Call of Myth

Call of Myth

Call of Myth is a collectible card game set in the universe of Mythos of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

In this dark world, full of dangers incomprehensible to the human mind, you have to challenge not only the Old Gods and their fanatical followers, but also your own madness. Will you be able to withstand the horrors of this world and the nightmares generated by your own mind?

All cards are important

Common cards are the base of each deck, they form its playstyle. Use them to create a new tactic and add Unique and Mythic cards that will introduce special interactions and hard but rewarding plays into the game.

A unique madness mechanic

Apart from strength and health, every creature has sanity. If the sanity drops to zero, the creature will go mad and get madness. You can either avoid this outcome or create a deck that can turn the insanity of your own creatures to your advantage. The choice is yours.


Each Leader has unique active and passive abilities, as well as a different starting amount of health. Depending on the strategy you prefer each leader can achieve its potential in many different ways.

Do you want to crush the opponent with powerful creatures capable of single-handedly dealing with whole hordes of enemies? Or do you prefer to use cunning techniques and wait until the enemy’s strength is exhausted before you strike?

Using a variety of cards, you can build a deck that suits your playstyle.

Tactics and strategy

A special playing field encourages the use of tactics. Just playing the cards that come into your hand is not enough to win. To defeat the enemy, you need to thoughtfully place creatures on the table, combining their abilities and skills.

Iconic characters of Lovecraft’s works

Cthulhu and Herbert West, Nyarlathotep and Professor Armitage, Shub-Niggurath and Randolph Carter, as well as plenty of other momentous characters of Lovecraft’s works.

Some will become your opponents, while others will become loyal allies.

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Call of Myth on Steam

Eviron’s Chronicles

Eviron’s Chronicles

Changing my review to a thumbs up.

This game should really be labeled as early access as there are many bugs, although not game-breaking or super annoying. Mostly just ui bugs that you can work around. It could use a little more documentation as well.

Other than that this is better than other TCGs, IMO.

You are able to level up your player (not sure what it is good for except you get small rewards when you level up and your level can be seen by other players). You can also level up your general, albeit very slowly. When your general levels up you are able to adjust his health and attack power and also choose is portrait and abilities. You can level up many of your cards as well, with dust. You can get gray dust as rewards for completing adventure matches and colored dust by destroying cards you might have. attained other than by destroying your cards. There are several colors of dust used to level up its corresponding car set, you can use any dust but you don’t get full effect for using dust not made for your set. Lastly, there are rare evolution cards that you may use rainbow tokens to alter their powers. This allows you to spend a little extra energy in a match to change your units abilities.

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

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Generally an OK rpg game with a steep pve difficulty curve for the player. Don’t expect to get a lot of quick victories with starting decks unless you spend a fair amount of money. Should I play? Well if you can tolerate a fair amount of time and limited money then it’s a positive.

Real player with 74.6 hrs in game

Eviron's Chronicles on Steam

Trial Of Destiny

Trial Of Destiny

The game still needs polish but the overall gameplay loop is pretty fun and Roguelike fans will feel right at home in this game.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Very interesting hack and slash. I like the variety of enemies and abilities.

Let’s play

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Trial Of Destiny on Steam

Idle Poker

Idle Poker

It’s a pretty decent idle/clicker/incremental game with fun progression and prestiges. The endgame can be pretty grindy unless you are extremely lucky. There are also lots of mistakes in the English, but it was never so bad that I couldn’t understand it as a native speaker. I’d say it’s definitely worth the price!

Real player with 32.8 hrs in game

It’s cute for a little while but it fails in giving me something to “do”. in the sense that once you ascend ten times (a primary gameplay loop of idle games), you unlock the final ‘tab’ which just another variant of the poker game to very slowly earn rubies to boost the experience. But like anything with poker, you need to either know how to play entirely or just hope the RNG goes in your favor. I lost any real interest or reason to play after that point.

Got it on sale and got my money’s worth, just wish there was more to it.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Idle Poker on Steam

The king’s guard

The king’s guard

Assemble your guard and defend the king’s lands! In this turn based card game you have the ability to control the battlefield by spawning units from your guard and supporting them with powerful magical abilities. As you win battles your guard will expand and become stronger. Along with the guard, your commanders will become more experienced and provide a powerful global bonus. This will allow you to take on even more complex challenges.

During the battle you can control every unit by giving them a specific task, or just let the game play on its own. Positioning and timing is everything! A quickly placed unit to protect an archer, or a tactically used spell can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Build a powerful guard for every commander

The game has three commanders, each with their own benefits. Each commander has its own guard and abilities, which is represented by a deck of cards. Some battles might be easier to complete with the powerful spells of the wizard, while others may be easier to complete with the knight. It is entirely up to you how you build your commanders. While the knight can easier level up front line units and make them stronger, you can also train him to become a more potent spellcaster.

