Street Level: Windows Edition

Street Level: Windows Edition

Great game. I beat it in about 1 hour, but it was a solid experience. It is sort of like that old TI-83 game Drug War, but with a cyberpunk theme. The whole game is just choosing “yes” or “no” to jobs, or fights, or to buy upgrades, etc. There is actually depth here, though, even with just 2 choices and the game can get intense. For the price and about an hour of time, seems worth it. One note, there is no save games and there seems to be a bug where the game loses control if you alt-tab. So you have to beat it in one sitting.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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Not a bad little game. I recommend it. It’s a nice little time killer at a cheap price. The art work is simple, but It works for what the game is (And seeing as how I love neon and cyberpunk, I like it). It’s a little tricky trying understand how some of the cards are going to behave, but I can see the appeal from a immersion aspect. It does feel like it’s building a rudimentary world in a way. There is a fair bit of reading on the cards, but once you get into the groove you begin to recognize them by appearance and can play it fast. I recommend it, and taking it for what it is, I give it a sold 7.5/10.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Street Level: Windows Edition on Steam

Meow Wars: Card Battle

Meow Wars: Card Battle

I’ve seen this game at a couple of shows, I play it on my phone and I’m glad that it’s available on PCs now! The cat puns are insane…

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

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Love the comedy of the game :-) keeps me laughing and can’t wait for more to be added to the story!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Meow Wars: Card Battle on Steam

Star Realms

Star Realms

I used to really enjoy the online version of this game. Saddly that is no longer true. While I would HIGHLY reccomend this game for the Campaign Mode, the Online Mode is another matter ENTIRELY!!!! Once you reach level 5, you must win a number of sucsessfull wins to advance onwords, but each loss counts you backwords on that total. THIS, is not a problem. THE PROBLEM, is that many players have found a way to “HACK” either the timeclock, or the game itself! I have found myself ready to acquire a good card, only to have my game freeze. Then reload. Not only do I lose precious time during this reloaded “Glitch”. But often it will undo my card purchases or even worse, my bases will be destroyed or my health slashed in half. All of which being impossible with the card’s the opponet had availible to play. Now, I KNOW I’m not the best player. I admit that freely. But after almost 500 games, I STILL CAN’T GET EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH TO LEVEL 7! This means With the losses counting against me, I have only managed to go up 1 LEVEL in almost 500 games!!!

Real player with 561.4 hrs in game

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I’ve enjoyed Star Realms for many year. It is an entertaining deckbuilder game, which is easy to learn. A huge number of cards have been added to this game over the years, and the core sets (5€) are definitely worth the value, while a lot of the smaller dlc (2-4€) is a bit pricey. Although skill does play a part in winning, I would definitely say that a large part of winning comes down to the luck of the draw. And the expansions increase the luck factor quite a bit. I would still say that it is quite enjoyable, and I take it as a challenge, when my opponent start out quite a bit better off than me. Sadly I will not be giving this game my recommendation, based on the recent addition to this game, in the form of Star Realms Arena, which is a particular nasty way of introducing gambling into a kid friendly game.

Real player with 516.5 hrs in game

Star Realms on Steam

The Witcher Adventure Game

The Witcher Adventure Game

This is a good realization of the board game. It is playable as hot-seat or online and may give you many hours of enjoyable experience.

But there are some flaws that need to be fixed to make the game perfect:

1. When a player have to do a choice, he/she can’t access to the game map and/or any player hero sheet and resources including his/her own. This may easily lead to wrong decisions and waste fun. The board game is obviously free from this limitation. So, the possibility to “minimize” the choice and take look at the game state will make the game much comfortable.

Real player with 1345.7 hrs in game

This game is technically solid. There’s good music, there’s a nice atmosphere, the encounters are cool and the interaction is nearly well excecuted. It’s a very well thought out board game, with minor flaws and weird ‘fast travel’ systems that just robs you of your money.

With nearly well, I mean that the AI is A) dumb as hell, B) cheats.

