Dark Edges

Dark Edges

Get ready to roll in this dice-packed rogue-lite single-player strategy game! Collect a unique set of dice and discover powerful artifacts to protect your village from ghastly monsters!

Another Way to Die:

You’ll come across hundreds of faces that can be inserted into your dice. Select the faces that go well together to gain an edge against your foes!

Against the Odds:

Every wave will feature different kinds of enemies, dice faces, companions, and even bosses! You’ll also come across a slab of artifacts, traps, and spells - everything you’ll need to weaken your enemies before the battle arises.

Take Me Down to a Pair Of Dice City:

All sorts of travelers will visit the village throughout the game and settle in, later helping in your tireless defense.

In Dark Edges you’ll find:

Various characters with unique abilities and die faces to choose from;

200+ dice faces

100+ artifacts

50+ unique enemies

50+ secret events

20+ companions

30+ magic spells

40+ kinds of traps

The game will also feature an endless wave mode, in which monsters will attack your village without taking a breather.

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Dark Edges on Steam



Great game, has a lot of replay value and the soundtrack and visuals are charming as well. This game deserves more attention. It’s easy to play but hard to master and has many different ways to play. If you like strategy, RPG, rouge-like or card battler games than this is something you should at the very least try.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

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Ufflegrim is a unique take on turn based tactics, and i approve greatly.

You play as more of a summoner, each creature you summon will fight and die for you. You can also play creatures on other creatures to make buffs. Drop effects and Place effects drive this game, and make many unique, and interesting synergies you can build decks around. Though you can attack things yourself, and attacking things is a way to pull creatures from your deck to summon, it’s not your main source of damage, and doing so too often on a floor is likely to get you killed.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

Ufflegrim on Steam

Greedy Dungeon

Greedy Dungeon

So far, it’s a pretty fun game. You build up your deck, upgrading cards you like, hit the dungeon to take on baddies and hopefully not die. It can be kinda grindy, but the more challenging dungeons will test your character and your willingness to lose everything if you die. For the price it can’t be beat.

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

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I was looking for something simple and fun to play. And this game was basically what I wanted!

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Greedy Dungeon on Steam

We Slay Monsters

We Slay Monsters

Very fun little game.

Even though the graphics and sounds are a bit generic, the game itself is fun to play, the “poker-esque” combat adds a nifty twist to the genre, sometimes making you consider what cards to use and what to save to build a good combo against a boss later on.

Right now, the game’s a bit bare, only offering two quest types, arena quests and dungeon quests. The dungeons are sometimes a bit tricky to get through on the first try due to the enemies in some rooms vastly exceeding your level and sometimes even opening doors to other, even deadlier rooms of enemies. Fortunately, the same quests can be repeated until you reboot the game, allowing you to retry failed quests.

Real player with 332.6 hrs in game

EDIT: 22/06/2017: Version 1 of the game has been released! Excellent game with a full campaign and a lot of good content. The dev is still extremely active and is still working on a lot of improvements.

I highly recommend this game.

Original review:

This is a very cool game and I highly recommend it. The dev responds to feedback very quickly and seems genuinely eager to get more. My feedback on the discussion board has been responded to quickly and a lot of my suggestions have been taken on board. It’s great to have a keen dev who responds very quickly to feedback and really seems interested!

Real player with 111.2 hrs in game

We Slay Monsters on Steam



Mysterious Land Of Finding Yourself is a turn-based rogue-like independent game imitating real-time

It tells the story of people in some other worlds being sent by an indescribable existence to a secret realm composed of multiple worlds for trial.

This is a real-time turn-based game. Although the game looks like a real-time battle, it is actually a turn-based game. The protagonist’s skills are the same as those of monsters and summons. The cooldown is calculated on the same schedule. When the cooldown time is up, the player can get a corresponding number of uses of the skill. Compared with the traditional turn-based game, our game is more flexible. As long as the skill has the number of uses, you can use it, and the rhythm is faster. If you don’t know how to use the space bar to pause the game If you do, you may even feel that you need hand speed

明途之境 on Steam

Indies' Lies

Indies' Lies

An easier, and more enjoyable DBG

Different from the traditional deck building games, we have made many adjustments and optimizations in many aspects, the deck building process will be smoother and more flexible, allowing more players can experience the fun of DBG.

Solitary different role experience

There are 3 professions in early stage. Among them, each profession has three characters. Around each different profession, each character has its own unique and surprising gameplay, different talent trees and varied lieutenants, which will make your deck building more diverse. There will always be something you would like!

Cleverly designed lieutenants System

Players can invite up to two lieutenants to join the team in the game. Different lieutenants have their own positioning and building routes, some of them are strong DPS hero, some of them have strong tank capabilities, and some of them can make the attack of the main character more powerful. You have to make choices depend on the need of your team. A good choice can make your experience more refreshing.

Rich and Variable Talents

We designed unique talents for different professions and deck building. Even the same profession will have different talent selection routes for each game. 200+ unique talents can satisfy all your growing demands in the process of deck building.

Unique Plot Mode

The game has an original fictitious worldview and unique stories.

When you use different characters to complete the games, their own stories will be unlocked, and you will uncover different clues. These clues will take you further to the world under the influence of both old and new gods.

Indies' Lies on Steam

Tavern of Gods

Tavern of Gods

Do you enjoy autobattlers but find more fun in longer-form, singleplayer experiences? This may scratch your itch.

A little rough around the edges but this has the potential to be a new genre-defining game.

If you enjoy roguelikes – Slay the Spire, Monster Train, etc - you most likely will enjoy this game

If you enjoy autobattlers – Teamfight Tactics, Dota Autochess – you will most likely enjoy this game

If you enjoy both of these genres – you will undoubtedly enjoy this game.

Just be warned – there is very little tutorial and no hand holding, so it may take you a run or two to understand the MANY systems at play here (and there are a lot of systems). While this makes for a steep ramp, this also makes for a ton of replayability.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

As usual steam needs a neutral option.

Auto battler where I don’t have to worry about other people draining the pool of the unit type I want to play is a huge plus. As w/ most of these game it has plenty of types, plenty of items, and this one seems to have an excessive amnt of reroll options.

The bad part of course is the boss system. You have fixed bosses over several regions which you can challenge in any order so you can attempt to avoid bosses that would be a bad matchup for your build type early on. Though I don’t like fixed bosses there is at least some strategy factored into your order of fights.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Tavern of Gods on Steam