Choose your battles

As you complete encounters you will be rewarded with experience and cards. Every encounter offers unique rewards, so it might be profitable to complete an encounter that awards a rare spell with the wizard. The experience of battle levels up your commander, granting the ability to evolve your cards and give strong global improvements to the entire deck.

Choosing the correct commander for a specific battle can greatly improve how fast you can beat them all.

Challenge or relaxed mode

If you prefer a challenge, the game can be completed in challenge mode. In this mode, it is similar to a roguelike game. You start the game with one commander and can complete all of the encounters a limited amount of times. As a result your choices become a lot more important because you have less opportunity to make your guard stronger.

In case you prefer a more laid back experience you can play the relaxed mode. In this mode you are free to play all encounters as many times as you want. You are also free to build on the guards of every commander in the game as you see fit. In case a level is too challenging, you can complete some other encounters to create a stronger guard force before you try again.

Turn based, most of the time

The game is turn based, but it has a real time element. At the start of your turn the game is paused, giving you an entire new hand of cards to play. While the game is paused, you can reinforce parts of the battlefield and think out a strategy. Then the battle resumes and you can interact with the battlefield for the rest of the turn. Some powerful cards can only be played during this part of the battle. You may want to keep your best abilities back to allow you to quickly react to a dangerous situation. In case things are moving too fast, if you are playing relaxed mode, you can slow down time to give you more time to react.

At the end of a round, the cards that remain in your hand are discarded, so make sure you get the most out of every round!

The king's guard on Steam

Command Line Pilot

Command Line Pilot

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A fusion of card-based programming, 2D puzzle and roguelikes. Turn-Based Combat

The game is not as simple as it looks at first glance. To win the last levels, you will have to keep in mind many combinations of moves and think over your strategy many steps forward. This is a kind of chess, only with robots on planets in space.

Real player with 124.1 hrs in game

Here’s my video review - - but quite a bit more content has been added since then.

It’s a great little puzzle programming card game! You control your mech by drawing and playing cards such as “Move”, “Rotate”, and “Attack”, each upgraded if you play the same colour. Every mission has it’s own unique goal, not always a combat, but sometimes destroying a certain amount of crystals, defending an area, etc. for a certain amount of turns, and you’re rewarded cogs based on how well you do.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Command Line Pilot on Steam

Sefirot Shards

Sefirot Shards

Sefirot Shards is a turn-based strategy game with RPG and Collectible Card Game elements, imbued with the spirit of classic fantasy. Plunge into a world where palace intrigues are replaced by the invasions of the undead, and the gods are playing their deadly game. Gather a squad and solve all the secrets that Sephiroth has prepared for you.

The world in Sefirot Shards consists of many levitating shards, each of which is unique and represents a well-developed location. Among them, you can find city-states, small settlements that live their own lives, fragments where the undead reign, and some do not obey either logic or physics at all. The player will have to explore them together with his squad, simultaneously pumping various skills and increasing the level of skill.

Sefirot Shards on Steam

Legendary Mahjong 2

Legendary Mahjong 2

I loved, loved, LOVED the first Legendary Mahjong, so it was a no brainer for me to jump on this one as soon as it released, and I’m not disappointed. While it’s a little less difficult than it’s predecessor, there’s nothing quite like being able to relax and work through some mahjong puzzles without timers, stress, or anything else getting in the way. That’s not even mentioning the new Match-3 styled game mode that they added. I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first, but after playing through all of the boards, I now need more. MORE! Do you hear me devs? I’ll pay cash money for another game with JUST the Match-3 boards! I’ll take some more slide puzzles too while you’re at it.

Real player with 49.3 hrs in game

Legendary Mahjong 2 on Steam

Ten 2 Ten Poker

Ten 2 Ten Poker

Ten 2 ten Poker is a 2 player turn based card game where the players take turns building poker hands. If you already know poker, learning Ten 2 Ten Poker is super simple! You don’t have to worry about counting cards because all cards that have been dealt are always face up.

Each poker hand you build is worth a certain amount of points. The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins. You can play by yourself, with a friend by creating/joining a private room, or against a random player with the Quick Match option.

Ten 2 Ten Poker on Steam

Bud Masters

Bud Masters

Bud Masters is an indie weed lifestyle deck building card game. The goal: smoke all your opponent’s buds out of their bud bowl while defending your bud bowl.

Play using your custom deck or a random deck in the One of Each game mode.

Play against a stoned yet surprisingly adept AI, or PvP via Online / LAN. Online play is via Steam or direct IP connection. No additional developer game accounts required.

Easy to pick up and play with all card and other unlocks earned through playing the game.

Bud Masters on Steam