As for the dumbness - the AI tends to just spend all their development cards for 1 fight, while s/he should only need 1. Then there’s the endless ‘fast travelling’ that they’re doing and making things harder for themselves.

Real player with 53.3 hrs in game

The Witcher Adventure Game on Steam

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

At its core, Faerie Solitaire Harvest is Mahjong; that is, matching cards of identical value to remove them from the board.

Just like in Faerie Solitaire, Subsoap includes a good supply of abilities- in this game called “Talents” - which help to give the player more options than in a real-life card game of the same nature. The gameplay allows creativity and strategization, and I for one very strongly like that.

The music is very enjoyable as well. Placeholder paragraph for Harvest’s music.

The art in this game is, I’ll have to settle on saying for now, very good. It is staunchly improved from the first Faerie Solitaire; each Card, each icon for the Talents, and the pets are interesting and encapsulating to behold. I let this be a placeholder paragraph for until I can share my more fleshed-out review.

Real player with 329.2 hrs in game

Standalone game set in the same universe as Faerie Solitaire.

I have always hated this type of solitaire… Until now. During the course of beta-testing, Faerie Solitaire Harvest has become the best, most-addictive solitaire game I’ve ever played.

The story is not like what we experienced in Faerie Solitaire. This time we find “shards” of lore that give us a lot of information about Faeverse and its denizens.

Options include separate sliders for Music, Ambience and Effects, plus Full-screen/Windowed and Custom Cursor. Under Game, you can even customize the colors of your suits! For instance, I made mine Violet and Pink instead of Black and Red.

Real player with 235.7 hrs in game

Faerie Solitaire Harvest on Steam

Faerie Solitaire Remastered

Faerie Solitaire Remastered

I’ve given this remaster 10 hours now and made notes on the differences, and I feel like I can do a decent review now. Disclaimer: I love the original Faerie Solitaire. I got it on sale for 99 cents, and I love it enough that twice now I’ve deleted the game file that keeps track of the in-game feats (not the Steam achievements) so that I could have a more legitimate reason to play it more. I’m not nearly as enamored with this version, so I’ll start with the cons.



Real player with 71.3 hrs in game


I finally decided to give this solitaire game a try after seeing it mentioned as a favorite by users in their reviews of various other solitaire games. I waited for a while to see if it would go on sale, but this apparently has never happened.

Initially, I can see the appeal. In Faerie Solitaire, you collect “eggs” while playing levels, which you can then “hatch.” A creature is then revealed which will grow as you continue to play. Once the creature is “grown,” you can spend a combination of three different resources (also found within the levels) to “evolve” the creature. As far as I can tell, these creatures have no impact at all on completing the game’s solitaire levels – however, they provide an additional progress bar and goal to pursue for players.

Real player with 57.9 hrs in game

Faerie Solitaire Remastered on Steam

Gems of War - Puzzle RPG

Gems of War - Puzzle RPG

Recommended, it is a very good game well supported by the developers. Game updates frequently and bugs are glitches are fixed rapidly. Very nice casual puzzle game with lots of variety. You can play it on Steam with PC and you can also play the same account on a smart phone, either Android or iOS.

The battles are completely random after a certain point and this makes some people like it while others hate it. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with random, it is just … well, random. Deal with it and try to have fun, is all you can do. In most cases you win, sometimes you lose. Is there anybody who always wins in blackjack or poker? No, obviously not, you’ve got to lose occasionally. Do you get mad when you lose? Sure. Does it make you stop playing? No, not really. So, just get over it. There are some bad boards when you will lose no matter what you do. The main idea is to minimize these instances. Which is achieved through strategic development of your kingdoms, the cards, various stones that give the cards certain powers and through your guild.

Real player with 5147.2 hrs in game

I have played “Puzzle Quest” as handheld for hours, and still consider it as one of the best Match-3-games - mainly because it combines RPG-Elements with Match-3. Afterwards, however, I was spoilt for any other Match-3-game, such as “Bejeweled”, because they all were…yeah.. boring.

Then I stumbled over “Gems of War.” And while the “story”-mode is not as good as at it was with “Puzzle Quest”, “questing” in “Gems of War” is an enjoyable thing so far, too.

