlefield and think out a strategy. Then the battle resumes and you can interact with the battlefield for the rest of the turn. Some powerful cards can only be played during this part of the battle. You may want to keep your best abilities back to allow you to quickly react to a dangerous situation. In case things are moving too fast, if you are playing relaxed mode, you can slow down time to give you more time to react.

At the end of a round, the cards that remain in your hand are discarded, so make sure you get the most out of every round!

The king's guard on Steam

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge

Choose a character and do battle in this quick, yet surprisingly deep two player BUMPING CARD GAME.

It’s easy to learn, and seems simple enough: just bump your opponent off the end of the bridge, into the maw of the Dragon. But beware: the Dragon can switch sides!


  • 15 characters to choose from, each with their own unique playstyles and special abilities

  • 9 different items, with a random selection each game, that change the power dynamics in each battle

  • The optional Bridge-Hack expansion cards open up a whole new level of strategy

  • Matches are short but play out in wildly different ways each time you play

  • Create a lobby and invite a friend to play in fun two player head to head battles

  • Play against an AI with a single player Elo system (coming soon!)

  • Takes place in the Gem Wizards Universe! Choose Andromeda Robin, the Potato Forest Witch who can use green gems to BUMP, or Robot Boy, the Alcove Prefex robot who can use BUMP cards on himself!

  • Part of a series of BUMPING games from award-winning game designer and author Keith Burgun!

  • More game modes coming soon!

Read the full rules HERE:

Dragon Bridge is created by Keith Burgun Games and takes place in the Gem Wizards Universe. More info coming soon!

Dragon Bridge on Steam

Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey

Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey

I was surprised there weren’t more reviews for Steamalot so I decided to write this in support of this small game. This game is quite fun despite being a phone port. Gameplay is simple square grid turn based strategy, which can be difficult at times though never overwhelmingly so. There are a few things I would like to point out that I don’t think have been said already:

  1. Deck sizes are 20 cards which seems to limit some of the possibilities for customization (though it probably also keeps the levels from going on for too long)

Real player with 57.1 hrs in game

This game looked stupid. And then the first video - BARF! super cheesy. But a reference to Card Hunter (dig it) caught my eye, so against my better judgement I gave the game a proper look. The game “sounded” solid, and the second video seemed to like it, so I honestly don’t know why, but i bought it.

I’m shocked. Halfway thru the campaign and my impression is that It’s good. It doesn’t appear to have the same depth or polish as Card Hunter, but it’s a worthy comparison. For me it captures the same engaging strategy thinking in ~15 minute chunks without being punishing or tedious.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

Steamalot: Epoch's Journey on Steam

废土黄昏 Dusk of the wasteland age

废土黄昏 Dusk of the wasteland age

#### What kind of game is this?

This is a zombie simulation of the end of the environment to survive the game.

The background of the game is one year after the zombie outbreak.

Players will play three different roles, searching for supplies in an abandoned hospital building to survive.

Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, which will affect their chances of survival.

The materials in the game are displayed in the form of cards, which are mainly divided into weapons and consumables.

When fighting, random moves will be generated according to the characteristics of weapons to deal with the enemy. Weapons are durable, remember to maximize the use of weapons unique moves to win.

Players will lose their health, physical strength and spirit after fighting, moving and strengthening the room for rest.

After fighting in an empty room, remember to supplement your own state, otherwise the depressed state will bring serious negative buffs.

Finally, in addition to zombies, there may be a small number of survivors in abandoned hospitals.

They will be your companions or… Powerful and terrible enemies.

**(developer’s Note 1: because the game mechanism is slightly complicated, I hope you can open the second column of the main menu interface “survivor log” before playing, in which you will record the detailed game playing methods.)

(developer’s Note 2: This is the first game developed by the author. We plan to upgrade this game to a multiplayer game in the future. Please include the existing shortcomings. We will continue to polish the game according to the comments and suggestions in the future.)

(developer note 3: game communication QQ group: 171849189)

(developer note 4: the game will be unpacked and remade on the day of release, and it is expected to be completed within 2 to 3 months. The playing method will be greatly changed. If you like the current version, after the new version goes online, you can send me a private message in QQ group or email to get the original version. Suggestions and requirements for the new version are also welcome.)**

废土黄昏 Dusk of the wasteland age on Steam

Dead Simple 21

Dead Simple 21

I didn’t go in expecting much but this is a real gem. Variation on 21 with special cards, play modes, timer, interactive elements. Awesome solitaire or for challenging your mates. Highly addictive.

If you love your card games or need a fun way to kill idle time (on planes, trains, in bed, etc.), check out Dead Simple 21. It’s addictive. I’m challenging anyone that walks past to have a go at beating my high score. And I learned a new card game!

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Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 is a blackjack inspired game where you draw cards from a deck and place them into one of four columns trying to hit 21. This game is a fun casual game to play. It features a fantastic art style and theme. This was fun to play, and I recommend giving it a try.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dead Simple 21 on Steam