Monster Train

Monster Train

I guess hours played should really say what I think about this game.

I have a very specific morning routine. I wake up, start making coffee, brush my teeth and have a smoke. When coffee is finished I sit down and slowly wake up to a game or two of Monster train before starting work. Sometimes I play a game of Slay the spire but since that takes about 30-45 seconds to start I tend to go for Monster train (500 hours of SLS on Gog).

This is the perfect timewaster. Easy to get into and all the different races have so much variability. And deckbuilding is my favorite boardgame game mode ever.

Real player with 1233.5 hrs in game

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Game is pretty fun. A bit more combo based than say Slay the Spire and a lot of luck can be needed on higher difficulties. That being said it is bright and fun and it’s enjoyable to take a train to hell.

Real player with 300.1 hrs in game

Monster Train on Steam

Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids

This game is as advertised. My son always wants to join in during the few times I get time to game. Being able to help him develop some computer skills and have fun at the same time is worth it.

Real player with 106.7 hrs in game

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This game sucks. Do not buy it. My 3 year old knows his geography. I bought it for the geography puzzle, but the game will not allow him to play any of them until he beats the baby games, which bore him. So, i fully wasted $12.99. my 3 yr old is not distracted at all. The baby is screaming and i fucking HATE this computer game passionately.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

Educational Games for Kids on Steam