“Gems of War” is free to play - but (of course) you can spend a lot of money for in-game purchases. If you have played “Puzzle Quest” then you remember that your character could use spells (what in most other games are “Power Ups”). In “Gems of War” you technically “recruit” units, represented by cards. Oh boy, the cards are a chapter on its own. Aside from the fact that each card can be levelled up by using “Souls”, you can improve the rarity (if you have e.g. 6 “white” cards of the same type you can sacrifice 5, to get a card of the same type, but with a “green” rarity), rarity also influences how “high” the card can level, and then there are 3 unlockable “passives” for each card which use certain gems which drop in game.

Real player with 2329.5 hrs in game

Gems of War - Puzzle RPG on Steam

Dragon Call

Dragon Call

If you are looking for a new and fun deck building card game that is not ‘pay2win’ this will keep you entertained with several different Hero’s that have varied abilities and card pools.

Real player with 97.4 hrs in game

All the joy o a CCG without the microtransactions, the rules are pretty intuitive and if your familiar with hearthstone and shadowverse youll catch on extremely quick, translation can be a bit wonky but once you understand what means what its easy.

PRO tip if you buy it your 1st run click the gear in the top right, from there you can change language to english

Another issue I found is if your trying to use the chatbox or add a friend ID be in windowed mode as the virtual keyboard will not work in full screen infact it can crash your game

Real player with 83.9 hrs in game

Dragon Call on Steam



The easiest way to describe Prismata is to call it a RTS-themed (think Starcraft) chess. Chess comparison comes from the fact it has 0 RNG of any kind and no hidden info so the game is deterministic i.e. one of the players has a guaranteed win based on the starting positions. But just like Chess, Prismata is incredibly complex where solving it is impossible.

Players start with 6 or 7 Drones that harvest gold (2nd player starts with 1 extra drone to compensate), gold buys you technology structures that produce blue/red/green resources (not official names, but that’s the accepted naming convention in the community). Subsequently gold and tech resources buy attackers/defenders and your goal is to kill opponent’s units while protecting your fragile drones and attackers. Sounds simple at its core.

Real player with 981.4 hrs in game

EDIT: I almost don’t believe it. Within two days the devs released an update that addressed several of these issues. That’s just awesome. You hardly see that happen for any game these days.

Thumbs up for quality of life updates, and a great strategy game. There’s still room for improvement with drone defaulting to block and such, oh well. Game is good though.


I really want to love Prismata. At a glance, this could be the first truly free to play strategy “card” game without any of the pay to win nonsense, and a potentially fantastic game at that. But for a game that tries so hard to be different than all the others in its genre, why are there so many familiar disappointments?

Real player with 203.9 hrs in game

Prismata on Steam



This is not a TCG (trading card game) and that’s what makes it so great.

There is no card collection or deck building, each game you get a random selection of 12 basic cards out of the game’s pool of 48 basic cards and 4 special cards from the class of your choosing.

“So what if I get completely screwed over and only get bad cards?” - That doesn’t happen because a) the game is incredibly balanced, every card has its use and strength b) the selection isn’t totally random, the game makes sure that you have 2 healing cards every game and that it’s a fair mix of low and high cost cards ad that you always have board clear cards.

Real player with 309.3 hrs in game

Recommended ONLY for single-player mode’s interesting challenges. In multiplayer, those who buy the expansions and use the newer classes have massive advantages.

In SPECTROMANCER, you play as a magic caster that has access to 5 ‘elements’: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and (whichever class you choose) and the play is similar to the combat between players in a trading card game like Magic The Gathering. Each of the two opposing characters take turns casting spells of different costs. You gain 1 point of energy in each element (plus your chosen class ‘element’ (such as Cleric, Mechanic, Illusion, etc), and you choose which spell to play or creature to summon. To me, the biggest draw to the game is that once the match starts and you see which spells you have, you can play the same spells over and over if you choose or save up for a more powerful spell.

Real player with 209.7 hrs in game

Spectromancer on Steam