Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals

This is not the UR i know anymore, its no fun .. and my account got banned from attempt to sell card for real money, thanks.

Recently, there have been issue of droprate card from pack, and you can feel the stress of getting new card and powercreep to fuel your gameplay, thats where you will feel the intense to spend money onto pack and hopefully to get what kind of card you desire. But fail, you even cant question the drop rate or suggest on improved or better way for the pack to work like ‘combo breaker’ for instance, whenever you purchase 2-3 pack you will get card that value 100k or more but this fail me hard as only trash and trash card you will get instead. Also, what with the ban? Idk, ive been into dota stuff for recent years and i thought i could use the same trade system like they did, trade your item for real money. But this game does not allow you to do it. Like how could not you trade all of your card for real money when you realize the game you playing right now is total lost? Like there is only few warning then boom your ID is perma ban with all the time you have spend and money you have been throw for 6 years, yes FUCKING 6 YEARS. Back when the game is good and no pressure on buying pack were introduced. There is no more single player mode or good campaign in this game

Real player with 241.9 hrs in game

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I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2012, on the online browser which was far superior to this. It ran on flash and was smooth, reliable and easy to use. With this big influx of “flash is dead” mentality, the Urban Rivals staff/dev team which consists of about 10 people, as confirmed by a member of the team. This was a colossal mistake because they transferred to WebGL which is horrendous to use and the result is a load of bugs and terrible HUD/GUI on the online version from the card images not loading, to being impossible to make a new deck let alone update one. It took me about a week just to find out how to get out of deck builder (press the grey bar at the top).

Real player with 149.1 hrs in game

Urban Rivals on Steam

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

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Book of Beasts is a free-to-play Collectible Card Game. It is nothing like Hearthstone, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the likes. It’s more like a Puzzle game.

Your Deck consists of 20 cards. Each turn you draw up to four cards. You can play all of them on the field. Each card has (a) different element(s). There is fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. A card can have different elements on each side which means you will have a card you can connect to another fire card and have a connection to a water card at the same time. You can’t play a card if you can’t connect it to another one.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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First Impressions:

I learned how to play the game after just the first introduction match. That is impressive!

The game is so simple to learn, I think I can get others who would be intimidated by other card games to try this out. I REALLY hope a Mobile version of this is on the way, because this game has great potential for a strong scene.

Also I was curious on how they monetize the game. It appears to be SUPER generous. I mean, 15 bucks for the ENTIRE first season of cards? Insane value!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG on Steam

Magic Nations - Card Game

Magic Nations - Card Game

This game is not worth Your time. Some people already pointed some stuff out, but I would like to emphasize some more:

1. Updates

This company tends to overpromise and underdeliver. Despite that, there’s no roadmap published there are some ‘under construction’ functionalities within the game. For now, just 3 out of 6 races are available, story mode is ‘coming soon’ and ‘special cards’ are just a placeholder. Updates history on steam shows that company is more interested in monetization than deliver content as major changes made are related to buying packs for real money and marketplace. Little to none bugfixes or design improvements…

Real player with 353.7 hrs in game

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Beta needs alot of work. You get all the cards in the game to work with without having to work for them. That means everyone can just slim their decks down to 20, using only the best cards. Then comes into play, RNG. The top player has a rediculous amount of games played compared to everyone else. This leads me to believe he is part of the dev team. Ranking is based on “experience” (which you earn thru wins/losses). As long as you keep playing (you get matched against the AI randomly too, which you can farm higher exp), you can never lose your position. I got a full feel for the game in it’s entirety… in 1.7 hours.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

Magic Nations - Card Game on Steam

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

I love this game and i see the potential

Especially combining card is really fun and i want to be able to combine two combined cards with eachother and just go crazy with it. I like all the references to other companies the naming of moves are great like the one horn demon. And praise no microtransactions

But and this is something that needs to be sorted you can basically take about 2 moves have a 2 energy lead, reverse literally everything and then just win from either the opponent not having any cards left or they keep hurting them selves and then you use one of your cards to put them out of their misery.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

If you’ve played RAW Deal, With Authority or Synamic D this is a game you want to check out.

It’s still in Early Access, but the foundations are already here for something awesome . A wrestling collectable card game, much like the games mentioned above where you build your best desk of cards to challenge the AI or PVP for EXP to level up and VC (No micro-transactions).

VC earnt from winning matches is then spent on opening packs of cards to acquire new moves to add to your collection.

There is also a create a wrestler option where you can watch your CAW perform the cards moves during gameplay and a create a card and combine option, where you can cook up any move you wish.

Real player with 38.8 hrs in game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game on Steam

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage

Please note at the time of writing (October 2020) that Kingdom Karnage (KK) is in open Beta. This means not all features are yet finished, there are occasional performance issues and the player base is still growing. This can mean there is currently sometimes a bit of an annoying wait for things like PvP. The game (even in Beta) is cross platform, available in steam, via a browser and an android app (IOS promised in the future).

The game play is simple to learn but hard to master. The player builds a deck of up to 30 cards from varying rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common) which he takes into battle. Each Legendary and Epic card type is limited to one per deck ensuring your opponent cannot just stack their deck full of Legendary cards. Other card ranks can have up to 3 of each type per deck. Any 2 card duplicates can be permanently sacrificed to level up their namesake (2 x level 1 human champion = 1 x level 2 champion for example).

Real player with 254.3 hrs in game

Damn, it’s been 56 hours already… ? Feels like I’ve just started playing… This game gets you hooked, the grind is slow(ish) but not too slow, just about right to get you that feel of accomplishment of getting a better card than the one you already have in your deck (you can earn two random cards every day for playing 5 PVP matches, win or lose, you get 2 gems after each of them, so it’s a win-win situation) .

All of the cards that you win in dungeons or buy via gems that you get by PVP-ing, or as rewards for your ranking in the PVP can actually be sold on the marketplace for ENJ (crypto currency), which is one of the largest game crypto projects out there.

Real player with 79.3 hrs in game

Kingdom Karnage on Steam



Review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmZKPozT1Hk

I’m sorry to say that this game is very unimpressive, regardless it being free. The instructions are on the steam page if you wish to find out how to play, therefore it jumps you right into the game. There is sooooo much wasted empty space. The matching eggs and so forth can easily be put into a simple smaller grid. The description describes like you can compete against someone, but If you can, I have no idea.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Artemis on Steam